The Boar Grimm is Back!

I don’t think I need to explain why this is important for Weiss as a character, and what it means that it showed up here and now. When she’s confronting these aristocrats, and their ideologies that she’s outgrown and cast aside. 

(On another note… How weird is it that Scnees CAN summon fallen foes? Like Necromancy only it’s not? But when they come come back, they’re white and purified? )


I think Ren’s semblance might be some sort of danger sense.

In this fight he was the first to react to every instance, despite being more reserved than the others.

It could be that he’s faster or a quick thinker, but I think Ruby has him trumped on the speed and Jaune is obviously the more tactical person. 

He just seems to know when things are going to go wrong, at least relative to combat.

I’m rewatching Way Too Wonderland and I just love Apple so much. I love that her academic side shines in this special. I love how easily she aces Professor Rumpelstiltskin’s pop quiz because she’s prepared for any test. She has to spend most of her time studying to be so strong a student, which shows how driven she is.

And I love how her interest in the Wonderland curse is purely academic – she asks Headmaster Grimm about it for an extracurricular assignment. Of course he dismisses her, just like he does every student who asks questions, but she’s not discouraged. There’s barely a beat before she’s thought of another way to solve her problem and, the next thing you know, she’s enthusiastically inviting other students to meet her in study hall to work on the assignment together. It’s hopeful to think anyone will want to work on something they don’t have to, but that’s Apple. She’s hopeful, and a little naive.

Then I love how she walks into study hall and neatly sets up her desk, already taking names before she even looks up and realizes no one except Darling is in the room. It’s a very Apple thing to do. And again, there’s that quick beat before she optimistically decides, “Only one person, but we’ll make it work.” She might not be the most self-aware or think about what’s going on outside herself, but she always tries her best to handle everything with a positive attitude and lots of preparation.

This all happens in the first few minutes of the special and you already get a strong sense for Apple’s character. You can see how she thrives on structure, how she likes to have clear steps to her goals, and you can start to understand why she feels the way that she does about destiny.

I had a dream about RWBY last night and in it my brain developed two new OCs that don’t just hunt Grimm - they Hunt other Huntsmen. Wrote a few notes during work tonight, I’ll get them more fleshed out later.

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shoutout to ironwood understanding Weiss because he was there with her.

Shoutout to Ironwood knocking some sense into the wealthy class while Weiss was down and understanding her stand point

Shoutout to Ironwood also stopping the Grimm from tearing the lady apart, showing he still has heart even to the snobby people

Shoutout to Ironwood standing his ground with and for Weiss despite a large room of people who have their own branches of power and wealth being there and fully against Weiss and against Vale

“The fashionable British artist (Christina Robertson) painted in turn the whole imperial family in full length and received for that in the region of a hundred thousand silver rubles.  Of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna,, who was then of course fully forty years old, the flattering brush of the British woman made a twenty-year-old beauty…” – M.D. Buturlin

“(Empress Alexandra Feodorovna)… appears… still indeed in all her loveliness and the charm of her womanly nature, but her sorrowful mood was shown by a white rose that she held in her hand, the leaves of which were beginning to fall.” – Baron von Grimm

RWBY: Tipping point thoughts

  • more Ren background (but not enough) he’s the son of rich parents who wanted to build their own kingdom
  • what does Ren mean by “not just anyone?” is he saying one grimm did that?
  • “I am not your pet, not another thing you own. I was not born guilty of your crimes. Your riches and your influence can’t hold me anymore. I won’t be possessed, but if I don’t want your test (?) I will not surrender this life. It’s mine.” DAMN WEISS!! 
  • that guy is really awkward, and not in the adorable way.
  • the guy yelling at the waiter in the background seems pretty pointless, but it also shows what kind of people attend these types of events.
  • Ironwood and Klein, Weiss Schnee defense squad!
  • why is Tyrion interested in Jaune? is there some connection to Pyrrah he can sense?
  • *rwby taser’s Nora* HERE COMES NORA!!!
  • I like that their fall back plan is just “electrocute Nora”
  • Qrow confirmed for animagus (is that his semblance though? or is that a red eyed person power, like ruby’s silver eyes?)