grimm vintage


Crit #2 is done!! Here are my illustrations I did for this cri! Based off a story about a young maiden who falls in love with a hare, but he turns out to be a not so good guy. Beware, Beware, to never fall in love with a hare.

Things to remember from the Grimm Pilot:
  • Actual Disney Prince Nick Burkhardt, who buys an engagement ring with a smile on his face because he’s in love and believes in happily ever after and is only getting married once because his love story is forever.
  • Profiler Nick, pre-Grimm abilities, who could look at a person for five seconds and tell you all sorts of cool shit about them.
  • “I didn’t know you couldn’t sing.”
  • Marie Kessler is Vice President Sally Langston.
  • The introduction of the key, the Reapers, and the trailer.
  • And Captain Sean Renard, who we briefly thought was just the Captain.
  • “When they lose control, they can’t hide.”
  • Thinking Monroe might be a kidnapper and murderer, and then he invites Nick in for a beer and basically tells him everything he needs to know.
  • Monroe correcting Nick’s grammar in German.
  • Also being a teeny bit star struck over seeing his very first Grimm and living to tell about it.
  • All the heavy insinuations that Monroe used to be all about some hunting and killing people.
  • Wolfsbane.
  • “I already cried wolf once, you think they’re gonna believe me?” Oh Nick. You’re hilarious.
  • Hank was the one to make the connection when he heard the man humming “Sweet Dreams.”
  • GOD. That scene with Adalind in the hospital! Still one of my top five uses of music in a TV show ever.