Monroe: Look, I don’t want anymore trouble, okay? I’m not that kind of blutbad. I don’t kill anymore, I haven’t in years.
Nick: Wait. What did you say you were?
Monroe: Blutbad. Vulgarized by your ancestors as “the big bad wolf.” What, did you just get the books tonight?
Nick: You know about the books?
Monroe: Of course I know about the books. We *all* know about the books. You people started profiling us over 200 years ago. But as you can see, I am not that big, and I am done with the bad thing.
Nick: Well, how do you… ?
Monroe: How do I stay good? Through a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and Pilates. I’m a reformed blutbad, a wieder blutbad. It’s a different church altogether.
Nick: You guys go to church?
Monroe: Sure. Don’t you?
—  Grimm: Eddie Monroe and Nick Burkhardt - 01x01 Pilot