That death threat…. targeted towards Jimin.. the blood and the gun… oh my god… how am I going to continue my day with that… information.. I’m… worried and scared shitless


Nadalind | Adalind Schade x Nick Burkhardt

Grimm 6 x 12

I’m taking you somewhere to hide Diana. - Nick 

I’m not leaving you. - Adalind 

You can’t stay with me.  It’s not safe. - Nick

I love this scene. He rubs her arm as he telling her that he is going to take her somewhere, to be safe…without him.(i think he already knew how she would respond so he was trying to comfort her a bit :-D) I love how firmly she replies. She is not leaving him. They are in this together. I love how these two communicate. They are a team and always want to put the other’s safety before their own. 


Nadlind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6x12 - This KISS! *dead*