Look maybe it’s the Friday arvo brews talking but it’s not publicly stated on here enough that grimelords is easily the best person we have on here

“I want to watch a girl do that thing where they try to drink from a mcdonalds straw while they’re texting but they keep missing the straw so they grope around with their mouth over and over but won’t take their eyes off their phone. I want to watch that happening forever while intense classical music gets louder and louder.” -Grimelord

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Tumblr user grimelords is actually an independent musician like Grimes, thus the name. His tumblr documents his slow, painstaking efforts to manufacture a trash boat (or as they call them down under, a Rubbish Raft) to float down one of Australia’s many seasonal rivers. It’s gonna spend most of the trip lodged in a dry riverbed so the boat cops don’t really care yet, stay tuned

innocentely trying to host a radio program when i receive THIS filth via sms. so shocked i vomited on m icrophone &had to be evacuated from the studio. if i ever find out the scum whom sent it to me i will inflict unimagin ably violent punishment on them