grimm brother fairy tales
Not so happily ever after: Fairytales that lay undiscovered for 150 years tell stories of wicked step-fathers witch-slaying princesses and scared young princes

The stories were compiled by German historian Franz Xaver von Schönwerth in the 1880s - around the same time as the Brothers Grimm folk tales - from across the Bavarian region of Oberpfalz.

While the well-known Grimm fairytales often feature a vulnerable princess and dragon-slaying hero, Schönwerth reverses their roles - offering readers powerful female and vulnerable male characters.

In Schönwerth’s fantastical version Cinderella, for example, the heroine uses her golden - not glass - slippers to rescue her lover from beyond the moon.

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Commission for a little canadian fabric shop. The whole composition is based on the original tales. This work really exausted me, the worst part was balance colors and composition, but at least i’m satisfied. Some zoom on the single character may help you see better all the details :)

drag con must be wild bc like…… you see so many beautiful magical drag queens everywhere, and awesome fellow fans in gorgeous outfits, and you’re surrounded by the energy of a fantasy kingdom, but then you might turn the wrong corner and run into something terrifying like j*ffree st*r or james-the-white-face-cryptid so it’s really like a fairy tale by the brothers grimm


Ok I realised I wasn’t happy with the last one, so I came back to it. I like these ones a lot more but now I don’t know wich one to choose aha:) The black and white seems stronger but I’m really happy with the colors on the first one. What do you guys think about it?