Monroe: Look, I don’t want anymore trouble, okay? I’m not that kind of blutbad. I don’t kill anymore, I haven’t in years.
Nick: Wait. What did you say you were?
Monroe: Blutbad. Vulgarized by your ancestors as “the big bad wolf.” What, did you just get the books tonight?
Nick: You know about the books?
Monroe: Of course I know about the books. We *all* know about the books. You people started profiling us over 200 years ago. But as you can see, I am not that big, and I am done with the bad thing.
Nick: Well, how do you… ?
Monroe: How do I stay good? Through a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and Pilates. I’m a reformed blutbad, a wieder blutbad. It’s a different church altogether.
Nick: You guys go to church?
Monroe: Sure. Don’t you?
—  Grimm: Eddie Monroe and Nick Burkhardt - 01x01 Pilot
Monroe: You caught me making some bauernwurst. I was feeling sort of homesick. My mom used to make this stuff all the time. Want some?
Nick: Who’s in it?
Monroe: Okay, when my ma used to make it, she stuffed it with, you know, whatever, whoever was around.
Nick: Yeah, I think I’ll pass.
—  Grimm: Eddie Monroe and Nick Burkhardt - 01x11 Tarantella
Nick: Tonight in the backyard, you were marking your territory.
Monroe: I wasn’t pissing on my fence for kicks.
—  Grimmquote: Nick Burkhardt and Eddie Monroe - 01x01 Pilot
Hank: Miss Schade…
Adalind: Please, call me Adalind, all my friends do
Nick: All your friends are dead
—  Grimm: Hank Griffin, Adalind Schade and Nick Burkhardt - 01x03 Beeware
Nick: [about hunting Blutbaden] Do I need something like silver bullets?
Monroe: What are you, an idiot?
—  Grimm: Nick Burkhardt and Eddie Monroe - 01x01 Pilot
Monroe: You know, I’ve never seen one of you before. I heard about you guys all my life, never thought I’d see one up close. A Grimm! Heh, whadda ya know!
Nick: You know about me?
Monroe: Are you kidding? My folks used to tell me stories about you guys, scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. How long have you been at this, you seem kinda new.
Nick: Who are you?
Monroe: Wow, you are new at this
—  Grimm: Eddie Monroe and Nick Burkhardt - 01x01 Pilot
Monroe: [Upon etering a dark house] This is so the part of the horror movie where the sidekick gets it!
Nick: Just stay close
Monroe: Tell me were are not going upstairs. [Nick keeps walking] Oh, we’re going upstairs!
—  Grimm: Eddie Monroe and Nick Burkhardt - 01x03 Beeware
Nick: [Reading] “His children were even more fierce than the Daemonfeuer; willing to sacrifice themselves for him. We avoided them and, followed the Daemonfeuer high into the mountains, where we discovered his terrible lair, filled with treasures stolen from all the villages. The bones at the entrance of the cave were too many to count. If we did not know better, we would have guessed it was the entrance to Hell”. That’s just what I need. An entrance to Hell.
—  Grimm: Nick Burkhardt - 01x14 Plumed Serpent
Sean: [about Marie] Is she dead?
Adalind: No. He was there
Sean: That’s unfortunate. We’ll just have to try again. Let’s hope she doesn’t wake up first.
—  Grimm: Sean Renard and Adalind Schade - 01x01 Pilot
Hank: What?
Nick: Stop it.
Drew: Get out.
Nick: You’re not longer welcome in this precinct.
Hank: Really?
Sean: Not for three weeks. What are you still doing here?
Hank: I’m just finishing up.
Nick: No you’re not.
Drew: You’re on vacation
Sean: C'mon, get the hell out of here.
Hank: I’m just-
Sean: No
Drew: Go
Nick: Now
Drew: I heard he’s going to Hawaii.
Sean: I heard it’s Majorca.
Nick: Who cares. He hasn’t taken a vacation in four years, and boy do I need it.
Hank: Hey, you just be careful and don’t get hurt while I’m gone. Watch his back. ALOHA!
Drew: Watch yours
Sean: And back to work..
—   Grimmquotes: Hank Griffin, Nick Burkhardt, Drew Wu and Sean Renard