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A photoset of Mr. Tobias Grimm. Super villain. Cat mob boss. Overlord of the house.

Specifically posting in honor of @lambdalupi‘s love of him, bwahaha.

  • Ruby: Weiss, you need to get out of the room for a bit.
  • Weiss: *glares up from a stack of notes and textbooks* No Ruby. You don't understand. I have six exams this week. I. Need. To. Study.
  • Ruby: You've been studying for five days straight! You need to go do something fun and get some rest- I'm worried about you.
  • Weiss: Why? I've been in fights with monsters and terrorists! I do not need to rest! I need to pass! *grabs her mug and takes a swig*
  • Ruby: Weiss, you're literally drinking Grimm's blood!
  • Weiss: Mixed with coffee and an energy drink. *eye twitches as she sifted through papers* It's helping me focus, don't worry.
  • Ruby: *sighs, walking away* You're insane, you know that?
  • Weiss: Maybe I am insane, Ruby! INSANELY PREPARED FOR THESE EXAMS! *lets out a hysterical laugh before falling out of her chair in exhaustion*

definitelynotsnakepeople  asked:

"God Called In Sick Today" by AFI with non-romantic Watts & Tyrian for the song prompts thing, if that's ok?

Totally okay! Non-Romantic pairings are totally cool for this!!!

Hope you like it!

               Watts hadn’t been expecting to be called back to the keep. He had just finished a meeting with Lionheart when he received the request, and Salem had been very vague on what it was he was needed for. Surely it was something he wasn’t truly required for?

               No. If it had been something he wasn’t needed for, he wouldn’t have been called back in the first place.

               When he had arrived at the keep, he went straight for the training hall as instructed. Cinder passed him in the corridor, her face twisted into an angry scowl as tears began to fall down her face.

               It wasn’t until he heard the laughter that Watts learned what he was called for.

               There was Tyrian, crying heavily as deranged laughter mixed with Grimm smoke. Hid gauntlets repeatedly slicing at the thin remains of, if Watts had to venture a guess, a newly born Beowolf. The stinger the young man had been so proud of was no longer there.

               Yet another soldier humiliated by the child.

               "How pathetic,“ he sighed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small case where he kept his muscle relaxants. Many thought it strange that he carried them with him everywhere. But it was a necessary thing to have on hand.

               This was a prime reason as to why.

               As the Beowolf finally vanished, Watts walked up behind Tyrian without a sound, gently injecting the medicine into his neck. Tyrian collapsed to the floor, his laughter slowly fading as his yellow gaze flashed violet for half a second.

               "Prick,” Tyrian spat. “What did you do to me?”

               "Just a muscle relaxant,“ Watts stated bluntly. “Pain gone?”

               Tyrian gave him a sneer, mumbling something about the pain easing as Watts proceeded to remove the braces from his colleagues arms.

               "You’re lucky I’m around,“ Watts chuckled. "I actually have some ideas on how to fix your tail.”

               "Even if you do, it won’t matter,“ Tyrian sighed. "My Queen is quite displeased.”

               "She is,“ Watts conceded. "But she wouldn’t have called me back if you weren’t of some value.”

               Without waiting for a reply, Watts began to lift Tyrian to his feet, slinging one arm around his shoulders to keep him up. The two of them began to make their way toward the infirmary, with Watts trying not to let show the amount of strain this was putting on him. Despite his height, he wasn’t nearly as strong as his companion.

               The sooner I get him patched up, the sooner I can get back to Haven.

               "Let’s get that tail fixed. You have a Maiden to hunt.“


Send a song and a pairing and I’ll write a short drabble.


You shake hands with lightning
For an apple on a string

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