grimmy and harry

one of the loveliest feelings in the entire world is when you’re talking to one of your friends and your heart gets a sudden squeeze inside it and you then realise how much that friend means to you and how much you just love them with your WHOLE HEART

Not these white squares again. Is he doing this every 6 months? I’m guessing it’s to punctuate a new chapter or something. Can I just say - he’s just taken up a picture of something white, and one of these squares has 740,000 likes. I think the song might do alright.
—  Nick discussing Harry’s insta antics and the upcoming debut single (!!!!)

I still can’t get my head around how many millions of people will be watching One Love Manchester its so amazing to see the world unite against something that is attempting to mess this beautiful world up !! 

Your mum and your family…keep you down to earth…I loved it when it was, like, over Christmas time when there was some film on and it was your mum and Robin and you said ‘Ooh, she’s not very good at acting’ and Robin was like, ‘Alright, Al Pacino’
—  Grimmy and Harry on R1 Breakfast (via writsgrimmyblog)
  • Fiona: Harry hated it [the heart monitor game], so I'd love to do it again.
  • Nick: Yeah, I think he did hate it. Cause, you know he's never that bothered but he was texting me being like 'Is it alright? Was it embarassing?' And I feel like it bothered him. In a mild way, not in a serious way.
  • Fiona: I'm not surprised! He had to unbutton his shirt, sitting here with his chest open, looking at pictures of really awkward things and trying not to show how he really felt about it.
  • Nick: Shouldn't have been famous then, sorryyyyyyy!