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How do you feel about Touko and her billion ships? :P

In regards to Touko, here are my opinions:

My OTP for her is Checkmateshipping. It has been for a while now and I didn’t always ship it as strongly as I do now. It was only once I completed the post-game for Pokemon Black that I realised just show strong the hints were (bearing in mind I am a girl and always play as the girl). I realised how much Cheren and Touko mean to each other and how close they are. To me, it seems obvious they would secretly be in love with each other. Or Cheren is, while Touko is confused.

My most hated shipping for her is Chessshipping. This is partly because I hate Agencyshipping (Because I dislike White, and hate Black even more) but mostly because in-game they look and feel more like twins. So in my headcanon, they should be twins.

My unusual OTP for Touko is two fold. First is Touko with Grimsley, just because I can and he’s all suave and… you know… the reasons. When she becomes Champion again, Cheren will have to be up there a lot if he wants to keep Grimsley away from her. The second is Touko with Colress. Yes, I did just say that. Why? Because she was the ultimate ideal trainer who brought the best out of her Pokemon. I have this image of him capturing her and Reshiram inside his little lab and analysing them through glass. I’m weird like that.

My crossover OTP is two-fold as well. First one isn’t really a crossover but rather a never-met, and that is OthelloShipping i.e. Satoshi and Touko. Yep. I think he’d like her because she’s older and edgier than all the other girls. The other is Touko with Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. There are reasons but they are too stupid for me to example. Mainly because I love the manga.

My favorite friendship for Touko is threefold. I love her friendship with Bel because I feel it gives her a chance to be girlie. I imagine them doing each other’s hair, wearing face-packs, going shopping, being… girls, really. I also love, of course, her friendship with Cheren because there is a deep bond between them and I feel that without her, he is lonely. He misses her more than anyone and, likewise, she misses him more than anyone… maybe barring my third answer. That is N. I know, controversial. But I do appreciate the friendship that blooms between the two of them, not least because they are bound together forever in mythology. I think she is the first human he grows to trust, respect and love. Her friendship with her Pokemon and her childhood friends shows him a side of humanity he never knew existed. I think from there, he’d be rehabilitated for society with the help of Touko, Cheren and Bel.

My headcanon for Touko is crazy and scary. So, I’ll sum it up for you. Touko was born a twin, her brother being Touya. She is the daughter of - and wait for this - Leaf from the original Kanto games. I know people might not like this but, hell, it’s my headcanon. She is also the daughter of another previous male character… but I’m not telling you who - yet.

Her best friend growing up was Cheren. Even then people joked that they would one day get married and have twins of their own. Then when Bel moved to town, Touya got himself a future bride too. It was endless fun for their mothers. Their fathers, well, Cheren’s dad thought it was funny. Touko’s dad was rarely there. Bel’s dad is a jerk.

Touko was the leader of the group, and no one ever disputed this. Not even Touya. Being a bit softer than his sister he was happy to let her lead the way on their countless adventures when they were children.

She is destined to be the new Red. Her power as a trainer is near unmatched, and she doesn’t need a snowy mountain top to be cool. She has a dragon.

For more of my Touko headcanons, just look through my previous posts with her tagged. I have a lot. :) 

Dark type gym

So what if after Black 2/White 2, Grimsely heads to [insert name of sixth gen region] and creates a gym. He use to gamble, so it doubles as a game corner with slot machines. That would be awesome