Penelope trying to tell Simon she thinks Baz is gay

Penelope: Our roommates are so similar

Simon: nah, Trixie never pLoTs

Penelope: but there are other things… like how we both hate them… and…

Simon: Baz is a vampire and Trixie is a pixie literally what do u mean

Simon: omg

Simon: I see where ur going with this

Penelope: thank go-

Simon: they both sparkle!!!


Penelope: you’ve been reading twilight

Meanwhile, it’s a bit more difficult for me to like starter calls or send memes these days to characters from other fandoms, or ones which grimm would actually kill or had a bad start with, like with orihime for example. Just wanna say, I would rather plot before we start a thread, since grimm has in his canon verse only the goal to defeat ichigo & get stronger, meaning he is kinda barely interested in other stuff and has general other, more important things to do.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Arrow, Grimm, Big Bang, Once, Empire, Flash, Chi Fire, Gilmore Girls, New Girl and More
Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to Question: I’m curious about the mention of a boyfriend for Arrow’s Felic…
By Michael Ausiello

Question: Anything you can tell us about Superman being in the first episode of Supergirl? —Jeff
Ausiello: Despite traveling light, Supes arrives in National City with some baggage — namely, a long-simmering dispute over something Hank Henshaw did in the past. Other than that, though, things are easy-breezy for this Clark Kent, who during the course of the Oct. 10 premiere flusters Cat Grant (among others in his cousin’s orbit), checks in with lady love Lois and joins Kara in laying eyes on the “new” (and yet not) DEO base.

Team Bonding

It was the first night of them being in the woods and so far Weiss had not been lucky. Being flung off a cliff by the headmaster, dealing with Grimm and, running into the girl who made her explode in the courtyard had made her very irritable. So it was no surprise that she was masturbating that night when she thought Ruby had fallen asleep.

Ruby had trouble sleeping on the hard ground, and it only got worse as the fire they made was starting to die down causing it to get colder and colder. Ruby was so tempted to try and move next to Weiss for any kind of warmth. As she was about to do so she heard a sound followed by hitched breathing. Looking past the embers of the fire pit she could see the silhouette of Weiss masturbating with…a….cock. .she was just like ruby. Ruby was so uncomfortable she didn’t realize her own cock was pressing against her tights. Carfule to not make to much noise she crawled over to Weiss moving between her spread legs ruby placed her lips over the head of weiss’s cock as she lowred herself in her shaft.

Ren’s Semblence; Illusion

    Many cultures are seen linking the lotus flower to things such as illusions, and this rings true for Ren. When his semblance is active, Ren can manipulate the space around himself and perhaps another. He hides himself and/or them with his Aura by creating an illusion for those looking at them to appear different, such as appearing as an animal or Grimm. He has to stay absolutely concentrated when he is using it, however, and it could fail if he’s caught off guard.