Bechloe One-Shot

Bechloe’s daughter brings her boyfriend home for the first time!

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Daniel stood nervously on the doorstep of the large house. 6ft 3in tall, well built and toned, tanned with shaggy blonde hair, he perfectly epitomised the ‘surfer dude’ look. Yet his legs trembled slightly and he could feel his heart hammering away against his chest. Today was a big deal. This moment was a big deal. What if they hated him? He wasn’t a bad guy. Far from it. 

But he’d been in a very unfortunate situation last month when his girlfriend had been on the phone to her Mother and he hadn’t realised, so had snuck behind her, shirtless, and wrapped his strong arms around his girlfriend’s waist. He’d then begun deeply kissing and nibbling her neck, whispering things into her ear. Things that no mother should have to hear her daughter’s other half say.

Daniel felt his right hand being squeezed by his girlfriend’s hand - her dominant left hand - and he looked down to his right, his pale blue eyes meeting a pair of deep blue eyes. The eyes that had immediately drawn him in the moment he had first seen them. The blue eyes that felt like home, such were the two years that he had known and stared into them. 

“You okay?” he heard Lara whisper to him, her dark eyebrows raised as she looked at him in concern. But he put on a brave face. For her. Because today wasn’t just a big deal for him. It was a big deal for her too. Introducing your other half to your family was scary. He knew, because his mother had invited Lara to spend last Christmas with them, which Lara had happily obliged.

Ah, yeah, that was another reason why Daniel was nervous. Because he was probably in her Mom’s bad-books for taking her daughter away from them for Christmas until New Years. Lara had mentioned on several occasions just how crazy her Mom got when it came to getting into the Christmas spirit. And she sure as hell got crazy last Christmas, when Lara had tentatively revealed that she wouldn’t be popping home during her short vacation from work.

Daniel swallowed loudly as the front door of the large house swung open and on the other side of the threshold stood a woman he recognised from the many, many photos Lara had stuck up around her apartment. He also recognised her from TV, but Daniel refused to acknowledge that fact. Because at the end of the day, the woman who stood before them with fiery red hair was more than TV royalty. She was his girlfriend’s Mom.  

“Lara!” The woman exclaimed excitably, immediately diving forward and enveloping her eldest daughter in a warm, tight hug. “Oh it’s so wonderful to see you sweetheart. I’ve missed you so much!”

Daniel found himself smiling as he identified just how similar to her Mom Lara was. She had none of her features but all of her bubbly personality. Lara had told him quite early on in their relationship that her Mom had carried her, but that she had been the result of IVF treatment.

“And you must be Daniel!” The redhead cried out, stepping away from her daughter and immediately reaching up to pull him into a welcoming hug. “My goodness aren’t you tall! And so handsome!”

Daniel felt a wave of relief rush over his body at her greeting as he bend down and patted the older woman politely on the back. Maybe she wasn’t so mad with him about Christmas. He looked up while Lara’s Mom continued to hold him, while complimenting him to her daughter.

The young man felt his stomach knot as his eyes caught a pair of stormy blue eyes, belonging to a petite woman who had reached the bottom of the grand staircase behind the redhead. The fifty year old had a face like thunder and Daniel immediately felt terrified.

Lara had pre-warned him she’d be like this. Because this was her mother. Fiercely protective of Lara and her two younger brothers, Beca Mitchell took no shit from anyone, the curse of working for so long within an industry renowned for hard-talk and stubborn decision-making. Beca Mitchell was the music industry’s leading music producer. She had toured the world in her 30s, DJ-ing at some of the most prestigious venues around, often taking her wife and young Lara along with her too, if her wife wasn’t filming a new show.

Now the couple resided in LA, in the large home they had bought years ago and insisted remaining in for continuity purposes. Because this had been the home Lara and her brothers had been born in and grown up in. This was her home.

“Ma, this is Daniel…” Lara said, nerves evident in her tone, and Daniel gulped as the older woman looked him up and down. She did not approve. He could tell she didn’t. It was the way she squinted at him, as though trying to read his thoughts. And it made him uncomfortable. He knew why she hated him. It had been that time she’d Facetime’d her daughter from LA and he hadn’t realised so had started to get a little frisky with Lara, and Beca had heard too much. Way too much.

The tall man sucked in his breath and stuck his hand out with the intention of shaking Beca’s hand. But the woman simply stared at it, her brow furrowed.

“Sweetheart” Daniel noticed Lara’s Mom smooth the palm of her hand across the small of Beca’s back, resting it there as she looked at her wife, her tone firm but kind, “be nice.”


The twenty two year old’s voice seemed to reach the mother’s ears and help her snap back to reality. Daniel wondered if Beca had been imagining what it was like to kill him. She was that protective of her only daughter.

“Good to meet you properly Daniel.” The older brunette said, reluctantly reaching out and shaking the young man’s hand. Daniel tried not to wince, her small hand gripping his like a vice, clearly on purpose. There was no smile on her face. No sparkle in her eye. No matter how much Lara looked like Beca - and every bit of Lara looked like her mother; from her brown hair and eyebrows, to her deep blue eyes and small lips, petite frame and small hips - she had the sparkling, bubbly, enthusiastic personality of her Mom.

Chloe Mitchell - ‘Chloe Beale’ in the TV world - was everything Daniel had imagined her to be. She was exactly how she seemed during TV interviews, except at this moment in time she only had eyes for her eldest child, who she looked at adoringly. Lara had informed him that while she was close to her Mama, she had a bond with her Mom that was far greater than any bond she had with anyone else. She speculated that it could be due to the fact that her Mom had given birth to her, and hadn’t left her side for essentially the first five years of her life.

“There…that wasn’t awkward at all…” Lara said sarcastically under her breath as Daniel took his hand back and stuffed it into the back pocket of his pants. He saw Chloe give them a reassuring wink and kind smile as her wife returned to her side.

“Right,” Chloe said airily, “lunch is almost ready…” And the woman turned to her left and began slowly leading the way through to the huge kitchen that lay at the back of the house. Daniel felt his girlfriend drop his hand as she strode forward to walk alongside her Mom, who wrapped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders, pulling her into her side as Lara snaked her arm around Chloe’s waist. And they both whispered excitably about how much Chloe already liked Lara’s boyfriend.

Before Daniel could get much further than over the threshold though, he felt a cold hand wrap itself around his forearm. The young man was tugged to a stop and he turned to see that the owner of the hand was Lara’s Mother.

Beca looked up at him pointedly, jabbing her finger into his chest, “Listen to me you little shit,” she hissed aggressively at him under her breath, “I know my daughter loves you but that doesn’t mean I have to like you, kapish?”

Daniel was trembling. He was a good foot taller than this woman but she still scared the hell out of him as she glared up at his face. He could understand why she was doing it though. He remembered reading on Facebook a few years ago about the very messy and public breakup between a one ‘Lara Mitchell’ - daughter of Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale - and ‘Jordon Grimez’ - teen rapper extraordinaire, who had met when Beca Mitchell had produced the little git’s album.

“If you dare do anything to break her heart, I swear to God I will make your life hell. Understand?”

Daniel held his hands up in defence, “Absolutely.” The brunette squinted at him as though she didn’t believe him and the man was sure that she didn’t. So he continued, “Honestly, Ms Mitchell, I’m really in love with your daughter. I have no intention of ever breaking her heart.”

“Hmm” the older woman said suspiciously.

Fortunately for Daniel, Lara dashed into the hallway, having noticed neither her boyfriend or mother had followed her through to the kitchen. “Everything ok?” She asked in concern.

Daniel turned to look from his girlfriend to his girlfriend’s mother, still unable to believe just how similar the two looked. Beca had a smile on her face for the first time since they had arrived and it surprised him to see the older woman reach out and pull her daughter into a warm, tight hug.

“I’ve missed you so much babe.” The mother said, and the man enjoyed seeing just how happy his girlfriend looked as she squeezed her eyes shut, putting her all into the cuddle.

“I’ve missed you too Mama!” Lara replied, before pulling back and grinning excitably at Beca, “How were the Globes? You guys looked amazing!”

“A total unnecessary farce as usual. But you know what your Mom’s like. We had to go…” the older woman said with a playful eye-roll.

“She did win two awards Ma…”

“I know, I know…” Beca said with a proud grin, and the two women began slowly walking away from the front door, followed almost obediently by Daniel.

Daniel remembered settling down in front of the TV last week with his girlfriend, tuning in to watch the Golden Globes. He still found it bizarre how casual Lara was about seeing her mother’s on TV, at award ceremonies, on the front of magazines, featured on billboards.

Beca was praised multiple times in acceptance speeches at the Grammy’s, Brit’s, and even at the Oscars last year (thought admittedly it had been by Chloe, who had won the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and had burst into tears when she’d explained how Beca had been her greatest supporter throughout the thirty-odd years they had known each other).

Chloe was adored by Hollywood, La-La Land, critics and the general public all over the world. At thirty years old she had shot to fame thanks to a short four-part Netflix series that charted the rise and doomed fall of a musical starlet. Twenty four years on and she was now affectionately deemed TV and Hollywood royalty.

The fame and success didn’t go unnoticed by the paparazzi, and as a consequence the private couple had had many the court battle over the years with newspapers and websites that tried so hard to disrupt their private-lives. Court battles that got messier and more aggressive if their children were involved - so protective the women were of their daughter and two sons.

To meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time is intimidating enough. But when your girlfriend’s parents are two of the most powerful and successful women in the entertainment industry? Yeah, that made them a million times more intimidating!

“Lunch is up!” Chloe was heard calling from the kitchen, and Daniel almost bumped into Beca as she stopped abruptly, turned her head towards the staircase, and called out loudly: “Boys!! Lunch is ready!!”

A silence fell upon the house and Daniel held his breath as he watched his girlfriend’s mother roll her eyes, let out a short puff of air, then begin to make her way up the stairs. Lara had reached out and took his hand, dragging him away from the staircase and through to the grand open-plan kitchen/lounge, where Chloe was busy serving up salmon steaks onto plates at the table.

“Let me guess…” she started with a smile, “no sign of movement from your brothers?”

“What else is new?” Lara said with a giggle, sliding onto a seat in front of the table and motioning for her boyfriend to join her. Which he did. And for a couple of moments the young lovers sat in silence, Lara pouring the chilled water from a jug into six glasses, and Daniel staring over at the trophies that stood behind glass and ran above the kitchen cabinets, along the length of the kitchen wall. From Grammy’s and Brit awards, to Golden Globes and BAFTA’s. There were…fifteen of them along this row alone. Daniel was impressed.

“So sweetheart, how long are you in town for?”

“Um…I was actually wondering if we could stay for a couple of days? I’ve got an audition tomorrow, then a meeting with my agent the morning after. I figured we could hang about here in between?”

Daniel looked at the redhead, noting the slight waver in her smile, and he suddenly felt nervous again. He didn’t want to be a burden. But no sooner had her smile wavered, it brightened again as she looked at them both.

“Of course sweetheart! It’d be lovely to have you home for a little while! You’ll…need to sleep in separate rooms of course…”

Daniel heard his girlfriend let out a groan and Lara put her head in her hands, “Mommm!”

“I know, but you know what your mother’s like-”

“I’m 22 years old! We live together for crying out loud!”

“Lara, it’s ok. We can sleep in separate rooms-” Daniel began, but quickly stopped when Chloe cleared her throat loudly, announcing the arrival of her wife, who shuffled through a door into the open-plan kitchen/lounge followed closely behind by two teenage boys.

“Boys, this is Daniel.” Beca said unenthusiastically, motioning to the tall man who sat beside her only daughter. Daniel stood and smiled politely as the youngest of the two boys strode up to him with a bright smile and shook his hand.

“Hey I’m Adam.” Said the fourteen year old. And Daniel noticed just how much he looked like his sister, with his dark hair and deep blue eyes. His personality, on first impression, also mimicked that of Chloe with his enthusiasm and the way his eyes seemed to sparkle as he spoke. Adam was noticeably taller than both his mother’s and sister, but still shorter than his older brother.

Now, the middle Mitchell child was like his mother in almost every way. He had her features, making him look just like his siblings, but he also had her stormy look, which immediately made Daniel feel uncomfortable. The seventeen year old was tall too. Not quite the 6ft 3in that Daniel was, but he was certainly nearing 6ft. And it wasn’t until his Mom sternly told him to say hello to his sister’s boyfriend, that the teen sighed and thrust his hand reluctantly out to shake his hand. “Harry…” he said moodily.

Lara had mentioned at one point that Harry was very protective of her, despite being five years younger. He’d been a big fan of Lara’s previous boyfriend, but having seen the torment his sister had gone through during the breakup, he now struggled to trust anyone his sister decided to date. The difference was Daniel wasn’t just someone Lara was dating. They were in a relationship together. And had been for two years.

As Daniel resumed his position at the table he felt nervous, his palms sweating as he took the plate that Chloe handed him. He swallowed loudly as he looked up and noticed the identical expressions on the mother and her son opposite him, looking at him suspiciously. Beca and Harry certainly had a way of making strangers feel unwelcome. Fortunately to his right he saw the bright smiles of Chloe, Adam, and Lara. The ratio of Mitchell’s liking him to not liking him was 3-2. The odds were in his favour.

He hoped to propose to Lara one day. But if her mother was the Beca Mitchell he’d read and heard all about, then he was going to be in for a very tough ride before he could even glimpse the slightest chance of asking her permission for Lara’s hand.


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