grimm draws

won’t be doing the prompts for the Carry On Countdown  cuz my ideas ain’t flowing but I GOT SOMETHING BETTER TO WRAP IT OFF <3

it was fun drawing simon and baz a lot and i would definitely draw them more in the future! :D

life has been kickin’ my butt BUT I’M BACK BABY!!

I was having a hard time choosing which of the Hollow Knight characters to draw next, and some kind folks gave me a few suggestions! 😊 

(minus the one in the top right corner, i just wanted to draw Ghost haha)

For this piece my dear patrons get:

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Something I said I wont be posting yet here I am. Have them two of my favorite higher beings in humanoid forms. 

And thank you people in the hollow lite discord, you are incredibly talented and sweet. See you around in summer :)