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Do the noodles only breathe through their nostrils, or can they also breath through the mouth?

Noodles can breathe through their mouths, but not exactly the way mammals do! So in every reptile’s mouth, there’s a structure called the glottis. Mammals have one, too, but it works a bit differently than in reptiles. The reptile glottis is located near the front of the mouth and plays a huge part in how the snake breathes while eating. It’s connected to the trachea (the windpipe) and when a snake eats something big that would cut off its airway, they use the glottis to help breathe. It’s actually slightly mobile and can extend forward to help the snake breathe during dinner time. The rest of the time, the glottis folds closed. You can see it open clearly in this handsome young snake’s mouth!
The little bump in front of the glottis is the tongue sheath- the tongue doesn’t go in the glottis! Another fun glottis fact- snakes can hiss because of a little piece of cartilage in the glottis. When they’re annoyed, they’ll force air past it in a huff, causing the hissing sound!

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I’m off in Nova Scotia now - gonna set up the pop-up art show this afternoon, and give my talk at 10am tomorrow ;_____; <– v nervous

my parents keep sending highly saturated photos of Pangur & Grim, so least I know the monsters are doing well

tbh I’m not at all on board with calling chapter 84 the worst chapter of the series.

[spoiler warning? I’m not talking about any actual developments apart from the general focus of the current story arc, but read at your own risk.]

like, snk has had its ups and downs and will continue to do so. it’s not flawless storytelling. there have been things that were lacking in some way or another. but that doesn’t surprise me considering it’s a serial publication. I find myself looking at my snk fanfic which has been ongoing for the past 3 years and there are things I would change if I wrote the early chapters today, and even in recent chapters I feel some stuff could’ve been done better. but that’s the thing: I didn’t sit down, wrote the whole story and edited the whole story multiple times to make things come together as best as I possibly could. I’m sort of making it up as I go along, even if I have an idea of where I’m going with it. I feel like that’s not too different from snk. (apart from the fact that I currently don’t even have a beta reader or anyone to check for things that need improving or clearing up or whatever.)

but I don’t think that’s really what the disappointment in recent snk is about.

I could be wrong about this (especially since I haven’t been keeping track of people’s reactions to the story, definitely not recently), but to me it feels like a question of expectations and whether they are met or not.

this is probably the most anticipated arc of snk. the story has been building up for it over a long time. the basement was brought up in the first chapter. even if we may not have put much thought into it back then, the idea of returning to Shiganshina and finding out what’s in the basement has been brought up in volume 2 or 3. we’re currently on volume 20, I think, so that’s a long time.

enough time to build up a lot of expectations.

I don’t mean to blame anyone for doing so, that’s not what this post is about. it’s what we do throughout many aspects of our lives. the thing with expectations, however, is that they can be disappointed. that can really suck, I know. here’s the thing though: just because something didn’t turn out the way we expected, doesn’t mean it’s objectively bad.

so no, I don’t think chapter 84 is the worst of the series so far. it’s not what I expected, sure, but it’s been like that with multiple things in snk before. when I first watched the Trost arc I didn’t think I was in for everything that came after, and with some developments I struggled more than with others. but I’ve been willing to stick with it and just see how things turn out.

Bull’s Chargers Master List

Alright, guys, I’m making a Bull’s Chargers Master List! Most of you should know how this goes, but a rundown just in case!

Please, like/reblog AND message me/reply to this post if you play a character that:

A) Is a canon Charger; Krem, Dalish, Skinner, Rocky, Grim, or Stitches
B) Is The Iron Bull
C) Is an OC Charger
D) Has a Charger Verse
E) Has been a Charger

I’ll collect the URLs and make a separate post breaking them down in the above order. I doubt this list will ever be large, but it’ll make it easier for everyone to find the best Mercenary group in Thedas.

Horns Up!

SO ! ! ! !  HERE I AM. Honestly, that was the most awesome day ever for me. I’ve not felt that relaxed in a while??? @fusshou is so amazing wtf. I was so scared we’d just be awkward around each other and I’d screw it up somehow because I am honestly so anti social and bad with opening up to people and trust or relax around someone else. But it was LIKE INSTANTLY 900000% chemistry and we just hugged for a while and talked so much and found so many topics and stuff we both like and could rant about. I felt so comfy with Jay being around and was able to express myself freely w/o holding my crazy or my opinions back and it was great. Honestly, bless your soul Grim. You’re a fucking gift. GoSH. I am so happy it went that well and that I know you, darling. Thank for being a part of my life. 

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