Dear Jim,

Please paint me a normal episode of Frasier except Niles is wearing a jetpack and using it to hover slightly and Frasier’s forehead has become so grotesquely large it’s started to absorb the apartment and everything in it including Eddie. Martin is sitting in his chair like normal except he doesn’t have any bones. There are severed heads strewn around and everything is on fire. Also the view of the Seattle skyline has been replaced by that of the Tower of Babel. Daphne is being stolen by ants.

Thanks in advance,

James Grimley


“How can the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? ‘Cause of predators. Used to be, monkeys we were, right? And in the woods, in the jungle, everything’s green. So in order to not get eaten by panthers and bears and the like, we had to be able to see them, you know, in the grass, and trees and such. Predators” Fargo 1x4: Eating the blame.

On Grimsley

So apparently in the Sun and Moon design sheets/art book it mentions that this is Grimley two years after BW2 and also confrims that S/M take place 2 years after XY (since it happens at the same time as BW2 where he is last seen.)
He looks so much older and sicker though, like he’s actually dying, but trying to still look strong. It’s so weird to see Pokemon go such a route with their characters.

His skin is paler, his clothes are far more comfortable, he stopped wearing his eye makeup, and he seems to not be sleeping well at all. His expression has gone from that of a spry and cocky youth to that of a desperate lowlife. We can easily make the assumption that he is very sick, and the stress of whatever is killing him, and his search for a cure, may be why we find him in Alola with Grey hair.

20 Duels are being nominated for the anime series for the 20th Collection.

For the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jounouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler) vs Yami Marik has been nominated.

For Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yuki Judai (Jaden Yuki) vs Tachibana Ikkaku (Lucien Grimley) has been nominated.

For 5D’s, Team 5D’s vs Team Taiyo has been nominated.

For Zexal, Tsukumo Yuma vs III (Trey) has been nominated

For ARC-V, Sakaki Yuya vs Akaba Reiji (Declan Akaba) has been nominated.