grimes artwork

grimes: “some art i did last year. im making plans for some illustration oriented things this year. its so tempting to make every background a sky, not only cuz it’s the easiest but also most lovely. perhaps i need to add some stars and nebulas tho…. im really excited about this insane game w the celtic girl and robotic dinosaurs that is coming out tonite - horizon zero dawn what incredible visuals”


illustration by grimes. swipe for color evolution ! 🖤🖤 —> follow @grimesartofficial for more of my work (i’ll be posting more soon – been drawing like crazy lately ) and hella art by y'all. (to submit art, b sure to tag @grimesartofficial- i check it more ^_^). haha also just realized art official sounds like artificial aka Art Ificial which has the initials A.I. so i think there’s been some definite freudian manifestation w regard to the art page seeing as my main focus these days is desperately waiting for a.i. to come save earth from environmental destruction. an auspicious coincidence indeed. “i never cry, not even in dreams”. - titled after a quote from ‘the sailor who fell from grace w the sea’ aka the most stressful book to read on an airplane
p.s. music will be released before 2088