Okay heres my Rant about JJ Abrams before I go back to writing that will correct this OOC BS JJ brought to us.

Han Solo and Leia Organa as a couple is so important when it comes to science fiction media and shipping.

Han Solo and Leia Organa are so important because the main model of media is that the man is bettered when the women dies or gets kidnapped. No. Han Solo was bettered not because Leia was injured and maimed or raped or killed…but because of his intense and natural love for this incredible woman. In fact the idea tat the woman must get hurt or killed to better the man is the opposite and it instead has Han get hurt so Leia could learn to love.

It is Han Solo’s love for Leia Organa that taught him to be loyal and responsible. He learned to accept the help of others. He became a hero and not a man for himself. It it’s Leia Organa’s love for Han Solo that taught her to live a little. She learned to trust others and be affectionate and life was not all about her job.

Han Solo and Leia Organa are so important because it has no problematic elements. Of course there is name calling but Han doesn’t treat her like some typical cis male asshole. He is willing to let her go to be happy. He waits for her consent and doesn’t force her…hell he would be the one to tell her “No” if she didn’t have the ability to consent. He let’s Leia take control. Han is a quintesental feminist someone we rarely see in media.

Han Solo and Leia Organa inspired many couples in fantasy and sci fi shows. They inspired the broken men and the women they let in to their lives from the John Sheppards and Elizabeth Weirs to the Oliver Queens and Felicity Smoaks from Arrow. They made men respectful and not afraid of their powerful and strong women from the Phil Coulsons and Melinda Mays to the Jimmy Olsens and Kara Danvers. They made the power of love come from something Natural without the narrative that the women must get hurt to better the man from the Clarke Griffins to Bellamy Blakes to the Michonnes and Rick Grimeses. That opposites or Princesses and Scoundrels can Attract from the Abbie Millses and Ichabod Cranes to the Regina Millses and Robin Hoods. And that height difference couples are pretty fucking cute from the Jessica Joneses and Luke Cages to the Clara Oswalds and 12th/11th Doctors.

Hell we look at couples that have developed from the newest Star Wars like Finn and Rey, who Rey in many ways is like Leia in her own right because its not easy for her to take affection from Finn, and I can’t believe I am saying this Even Kylo and Hux, who like Han and Leia seem to have an antagonistic but in the end will run through a burning space ship save each other type of relationship, and compare them to Han and Leia. From Meta saying that Finn looks at Rey like Han looks at Leia a hero and is not afraid to communicate with her and let her take the reigns to silly Fan Art of Kylo and Hux looking at each other with Angry faces and saying “I Love You” “I Know”

We look to Han and Leia in hopes our own relationships will be like that in the future whether we are straight, bi, pan, gay, or even somewhere on the Ace Spectrum. We hope to have a partner that will treat us and be patient with us like Han is or communicate and tell us what their bondaries are like Leia.

So to see JJ Abrams take this beautiful and respectful relationship and say that Han and Leia are too busy for each other and their son is not only is a slap in the face to all of us who shipped them for years some of us for decades, but is basically throwing away 3 movies of character development. What is it for JJ money? A good villian plot? In the EU two of their children and Chewbacca died…and despite Han’s depression over Chewie they still came back to each other. Hell Jacen followed almost the same plot as Kylo.

The real Han and Leia would have never split. The real Han and Leia would have stuck by each other through thick and thin and not Han run like a Coward while Leia is burried in your work. At least if Leia sense Han was going to die couldn’t she have given him a goodbye kiss or the “I Love You” “I Know“

While I loved the rest of the movie, the characters hell even Kylo Ren….I am absolutely dissapointed JJ Abrams had taken one of the best things from the OT and made a mockery of it because just like Star Trek….he doesn’t seem to be into it’s history.

So @rcjohnso if you happen to stumble across the entry. Please Please PLEASE fix it, I don’t care if there is a silly excuse to have Han come back from the dead. This relationship and development of Han and Leia is so important to us, and what Abrams did tarnished it for is.

But for now for my fellow Han/Leia shippers…keep writing Fan Fic guys, keep writing how you remember them and don’t let JJ Abrams ruin them like he ruined our favorite Star Trek Characters.

You know what’s been on my mind all day?

Wayward Daughters 

Honestly I want it but I also don’t want it because it’s already too precious to me to be touched and all I’ve done is seen other people talk about it.

But I can’t help but think about it today, for some reason.  Of what I would do with this if it were me.  And I’ve been writing on this all day and so this is really long and yeah okay. 

It could be an ensemble show.  It really could.

With Jody and Donna at the helm.  With Alex, Claire, Krissy, and Josephine.  You’d have a great little family full of girls on the crusp on being adults and have lived so much of their life facing down bad things and then you’d have these two grown women that are so protective of them and help them.  Female mentors and mothers and female relationships and and and and

I am so very very sorry if you are on mobile and it doesn’t cut.  But the cut is right now.

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