grimoire tights


I don’t really know what this outfit coord defines as - sweet gyaru with a twist of otome, perhaps? Anyhow, I fell in love with this girly, dolly Japanese clothing brand called Amavel and bought this dress from them from a girl on Storenvy. The tights are Grimoire, cardigan Olive des olive and boots self-modified ebay boots (feat Liz Lisa bows from my old shoes I had to throw away - they were completely irreparable u__U!) .

I have to say I love the print and quality and couldn’t wait to try it on. Taking my Danish friend Johanne to the tea room The Ounce (renowned among the Finnish lolitas of Helsinki) served as the perfect excuse to dress up. My friend is not into lolita or gyaru, but says she enjoys seeing me dress up and put effort in the outfit coords (what a nice thing to say ;__; <3!).

I had a penchant for derpy that day, so not very many good pics came out - you’ll get the one with my nose picking pose as a bonus xD <3! Also, behold how my upper lip vanishes when I smile in a certain manner. I liked how the wig brings out the brown clolour of the circle lenses ^__^ <3. Also, thank you, crappy light, for making my whitened teeth look yellow -__-’. Not really my day appearance-wise, otherwise I had a great time drinking tea with my friend and shopping a gift for my friend’s house-warming party <3.

(All pics are taken & edited by Thomas Gammals, please don’t steal!)


Visited the Ghibli Museum in Japan dressed in old school Angelic Pretty the other day. It was such an amazing and breathtaking experience! I love his artwork so much~ (´▽`ʃƪ)♡  It was also my first time trying shiro style, so I was a little shy. (*/ω\*)

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Angelic Pretty

Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Coat: Dear Celine

Tights: Grimoire


Brace yourself uts pictures are coming!!
Im still waiting for more pictures of saturday outfit but at least i have one to show now, with the amazing Jo Anna.
As you can see in the last picture, i just cant be serious…XD

Saturday outfit:
Dress: 3f
Headress: selfmade
Tights: grimoire
Shoes: dream

Sunday outfit:
Dress: jej
Headress: bijou Brigitte
Vest: selfmade
Tights: grimoire
Shoes: random online Shop XD


Got my new Grimoire Verum tights in the mail today! I’m so happy that both tights I’ve been pining after were in stock and on sale. Always great service. Angel approves of my new cat themed tights as well. I now own 4 pairs of cat tights, soon to be 5 when I receive my Juliette et Justine cadre du chat tights. I also want the Lockshop Marie Catoinette ones. What can I say, I’m a crazy old cat lady.