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veldts is now catfishing Grimezs wonder how she hasn't killed her self yet with all her insecurity issues for catfishing so many girls

tagged by @gayhoneyy thank u angel!!

name: beatriz
nicknames: bea, bia, bibble, bibi
gender: Ha Ha Ha Next
starsign: cancer
height: 165cm
sexual orientation: lesbian
hogwarts house: snek
favorite color: idk what its called but its like. rusty orange
favorite color to paint the walls: cream
favorite color of lipstick: idk i dont . wear lipstick a lot
favorite animal: i cant choose
time right now: 0209
cat or dog person: i dont have to choose!!!!! u cant make me
favorite fictional characters: agent f from men in black and sailor neptune from sailor moon And Thats It I Think
number of blankets i sleep with: 1
favorite singer/band: grimez
dream trip: that heart shaped lake
dream job: gravedigger
when was this blog created: 2015 but ive had lots of blogs since like 2012
what made you decide to get a tumblr: my best friends cool older sister had one
why did you pick your url: scooby doo
last movie that you watched: cant remembor
last song you listened to: cold by the cure
last book you read: i reread crush by richard siken recently
what time would you travel to: dinosaurs
what fictional character would you hang out with for a day: again agent f

ive been doing too many of these lately so im not gonna tag anyone!!!!! if u wanna do this just say i tagged u

i love fucka twigs and grimez. yeah that’s right i know all about your fucking weird little avant garde artistes. i’m hip as hell


unknown grimes track.