I’ve lost so many people. Some I left on purpose and never looked back. Some were taken from me, and I never said goodbye.
—  Ann Aguirre, Grimspace
No matter how interminable something feels, there is always, always an ending. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes it’s bad; sometimes it’s a matter of indifference, and sometimes it’s heartbreaking, and your life is never the same thereafter.
—  Ann Aguirre, Grimspace
I’m not a woman you bring home to Mother, pick out china patterns with, or Mary forefend, breed. I’ve seen a chunk of the universe, true, but there’s still so much more to see. I doubt I’ll ever cure this wanderlust, and I’m content with dedicating my life to failing to sate it… He’s never going to sit at my feet and write me poems, which is good because I hate poetry, except dirty ones that rhyme.
—  Ann Aguirre, Grimspace
God it feels good to fall in love with a book again.

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre. It was an impulse buy a couple of years ago, but I never found any time to actually read it until now. I’ve zipped through about 200 pages in the past day and a half and I’m loving it.

I love reading for pleasure, you have no idea. You lose some of that when you’re an English major, because every reading has the potential to be an essay topic, and it’s a bit less fun. But reading for pleasure, when there’s no test at the end, god it’s like the best thing in the world.

(Second only, for me, to writing for pleasure. Writing just because I fucking want to. That I have even less time for, it seems.)