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//- Alright, here we go. Rule update time! This is the general version that I added to Morgan’s blog. I’ll update my sideblogs as well shortly. 

  • This is a private and selective blog. What this means is I prefer highly to RP only with mutuals and don’t like random starters unless discussed. That means if you send me a starter through my inbox that’s more than just banter between characters there is a 80% chance I won’t answer it and I will probably wind up dropping the thread due to lack of investment.
  • Mutuals = anyone following the blog in question that I’m following back with grim-perdition since my other blogs are sideblogs that I can’t follow back from. =3=
  • This is a multiship and multiverse blog.
  • This blog is cross-fandom friendly.
  • This blog is OC friendly.
  • If you reply to several paragraphs with just one or two lines I will drop the thread without question
  • My thread tracker can be located here: Yuan’s Thread Tracker
  • I reserve the right to RP with who I want and what content I want. If I don’t RP with you I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for everyone. I try to not be too fussy though.
  • Smut is fine, but only if you’re of age. Why? Because I’m 27 and RPing smut with kids under 18 is not something I’m comfortable with.
  • I will try to tag triggers but sometimes I forget. Please bear with me and feel free to leave a reasonable request. I tag most common triggers.
  • If you post too much OOC content that’s not fandom related or I see you tend to only RP one/two-liners and nothing else, chances are I will not follow back/unfollow.
  • I prefer to RP only with mutuals, but there can be exceptions! Some people who have their RP blog as their personal blog as well so I won’t follow back because too much OOC but I will still RP with them, so please feel free to ask. :)
  • Seriously just hit me up in general I might have just not noticed your blog - if that’s the case please approach me. I won’t bite you for asking to RP! I might have just missed your follow or something. I’d love to talk to you.
  • If you’re not active/post almost solely negativity when you are online, I will unfollow.
  • Because of my awfully short attention span towards them I will not accept Magic Anons. Sorry about this, but I just keep forgetting about them/don’t find them fun anymore! Anons, this doesn’t mean you can’t still harass my muses, I just won’t be accepting any events with an actual time limit attached :)


I am absolutely sick of kidnapping/hostage plots. Please don’t ask for them unless I say I’m actually in the mood for one or we discussed it thoroughly beforehand, because I honestly am tired of muses who don’t do anything to escape or further the plot. 

Please please please please stop expecting Morgan (or my other muses) to molest/take advantage of your character. Outside of certain situations (Morgan and very specific characters, Valter and Eirika, etc) it’s not going to happen. Villain != rapist. I’m really sick of this expectation.

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Who would you say is the craziest of your ocs? :P And if its okay to ask, i m curious to know a bit more about Emmy :3

WOOOO THANK YOU SO MUCH LIZ ;A; (this post is gonna get kinda long!)

Okay okay the crazy question is a bit difficult so I’m gonna answer this two ways! My craziest characters in a goofy sense are probably Fluffy and Snot because Fluffy likes to mess with people and change forms for pranks and is really out there. Snot just LOOKS crazy with that porcupine hair and he acts a lot like Fred from BH6 but like faster talking and movements omg he has some really silly and crazy ideas too

My craziest character in an insane sense would have to be Disty and Seymour (THIS SOUNDS SO STRANGE TO PUT A PINK LEDIAN WITH A DARK MYSTERIOUS MAN WHO CONTROLS THE DEAD).
Disty is insane cause she is extremely hyperactive and talks really fast and has a very warped sense of love (similar to grim-grinning-gh0st‘s oc, Farley) because she (and Farley) are both abused by Izil. Disty is a pokemon and she doesn’t understand right from wrong and doesn’t faint pokemon but actually kills them. Izil doesn’t notice. Or care.
SEYMOUR ON THE OTHER HAND IS JUST THE WORST. He only cares for himself and his power and will literally make your dead mother fight you if you don’t do what he says. He has no shame or remorse for anything and gets obsessed and infatuated with things rather than loving or caring for them (i.e., his relationship with Charm). He is completely sadistic gets pleasure when he sees people suffering (physically and mentally). He is also masochistic and gets pleasure from when people spew words at him and hit him. He is a huge creep and makes tons of people and monsters live in fear.

NOW ONTO EMMY! Emmy is a sad girl who lives in a quiet house that’s out of the way. She used to live with her mother and father, who were rather old fashioned, but not too much. She witnessed the death of her parents at a very young age and it’s haunted her ever since. She developed anorexia as a coping result (not that she could eat much anyway) and depression. Because of all the bad energy, ghosts and spirits have started making their way into her home. She was so… gone… at this time however, that she didn’t mind their (sometimes violent) company. She started even making friends with them and giving them names if they couldn’t remember their own. When she met Maxwell, she wanted to travel with him but felt bad about leaving her friends behind, and he gave (and still gives!) her lots of plushies to make her happy and she lets any spirits that want to come with her possess the plushies. She left her house to the rest of her ghostly pals, and asked them to watch over her parents (who are… still inside the house…).


American animated series by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成 曜) 

Fanart illustrations by Little Witch Academia director and key-animator in: Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, FLCL, KILL la KILL, One Piece, P&SWG, etc. Including Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Kim Possible and more (classics). Search!