mjboomer asked:

could I ask what inspires you? Your art is so great ;u;

oh i……have so many inspirations!! :000  i love so many stuff!! a lot of my inspirations come from some of the (art)blogs i follow but i also love artists like toulouse lautrec, picasso, salvador dali, caravaggio, michelangelo, rafael, botticelli, nicolae grigorescu (!!!), luchian, georges de la tour, ancient greek, egiptian, chinese, japanese, and really almost every country in asia and eastern europe art hahahaha and many many more artists i cant think of rn…….

annnnnd i love these movements in art the most: impressionism, pre-rafaelism, some of renaissance, romanticism, modernism, baroque, etc……..

i also love modern day fashion, 17th/18th and a bit of 19th century western fashion (+ the 50s), the traditional fashion of almost every country aaaah

and nature and the everyday life of people!!! people inspire me the most i love looking at them and understanding their mannerism and body language wow!! the body moves in so many lovely ways!!!!!!