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Stylinshaw + Cake

@Harry_Styles: How did I get cake on my shoulder? I haven’t even had any cake.

Griffin: I never knew my parents. Got shuffled around twenty-odd orphanages as a kid before deciding to run away. Figured I’d just age out of the system anyway, so why not?

Damien: That’s rough, buddy.

Griffin: It doesn’t bother me. Parents ain’t worth shit anyway. All grown-ups do is yell at you and order you around, and maybe they’ll pretend to care if they think you’ll be useful.

petition for taylor swift and lorde to do a track together and have a really aesthetically pleasing dark and mysterious music video with lots of smokey eyes and black panthers and wilting flowers and long flowing ballgowns as they step over the bodies of men they have just poisoned yasssssssssssss

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What did nick say? All the stuff on my dash about this mentions louis:O

LITERALLY NOTHiNG *RAGESPLOSION* one of the questions on Showquizness was ‘name as many people as you can in 20 seconds who are more annoying than Lorde’ and everyone gave utterly random names as you do under pressure - other examples were the Queen, Drake, Barack Obama, Amanda Holden, Louis Walsh, Louis Tomlinson, Kelly Osbourne (one of Nick’s very closest friends, funnily enough), *Harry Styles* (another of Nick’s closest friends! Funny no outrage about that!!!), Professor Green, Simon Cowell, etc etc and IT WASN’T EVEN NICK WHO SAID IT, IT WAS HIS ASSISTANT PRODUCER IAN, WHO LISTED LOUIS WITH A BUNCH OF RANDOM OTHER PEOPLE AND IT WAS BLATANT IT WAS JUST A COMPLETLEY RANDOM NAME THAT POPPED INTO HIS HEAD sorry, I’m really pressed about this and the way certain sections of fandom twist and leap to stupid assumptions and sEND NICK HOMOPHOBIC DEATH THREATS FOR LITERALLY NOTHING