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Jesse McCree & the Quetzalcoatl

Okay, so…basically I’m in love with the idea that Jesse has roots in Mexico, don’t really care to what extent, but I together with @grimm-sugar-prime ‘s Noodledragon - ideas and this amazing piece of art by @dedmerath I just had to give Jesse a dragon aka the feathered serpent ;)
And I am hella proud.


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What's Ruca's middle name? Btw loving all the new art tutorials!!! <3

Veruca’s middle name is Luzalma ( looze- aal -ma) named after her grandmother Luz,  so her full name is Veruca Luzalma Del Toro, but her mother changed her and her sisters last name to hers when she left their father so now it’s just Veruca Von Grimm

Since I’m not going to buy any of these CDs, I have a hard time decide which cover is my most favorite XD
Headcanon/prompt answers:

@ironblaze​ – Noodle dragons. Canon. I accept them. They are the most wholesome headcanon to come out of this trash fandom. I love the idea that the dragons can transform from giant man-eating spirit beings to lap-sized overtly affectionate “cats”. I reblogged THIS fanart by @grimm-sugar-prime a while back with Genji’s dragon being kind of derpy and it is the greatest thing. Also I fully accept that the dragons ADORE and protect not only their masters but Jesse too (and whoever Genji’s LI is) with just as much ferocity. And Jesse spoils them with snack-food treats when Hanzo isn’t looking (he totally knows tho he can hear the dragons talking about it all the time), and they can usually be found curling up around him on the couch in the rec-room when not with the Shimada bros. I also strongly headcanon that when Jesse and Hanzo settle down in a house of their own (fight me Blizzard) they give the dragons their own little nursery/playroom with like cat towers and shit. Because even though they are Actual Dragons™, they are their babies. I love noodle dragons so much I could flip a table.

@silentunicornspeaks​ – backrubs. HhhhhhooooooBOI!
Jesse gives the best back rubs in Hanzo’s opinion because he likes the feeling of his hands. One rough and scarred and warm and large. The other, well… it has it’s advantages. He takes his time and knows and or listens to what his lover needs or wants. Jesse is just really good with his hands.
Hanzo gives the best backrubs in Jesse’s opinion because he knows about the body and pressure points (and all of jesse’s weak points), and can work any cramp or discomfort out of his muscles with ease. Hanzo’s massages are an artform. Also have you seen his hands? They were made for back rubs.

@danninekoshirosaki – agreed. that is a very happy thing to think of any time. They both love giving each other gifts. I think over time as they get to know each other gift giving becomes easy and something they do often with no particular reason, just because they’re That Sappy Couple™. Those first few gift giving exchanges though —lord have mercy, they were like recon missions. Terrifying. Gag gifts and small sentiments are the standard. And every once in a while on very special occasions, they indulge in something extra special and tear jerking.
TBH I think Jesse is a super romantic softie and would give really thought out sentimental gifts, and Hanzo is too but if you had to point the finger at who gave the most gag-gifts it’s Hanzo (because he loves making Jesse laugh).

Thank you kindly for these guys, they added years to my life.
If you ever want to chat more about headcanons or anything feel free to send asks or messages! 
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