grimes crystal ball



(a mix for modern witches with the moon in their hearts, mischief on their minds and a hex spilling out of their mouths)

part i: waxing crescent

the phase where the moon is less than half full and expanding in illumination

i. the curse - agnes obel, ii. space - magic wands, iii. ruin - cat power, iv. crystal ball - grimes, v. night time - the xx, vi. paint it black - the rolling stones, vii. the truth is in the dirt - karen elson, viii. laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent

part ii: full moon

the phase where the moon is entirely illuminated as seen from earth

ix. i’m mad - the dead weather, x. black sheep - gin wigmore, xi. brutality - black box recorder, xii. no rest for the wicked - lykke li, xiii. i put a spell on you - nina simone, xiv. gods & monsters - lana del rey, xv. hang you from the heavens - the dead weather, xvi. you know i’m no good - amy winehouse



Don’t forget this, so cute.


Grimes - Crystal Ball

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Why had I not seen this Grimes’ video until now?????

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By far my absolute favorite song of 2011, “Crystal Ball” by Grimes. Was so glad I got to see her open for Austra in San Francisco back in November. And I don’t mind admitting I may have a wee bit of a crush on her. Grimes to me is on the vanguard of this new movement of trippy dreampop/witchhouse/chillwave/eclectic indie dance music…and it’s nice to see unsigned/micro label acts making a name for themselves.