grimoire heart arc

kloirdevan  asked:


Salty Ask List

If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?

Behold the generalized list:

  • Make Natsu less powerful from the start
  • Make Natsu less of an ass
  • Make Erza less powerful from the start
  • Make everyone less preachy
  • Make Lucy more involved
  • Make the Celestial Spirits less comical
  • Give Lucy more direct magic types
  • Actually planning things out would help, Mashima.
  • Kill Jellal
  • Rewrite entire Avatar and Alvarez Empire arc

Behold the list of individual sore points:

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Fairy Tail 30 day challenge 

Day #12 Favorite arc- Tenrou Island Arc 

Holy crap this arc……S class exams, Cana and Gildarts, Grimoire Heart vs. Fairy Tail, Laxus’s return, Acnologia, First Master Mavis and an insane amount of feels. No wonder its my favorite arc!