grime lords

the signs as indie queens

aries: sky ferreira
taurus: lily allen
gemini: lana del rey
cancer: melanie martinez
leo: charli xcx
virgo: florence welch
libra: marina diamandis
scorpio: halsey
sagittarius: mØ
capricorn: lorde
aquarius: fka twigs
pisces: grimes

Leaked lines from the next episode of TWD
  • Rick: So...what will it take to secure an alliance with you people?
  • Natania: Oceanside will fight for you...but only if you promise your son will marry one of my many daughters.
  • Rick: Wait...what the fuck?
  • Ezekiel: Rick, in case you haven't figured it out, we're all going back to medieval times. Just...look at my place for fuck's sake.
  • Rick: ...
  • Aaron: I swear to god, you people are taking this Game of Thrones roleplay too far.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Carl: I don't want to marry the Oceanside girl.
  • Enid: ...I don't want you to marry her. (pause) But you need their alliance. I hope it's a very beautiful alliance-
  • *Carl and Enid kiss*
  • *meanwhile on the other side of the camp*
  • Aaron: (looks up from his book) Eric.
  • Eric: Yeah bae?
  • Aaron: I can't explain it but I think Carl is making a big mistake. My Robb Stark senses just started tingling out of nowhere.
Here’s to a revamp...

Hey, everybody!

I am so sorry for my ridiculously long hiatus and I appreciate you all sticking around. I had a lot going on, but it should be all right now. Part of that lot going on was The Walking Dead. I got talked into watching it by two friends and now I am officially ruined. I am hooked. I got through six seasons in less than two weeks. I’ve got it bad, guys.

My blog has gone under some construction but not much. It’s only gotten a URL change. I was dancelikemoriarty but, since we likely won’t be getting a Sherlock series 5, I decided a fresh start was in order. Don’t worry, though. I will still be posting Sherlock things because, just like my fellow Fannibals, we aren’t done either! I have, however, edited a few things, such as what will be showing up here. I used to have a whole list of things but didn’t really post any of it, so here’s to my revamped blog. 

I also unfollowed a ton of blogs that have been inactive for ages (I’m talking more than one year) and, since I’ve been absent myself for a while, I’m looking for a fresh start. I’m down to following only 84 blogs but that number may even drop since quite a few of them haven’t been active in months. So please, I’m seriously in need of new and more material.

Like and/or reblog if you post:

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I’ll check you out and maybe even give you a follow. Follow backs would be cool too but no pressure. Also, feel free to invade my ask/submit box anytime even if you just want to say hello or rant to me or scream about your favorite show. :)

Have some adorable McReedus fluff. I LOVE them BOTH so much both on and off the screen. This is too cute! <3

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If you guys are looking for some badass female singers then check these ladies out

Florence and the Machine
Ellie Goulding
Hayley Kiyoko
Ryn Weaver
Zella Day
Lana Del Rey
Marina and the Diamonds
Melanie Martinez
Sky Ferreira


My Spotify playlist masterpost

I’m gonna do some self-promotion here - I make a lot of playlists that I wanna share with you so I thought why annoy you guys with seperate posts for each playlist when I could just make one big one. Here goes (links to playlists are in bold)!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is my main playlist, it contains about 700 songs and I add to it weekly usually. It has al my favorite tunes from literally any genre. Some artists in it are Arctic Monkeys, James Blake, Flume, Tame Impala, Banks, Florence + The Machine, and many more :^)

2K16 A list with all of my favorite songs from this godawful year. If you’d like to relive it.

nostalgia  This is my terrible, terrible playlist of about a 100 songs from 2003 - 2010 because that’s when The Pussycat Dolls and Gossip Girl were still a thing and everything was still okay.

which witch A playlist inspired by witches. I don’t know why I made it, but it’s all magical tunes from wicked women.

white sky To get you through the cold, dark days of December (and maybe January)

wasted hours A playlist I made at the end of August 2015, in the spirit of going back to school. It has this teenage boredom vibe.

meisjesmuziek (girlmusic translated from Dutch) A playlist filled with my favorite female musicians, from Lorde and Grimes to Stevie Nicks to Beyoncé to Warpaint.

valentine I made this one for Valentine’s Day last year (probably because I was lonely), it’s just really cute and sweet.

rokjesdagen (skirtdays, a Dutch term used to refer to the first day in spring when you can finally wear a skirt without tights) This one is for the early spring days, in the spirit of a cool breeze that blows through your hair while the sun is making the first little freckles around your nose.

barbiepop (”pop” is the Dutch word for “doll” but I used it here to refer to pop music) Since my main playlist is kinda hipster (cringe) I also made a playlist with my favorite pop songs because pop is an underrated genre.

gossip girl season 1 Because Gossip Girl defined pop culture for our generation I made this playlist and the other seasons will follow soon - I tried to add all the songs featured in the series but some of them weren’t on Spotify.

Also, here’s a link to my profile if you want to follow me! Send me links to your playlists so I can check them out too ‘cause I love that! 

late-night conversations

Me:out of all the characters from the walking dead that would look like they aren’t into kinky sex but really is … who do you think it’d be 

Alex: Richard.

Me:tbh for me it’d be carl-