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“Some of us have been crushing on this man since before he was a mainstream rockstar. Even before his first Danger Mouse produced record, Attack & Release (2008) — when Auerbach was just another Ohio boy with no fashion sense — he still radiated sexy. It was those intoxicating blues vocals and lyrics a la I’ll Be Your Man and Girl Is On My Mind, and those masterful guitar skills that made the ladies sweat.”
- GrimyGoods “The Hottest 20 Men in Indie Music (and then some)”

GRIMY GOODS: Hot New Band Alert Bosnian Rainbows - LA Show on June 25th Feature

Do you like it when hot chicks and super-fun, talented musicians make albums about your inner-most personal thoughts (even the ones you’ve never really admitted to having, not even to your therapist, for fear that they would report you to a higher authority)? Bosnian Rainbows’ debut album (of the same name) will make you wish you were in a field, surrounded by some spiritual sticks and stones set-up, staring at open sky, holding a pretty girl’s hand and thinking about — nothing at all, really. Bosnian Rainbows features Nicci Kasper, Deantoni Parks and Omar Rodriguez (yes, of The Mars Volta – those dudes) and the kill-you-with-the-beauty-of-my-screams front woman Teri Gender Bender (the lady leader of Guadalajara punks, Le Butcherettes). Are you drooling? If I were you I would probably be drooling right now.

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Jack White at The Mayan

Shot for Grimy Goods. See the full set HERE!

Last night I was lucky enough to be one of 5 photographers to shoot the Jack White show at The Mayan Theater. I was originally scheduled to shoot the Tuesday night show at The Fonda but there was a bit of miscommunication and I was not able to get in. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I later found out that the photographers were shooting from FOH and not the photo pit. This would’ve been a problem as I don’t have a lens long enough for that distance. Luckily, when I received word yesterday morning that I was approved to shoot the Mayan show, they gave me the heads up that we would be shooting from FOH and I would need to make sure I had a long lens. I ended up renting a 70-200mm for the night and that lens ended up saving my ass. When we were escorted in to shoot, they ended up putting us on a ramp to the side of the stage which really limited the angles but wasn’t as far back as FOH.

Jack put on an amazing performance (at least for the first 3 songs!) and his band was incredible. This was the first time seeing Jack White and now I know why his tickets sell out in record times and end up costing over $300 on ticket scalping sites. While I may not like ALL of his music, I can definitely respect what he does and he’s destined to be remembered as one of the greats.


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