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Garganta do Registro (duas vezes)

Total: 4.443 metros | 130km | De fixa 46*20 no mesmo dia (registrando em celular android)

Itatiaia/Eng. Passos » Garganta do Registro (1º subida) : 1.842 metros | 38,4 kms | 46*20

Descida: Garganta » Eng. Passos (para almoçar) : 434 metros | 27,5 kms | 46*20

Eng. Passos » Garganta (2º subida) | Garganta » Itatiaia (descida e Dutra) : 2.167 metros | 64,1 kms | 46*20

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Red Rose Ride 15/3/15

On Sunday I tackled my second audax of the year. The Red Rose Ride covers just over 200km, heading out from Halifax to Glasson Dock and back. With over 2600 metres of climbing, via the formidable Trough of Bowland, it’s a bronze level Grimpeur. 

I’m neither a natural or practised climber. With a BMI in the obese part of the spectrum and not the lightest of bicycles, I probably have to work harder than some. So I was rather worried about this ride, but, having somewhat lost my cycling mojo recently, I felt in need of a challenge. 

I was fully prepared to bail at Glasson Dock, either through exhaustion, exploded knees or missing the cut off point for validation. Happily, things went a lot better than I feared. I hit ever checkpoint with an hour or more in hand. After a bit of a struggle getting the legs to wake up over the first 40km or so, I started to feel rather strong and capable. 

The weather was fine and the countryside, especially through the Trough, was stunning. The hedgerows were full of bluetits, pheasants and free roaming chickens. Apart from grimacing up the hills, I’m pretty sure I mostly rode with a grin on my face, happily shouting greetings to every passing cyclist and walker. 

The second “half”, after a quick lunch at Glasson Dock at about 110km, was less picturesque. Though it was technically less hilly, it did involve some rather gruelling uphill slogs. Bouncing though villages and small towns, it was actually rather pleasant to not return through the long pitch dark lanes I’m accustomed to from audaxing in Cheshire. 

Though riding on my own, I found myself repeatedly meeting up with with the same four chaps. I pedalled with a scouser on a very swish S-Works for quite a while, with us taking turns dropping the other. At the final info control in Todmorden we both dropped our emergency gel. With 20ish km left, and signs for Halifax appearing, I could smell the finish. On seeing a sign saying HALIFAX 7miles my head when down, I went into what I think of as “TT mode” and I left everyone for dead. In reality I probably wasn’t that fast, but effort is relative, especially at the end of a long ride. With about two km left, one bloke caught me, and with the guidance of Garmin+route sheet on barbag+head torch I dragged him back to the HQ. 

Here’s where I have to make a rather embarrassing confession. I forgot how time works. Somehow the concept that 8am to 8pm = 10 hours got into my head. The promise of a PB somewhat fuelled my crazy final sprint. This idea was so firmly wedged in there, I ran into the HQ, threw my brevet card at Chris Crossland and proceeded to argue with him about how long I’d been out there. He dealt with this very well. As the seasoned organiser of 400 and 600km audaxes I’m sure he’s used to dealing with crazy people!

For the most part, my new dynamo system worked really well, keeping my phone and Garmin charged and lighting the way on the final dark section. However, annoyingly, my Garmin didn’t play so well with it! Every time the charge dropped (e.g. when going up hill or stopped at traffic lights), the device decided to turn off, with 15 seconds warning. Despite picking the route back up when turned back on and not cutting my GPS activity into sections, I can only credit this with losing all my ride data between Nelson and Longridge, including the climb over the Trough. I’m pretty gutted. (Next time I’d just take my small power pack and charge the Garmin off that when I needed to, and keep the power pack charged off the dynohub.) 


The Road to Mont-Blanc is a short documentary following Mike Cotty’s 1000km non-stop journey across the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps, travelling from Conegliano, Italy, to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

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