grimmie rants

i have been nothing but full of rage recently. just angry. angry about brock rapist turner, his asshats of parents, the ucla shooting, christina grimmie’s death, the orlando shooting, and the true assholes who don’t feel bad about it. donald fucking trump. all the racism, sexism, homophobia, and so much ignorance, hatred, and violence. 

and it’s okay to be angry. you should be angry. 

My family doesn’t understand why I’m so affected by the events of the past weekend. I’m afraid. I now lie awake every night crying and watching old videos of Christina I have saved on my phone. I can’t stop thinking about how 49 innocent lives were taken at Pulse. I’m apart of the LGBT community and I’m grieving. No. I’m not getting caught up in other people’s problems. No. I’m not confused about my sexuality. I wish people would stop saying that. I’m bisexual and proud. I’m torn after this weekend. I’m going through a rollercoaster of emotions. I don’t know how someone couldn’t. I feel so strongly about this topic. I don’t just feel bad. I’ve took action to try to prevent this from happening again. I’ve signed petitions. I’ve contacted the state senator. I’ve done what I need to do, and I’m willing to do more. Even if it is just a tweet. It can help. I don’t know how to describe everything I’m feeling right now. There’s just to much. I’m devastated. That’s as much as I can say right now. I’m already crying again. Sorry about this rant. But I needed to get this off my chest. Rest In Peace Christina. Rest In Peace to the victims of Pulse Shooting. Never to be forgotten.

American Horror Story: America

Toddlers are finding guns at home and shooting themselves, teens result to killing each other to dispute arguments, mass murder sprees are a just norm, suicide by guns are the most common and I’ve even read where a dog found it’s owners gun and accidentally blew the dude’s foot off…
It’s like guns are more common than sewer rats in NYC. Everytime there’s a shooting in America there’s immediate talks about gun control regs and nothing happens afterwards. Buying a gun is like buying skittles in certain states it’s that easy, no licenses, no permits and kids under 18 just require their parents permission to carry a gun. WTF America enough is enough.

I may lose followers for this because it’s very controversial but I don’t care at this point. The man who committed the mass shooting in Orlando last night had a history of beating his wife up before they divorced so domestic violence, he was clearly unstable bc of that , and he had previously been investigated by the FBI for suspected terrorist connections yet he was still able to easily access a military rifle that was used to murder and injure many people. This was a statement against the LGBT community (it happened in a gay bar) and against humanity in general. How many times does it take before we realize that something needs to be done about it? Hmm lets see. If my sources are correct, It was the same gun used in Sandy Hook and the same gun used at the theatre in Aurora. Three strikes you’re out I say. Even guns that police use are designed so that once the bullet makes contact it stops so it only impacts one person. The guns used in these attacks were designed to kill as many people as possible, as fast as possible. They don’t stop on impact; they go through and potentially hit someone else. There is no reason that an unstable man with a history of violence should be able to own a weapon like that. How many people need to die before we figure out that gun control isn’t “taking away your rights”. It’s saving lives. This same weekend a singer I have been inspired by since middle school was fatally shot in front of her fans at a concert by someone who had been stalking her. Gun control isn’t about taking away your “rights as an american”. Personally I value the right to life above letting anyone own a weapon that can easily kill Peopele who wants one.

I don’t usually post anything on here, but I’m really goddamn tired of some of the people in this country. Specifically to rednecks out there who don’t want tighter gun control, SCREW OFF.

I didn’t know Christina Grimmie, heck I hadn’t even heard of her until a few days ago, but she was an innocent woman with a dream who was shot by an asshole with a gun who shouldn’t have been allowed to have one.

Some are saying, “Well I’m not a crazy person and I have a gun. These people are few and far between.” Well, if we had stricter gun laws, then we would have a lot less murders like this. It’s a different time than it used to be, and I hate sitting here having to hear about innocent people dying because some people are too selfish to change their ways.


“…And now they’re gone and you’re wishing you could give them everything” for (x)

Christina Grimmie

I honestly can’t process this death. I’ve watched her for so many years on YouTube and I’ve loved her so much. I always expected her to be a talent that just kept growing and growing. Her songs and her voice always have me so much hope and watching her on YouTube for so long made her such a big part of my life.

I’ll always remember her April fools pranks about deleting her channel. Her crazy hair and that big smile. The way she always seemed to light up my day.

I remember the first time I ever heard one of her covers. I remember hearing it once and then not being able to get it out of my head. I remember combing through my web page history to find her again and listening to every song she had ever covered.

I remember the first time I heard she was going to be on the voice. I knew it would be her big break and that she would only grow in talent and popularity from there.

This just sucks so much. All day this has been running through my head and I still just wish it wasn’t true. I’ll just miss her so much and I just wish that this wasn’t true.

My thoughts are with her family.

ranty rant

the 2nd amendment is the most overused piece of rubbish ever,,, hate me if you want and yes I’m English but America’s refusal to accept their gun problem has me and my English friends (who never have to fear being shot in school, when shopping etc. and don’t live in lowkey permanent terror) both horrified and bemused.

‘it’s not the gun who kills, it’s the person’. guess what b. it’s a lot harder to commit mass murder with a knife than a gun. if you acknowledge that your country has dangerous criminals, why do you then allow those people access to incredibly dangerous weapons designed for killing.

the whole of Europe is laughing confused laughter at you while we read articles about toddlers accidentally killing their parents with a gun that was lying around, in the knowledge that our children will never be able to do the same.

this desperation for the American government to have a 'laissez faire’ attitude to the people is killing you. there are more mass shootings in America each day than there are in England in three years.

y'all are fucked up.

I’m honestly done following this tag, every time I look back at it its just a massive clusterfuck of people being pissed for the sake of being pissed. The same repetitive argument filled with people going around in circles. People are going to keep doing what theyve been doing, shipping is such an idiotic thing to get so worked up over. Everything is so filled with double standards. Good luck to you all.