Photographer & Artist:

Nona Limmen 

“A vision appeared within all the swirling black, birthing arms and long legs, as the dark smoke grew thicker. When suddenly a female shape parted from the roiling and drifting blackness, moving as silently as a ghost. Her dress and crown stood excessively tall, increasing her grim stature. Her face was pale, menacing and partly lost in the deep shadows of her masked crown. She was motionless, seemingly not quite human.”

“A perfect day with Tessa wearing Yana Markova. — with Tessa van Waardenburg..”

Blob’s Cool Hallowed Nights Server

friends i have set up a heavily modded DST server for fun and profit

this server is set to endless mode, because my connection occasionally causes death-by-lag and i don’t want that to ruin anything for anybody. i also have it set to endless fall, because halloween is for fall. and also i expect total n00bs to come in and be able to have fun without constantly dying from not knowing exactly what timetable to prepare for everything on and all that. (ALSO I HATE IT WHEN MY METICULOUSLY CRAFTED BASE IS ON FIRE WITHOUT WARNING. summer >:( )

the server has a ‘pause’ mod on it so i may pause it from time to time, just so you know. especially if i am distracted by parent or sibling

the server is called ‘Spooky Blob Party’ and you’re free to enter it whenever you see it running! Note: I have it set to six people but sometimes my connection can’t handle new people joining and it just stops working after 2 or 3 are in, and idk what to do about that sry 


i will be crafting a base centered around the florid postern that anyone is free to use but if you enjoy building your own base you are free to go off and create a base somewhere else if you like and then we can try to one-up each other with our base-building skills and then we can enjoy checking out each other’s bases

also pvp is on but that is solely for comedy purposes and controlling @grimconversations - please be nice! i will ban ppl if i have to (i could turn off pvp, but y’all can control yourselves, right?)

Now that you’ve read all that stuff I want you to read, the password for the server is “piggsbury”

Death is Here and He’s Got Porn

((I’ve had the title and the first paragraph of this stupid idea sitting in my drafts for almost two years so ty for giving me incentive to actually finish it LOL idek what this is about but I experimented with 2nd POV so that was fun ty for that))

Prompt #2: Modern Grim Reaper - @sumigakure‘s 2k16 Halloween Event
Word Count: 1698
Characters: Hatake Kakashi

Death isn’t quite what you expected.

Over the course of thousands of years, across billions of people, countless theories on what death is like has been speculated. Some of them describe paradise for those who deserve it, and endless suffering for those who don’t. Others believe in reincarnation, or that it’s like an endless dream. Many believe that it is simply nothing at all. None of these theories, however, ever mentioned being greeted by a masked man reading porn.

“Maa… You look a little disappointed. Don’t tell me you expected white lights and a choir,” he murmurs, idly turning the tatter page with care.

The cover is worn away and its colour was faded, but you can just make out the red outline of a no symbol. You notice how the corners are frayed and how the spine is creased, and wonder how long he’s had the book for - how many times he must have read it already.

The man is looking right at you, and you immediately feel that there’s something about his expression that makes you think he’s holding something back.

You shake your head. You weren’t expecting a welcoming party, but you also weren’t expecting…whatever this is.

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