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Based on weissrabbit's RWBY Grimmdark AU, it's what I think would happen if Weiss' transformation into a nevermore progressed further.

First time using Terragen to make a background. I think it turned out pretty well! The model doesn’t quite fit in it, but then again I used only flat colors to paint it, so it’s to be expected. Looks a bit like a PSOne cg frame, no?

I might try doing Ursa!Yang next, although to be honest her clothing scares me a lot more than Weiss’. Still, it’d be a good challenge, so who knows!

There were whispers of a figure cloaked in red that stalked the forest. A creature so grotesque that It could not be named human nor Grimm. An abomination. A monster. One that killed all those who dared enter its territory with a weapon forged by Death itself. A Reaper cloaked in blood.

But for those who knew the story, It was a mere girl. One who committed the ultimate sacrifice for those she cared about.

To give up her very humanity for those she so loved.

An abomination she believed to be, she fled to the forests, among the creatures of the night she so resembles, warning those who may enter to flee..

However, the darkness within her is hard to keep bound, her remaining humanity trampled, bit by bit. Before long, she shall truly become a monster to fear.

A creature of Grimm.

Ahhh, I haven’t done nearly enough of the Grimmdark au by weissrabbit!

Sorry if my writing sucks ahh^^

"….Hey, Blake… It’s been a while…." 

Now don’t question me on this lol, and read the tags for tears
Done during streaming * w*)/

P.S. : Bless weissrabbit for the GrimmDark AU~

Darkness Falls (Grimmdark AU)

Preview: …But she knew that once Weiss caught her and killed her, whatever humanity that had been left within her partner would be gone. And yet Ruby did not know what else she could do.

And so she ran.

Darkness Falls

[Grimmdark AU credit to Angie]


Based on weissrabbit's awesome Grimmdark AU

After reading Hana's Darkness Falls, I was thinking, “What if Ruby met the same fate as them?”

Then I imagined her getting taken over by the darkness but she refuses to be conquered by it, just worsening the pain she’s going through.

Her skull’s based from the Beowolf, but I kinda added a bit more including those horns…. (which are actually supposed to resemble wolf ears)


"It won’t be long now…"


When I die and go to hell, my personal torture will consist of nothing but modelling Yang’s clothing again and again and again

Anyway, Ursa!Yang based on weissrabbit's RWBY Grimmdark AU. Not as far gone as Weiss, but she's getting there. I imagine it to be a pretty painful process.

Ruby next, and of course, she’s gonna be a beowolf.

There are surprisingly few (free) Terragen 3 tutorials. Maybe I should go back to Terragen 2… but then I might lose this nice “PSOne cg” look. *sigh*. The struggle is real.

H̢͖̫͉̬͖̘o̡̱͚͈̫̞͎͖͔͟w̢̻̭̩̜͇͉͟ ̶̢̛̝͓̝̠̱̼c̱͔̻͚̩͓͓͚͜͝o҉̣u͝҉̨͈̰̪̗̼̮̥̝ͅl̳̬̲̫͠d͏͉͉͙̜͕̰͜͝ ̯̞̮͎y̩o̙̙̩̲̟u̧̡̼̫̼̪̭̹ ̘͕̩̖͟͝l̵̺̫͓̬e̴̪͈̱̗͇͇̭͜͟a҉͚̫͔v̼̗̝̹e͏̷͖̜̠̱̮ͅ ̶̜̺̙̻͓̖̞͙͜ḿ̟̱̫ͅe̠̩̫̬͝

Hybrid (Unofficial sequel to "Quoth the Raven")

Summary:  I don’t want to know what she did; She’s not who I am; At least that’s what I thought; Now I’m second guessing Unofficial sequel to “Quoth the Raven” Grimmdark AU

Basically if you read my last Grimmdark story this is a sort of spinoff, mainly because Ruby is alive in this one. Heavily based off this song here

Read it here:



Artwork by weissrabbit

All That Is Left

Title: All That Is Left

Characters: Blake and Yang

Genre: Tragedy and Angst.

Word Count: 5924 Words.

Summary: Few give thoughts to the true nature of the Grimm and the forces that drive them. They are monsters to be killed, simple as that. But such thinking is naive. The creatures themselves are but a means to an end, a vessel that houses the darkness. A vessel is always replaceable. “Just hang on a little longer Yang. I’m coming for you.” Grimmdark AU.


Author’s Note

I’m warning you now, if you’re looking for anything resembling “happy” then you’d best turn around now. Incidentally, Happy Birthday Angie! I hope I did the Grimmdark AU justice.

For those who don’t know, this is based off of Angie’s Grimmdark AU. As the name and my previous warnings suggest, it is not a happy place. I’m certainly not making it any better of a place either.

Note that the writing from Yang’s perspective is intentionally stilted, simplistic and perhaps a little disjointed given her current state of mind. I assure you it’s not just me suddenly losing my ability to properly write.

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Not even grimmification would make Ruby abandon Crescent Rose, I’m sure.

Beowolf!Ruby based on weissrabbit's RWBY Grimmdark AU. She stalks the forest where Summer's grave is. She's the only grimm left in the area.

Tried touching up the final render in Photoshop. Adding some snow and rose petals and stuff. Not sure it was a great idea, but the scene looked very barren originally, so it’s still an improvement.

Well, only Blake remains to be done. We don’t have a feline grimm yet, but I think there’s another one that fits her well enough.

Crescent Rose model made by 3DCustom Girl and MMD3DCGParts

For my supercalifragilistic friend Hana because she wrote a grimmdark AU fic and I’M STILL CRYING IT’S PERFECT IT’S AMAZING AND 100000000/10 WOULD RECOMMEND I’M STILL CRYING AT HOW PERF IT IS


(Part one of three)

Written for Weissrabbit’s grimmdark au.

This is the story of how one night would tear Ruby Rose’s world apart.

The mountain’s icy winds blew harshly against her red cloak as Ruby Rose ascended the snow laden path. 

Shivers wracked her body and she fervently pulled the ends of her cloak closed. It was ill weather to be climbing a mountain. There was no sun to be seen past the dense gray clouds and the snow was only getting ever deeper as she pushed onward towards the summit. It was a fool’s errand that she had taken, that she knew, but she had felt it the only choice left lest she succumb to the icy claws closing on her heart.

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"Help me, Please! I don’t….

I don’t want to become a monster..”

This took soo long ughh.

Anyhoo! A Grimmdark!Ruby for weissrabbit’s Grimmdark AU!

To me, I would believe that while turning Grimm, it would be like an infection, slowly getting to you. Ruby however, would fight it with everything she had, hence the half-mask.

It isn’t going so well for her

Hope you like it weissrabbit!

he grew tall, even lanky, a true monstrosity who hid a weak body behind shield

his crest is burned with him a tattoo on his bones, cracked splattered with blood

jaqc13 asked:

Bumbleby, Grimmdark AU?

Yang was backed against the walls of her cave, hellfire magma gurgling hungrily around her on all sides as a tortured wail ripped from her distorted throat:
L e a v e   m e …

But Blake stayed where she was, dropping Gambol Shroud as she took a step forward, reaching out her hand as a tearstained smile found its way to her lips.

"I’m not going back without you."

The March to The Summit

Just a little something. It follows Weiss during the time jump in Nevermore.

Written for weissrabbit’s grimmdark au.

Facing northward, Weiss Schnee was standing before a great steppe that was covered in a blanket of white.

Icy blue eyes gazed forward, searching blindly, finding no purchase on any one thing that lay before her. Her hands were bare and clutched absently at the ends of her tattered skirt. Her clothes were all in a similar state, ragged and torn from her stumbling through the forest, not at all like what was expected of the white heiress. Her long white hair was tangled, the silver piece that held it in it’s high pony tail was cracked. She looked nothing like the distinguished daughter of the Schnee family.

Though she was beginning to think that title would be of little use to her soon. An heiress; was she even that anymore? After all that had happened—what she had done in that clearing that could not be undone—was she even the same person as then? Something stirred deep within her. A pervading darkness that was yet to spread through her. A cold feeling, that she could only feel inside, for she no longer felt the bitter sting of the harsh winds on her skin.

With a step northwards, she walked with her troubled soul.

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