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this is the "i hadn't had dreams in months [...]" anon again, and i promise to stop bothering you after this one, but i just wanted to add a last note: i guess the man from the last dream is a returning cast member because he was back last night also (which was also a heck of an adventure dream i woke up convinced i was being kidnapped by a ring of snake smugglers). man i missed having dreams. i wish i knew where the heck my brain got this guy

I have really cool recurring dreams set in the same landscape constantly. Always the area around my house, but subtly different. There’s a forest that looks like something out of a Grimm bros fairy tale, a castle where in real life there’s an old Boy Scout camp, a 200 foot waterfall where in real life there’s just a little creek running over a small ledge, and sometimes I fight velocirapters. 

Dreams are cool as hell. 

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3, 29, 25

Do you outline according to big ideas or small details?

Big ideas!

Do you tend to underwrite or overwrite in a first draft?

Overwrite, definitely. But I edit as I go though so this is really tough question to answer. 

What books are must-reads in your genre?

I’m not sure what exactly my genre is considering I’m pretty eclectic so instead I’ll just tell you my biggest influences. 

1: Mythology and folklore. Ghost stories, etc. The Grimm’s Bros. God do I owe so much to those mofos. 

2: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

3: Frankenstein. See also: Dracula and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 

4: Many of Poe’s works. Fall of the House of Usher was extremely influential.

5: Nearly all of Julie Garwood’s historical romances.  


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Hi I really like those fairy tail illustrations! do you know who made them? I'd really like to see other ones

All the artworks posted are official concept art for Grimm Bros LLC. I provided a source link for the company in the original post but I’ll repost it again. I’ll even include their pictures with their contact information just in case the page isn’t loading properly for you.

Grimm Bros, LLC is creating modern IP franchise of darker themed fairy tale games that utilize cloud-based technology and connects gamers on PCs and Tablets. Our goal is to build a community of core and mid-core gamer audiences across platforms with high quality titles and IAP. Randis Albion and Ash Monif have been working together on successful game projects for over 4 years across multiple platforms. Each of them have over 10 years of game industry experience. In 2013 they decided to combine their talents to found Grimm Bros. Grimm Bros has started production on our 1st title and will announce at GDC 2013. Stay tuned! For business, press, and job inquiries, please email

Randis Albion Founder and COO of Grimm Bros LLC. Founder of Toy-golem and HD-Fortress studios. Award-winning Concept Artist and world-class Art Director.

Ash Monif Founder and CEO of Grimm Bros LLC. Entrepreneur and Executive manager. Worked at EA, Atari, Bioware/Pandemic, Subatomic Studios and Human Head Studios.