hc that the first time simon watches sherlock with baz, baz deduces the murder/works out the ending halfway through the episode and simon stares at him in awe as he wonders if his boyfriend really is sherlock holmes but in reality baz has already watched all the episodes before without simon knowing and he just wanted to impress him

Ok so we all know (courtesy of @thepessimisticasshole ’s post) that during Carry On, Simon mentions Baz 773 times. Carry On has 515 pages of actual story, so that’s roughly 1.5 mentions per page. However, if we only count Simon’s narrative in our total page count, that’s gives us 292 pages (roughly, I just flicked through the book counting all of Simon’s pages so it might not be 100% accurate)
This gives us a grand total of (on average) 2.6 mentions per page.
So in conclusion, Simon Snow needs to Chill™.
Gavin Grimm just wanted to use the bathroom. He didn’t think the nation would debate it.
"These people have no idea how they’ve hurt my child and how they continue to hurt my child,” said Deirdre Grimm, a nurse. “We didn’t set out to do anything,” said David Grimm, a trades supervisor at a local shipyard. “Only thing we’ve done is try to protect our child. And that is what it means, and that takes whatever form it takes.”

I’ve said it plenty of times, but I’m going to keep saying it: people should be able to use whatever bathrooms they feel most comfortable in. It doesn’t matter what they look like, what their legal documents say, what their biology consists of, if they are there to use the bathroom, they should be able to use the bathroom. What infuriates me most about these cases is that this shouldn’t be an issue at all. This is about a very real child needing to feel safe in a bathroom. 

This is one of many cases that may make it to the Supreme Court in the coming months on the issue of trans rights, particularly around the Obama administration’s interpretations of Title IX covering gender identity/expression. And while I’m cautiously optimistic that the courts may uphold that position, I’m also realistic about the possibility that the Court will not rule in favor of trans rights. That’s largely because this is pretty new territory (at least in the legal sense), and because things like Title IX weren’t explicitly written to protect trans students - that’s simply the way this administration has decided to extend their mandates. As I’ve stated before, a really compelling argument for why we need clear and full legal protections - ie. the Equality Act, which along with it’s predecssor, ENDA and other bills hasn’t gained traction yet. We deserve this.

And while Gavin Grimm, as a high school senior, may never get to enjoy the direct benefits of a victory here, I hope his case means other trans kids don’t have to spend their teen years fighting just to go to the bathroom in peace.

Hi Grimmsters,

In light of the cancellation news and the extended hiatus, we’ve decided to take this week to put our heads together and make some decisions about the direction of the blog going forward. Don’t worry: we are in no way considering ending the blog. We just want to reassess the hiatus material we have and decide what to post during the extra two months we hadn’t planned for.

We’ll still be posting some things this week, just not every day like we’ve been doing so far. If you have ideas for things you’d like to see, let us know in the ask box!

- Liza

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