grimdark jade


John is located in a new school, at the same time he discovers more superheroes besides himself, and one of them is captured by dark forces, he is going to unite with all possible heroes whom he can find in order to repel evil and restore peace and tranquility to usual people…

===>Rose in grimdark. After the death of her mother she fell into despair and was looking for any ways of her resurrection, but in spite of all her strength she could not do it. Then she had to turn to the dark forces in order to find the one who killed her mother and take revenge on him, but contrary to her expectations, she could not hold the darkness. Darkness swallowed her.
Jade was aware of everything, but she could not harm Rose, because her own feelings interfered with her.
Unification in the Windman was her chance to save her…

Story of Jade

Even in her childhood she liked to play with the laboratory dogs of her grandfather, but what a surprise when she could merge with one of them. So in it settled two entities: an interdimensional dog and an ordinary girl. Knowing that such forces are not given so simply  she devoted herself to the protection of peace and order.

Story of Rose

Rose is a hereditary seer (though the forces are transmitted through a generation), the first time they showed up at her age of thirteen, she predicted the course of the game in the Flarp table game, it at first scared her, but over time she realized that this gift is a sign that she can Prevent accidents before they happen.


ive used about half of these essays to piss and whine about bad writing in homestuck, and i guess thats because its easy to do, but lets be real - andrew hussie didnt fail anybody nearly as hard as he failed to establish jade and roses relationship. the beta kid friendship dynamics are the foundation that homestucks characterization rests on, and every single combination of those kids got deeply explored, with pages and pages of conversations and exchanges of letters and gifts; i didnt have to be told that these kids cared deeply and would die for each other because i was shown it

except for jade and rose, who only have a handful of conversations, and all of those conversations - like most of jades early interactions with the betas - are primarily exposition. ive written about this before, but up until descend, jade is an exposition machine. she doesnt really get to develop or come into her own until after her dreamself dies and she changes dramatically - even her introductory pages where we learn about her living situation on hellmurder island serve the primary narrative purpose of foreshadowing and introducing plot devices (appearifiers, first guardians, etc.)

and its not a coincidence that the only two betas who dont get to develop with each other are the two girls. granted hussie does eventually prove he knows how to write complex and compelling friendships and romances between girls, and in fact seems to be quite good at it (see: homestucks endgame f/f couples)… but its a shame because jade and rose have the simple, straightforward “opposites attract” dynamic thats ripe for funny and intriguing character interactions. gothy grimdark pseudo-intellectual rose and sunshiney genki granola girl jade. they both have a sense of humor. its a shame we didnt get thousands of words of them goofing off and ripping on each other like john and dave did. But Alas

rose and jade are inversions of each other. rose is Peak Derse (withdrawn, brooding, not as smart as she makes herself out to be, with a deep narrative connection to the horrorterrors) and jade is Peak Prospit (sociable, sunshiney, smarter than her friends give her credit for, with a deep narrative connection to skaia). they were initially implied to have each others classpects (when it turned out to be the goth girl writing wizard fanfiction wasnt the witch of space, and the outdoorsy gardener who saw visions of the future wasnt the seer of light), which was a deliberate move on hussies part.

i think i saw a post a while ago describing roses grimdark throes and jades grimbark possession as “direct parallels” of each other, which…. isnt entirely true. theyre not parallels, theyre contraposites.

rose channels the power of the horrorterrors, but she does so willingly, because her goals and the goals of the horrorterrors are the same - even when she goes “off the deep end” shes still acting in her own self-interest (seeking out revenge against jack for killing her mother). when jade goes grimbark she is stripped entirely of her autonomy - her feelings of resentment towards dave(sprite) come to the surface, but theyre not her motivation, nor would she choose to hurt dave (or any of her friends) in retribution of her own free will.

rose goes grimdark in the wake of her mothers death; jade goes grimbark immediately after reuniting with her parent. roses quest for revenge (against jack) is her catalyst; jades desire for retribution (against dave) is circumstantial. and ultimately rose KNOWS, before going off to fight jack, that this will kill her (both scratch and jade tell her so); jades death (in the game over timeline) was not something she or the condesce foresaw

rose has a lot of the same fun thematic similarities and narrative inversions in common with jade as she does with kanaya, and one of those two is her wife while she never got to have so much as a friendship with the other really explored in the canon. theres a lot of potential there, not just for character interactions, to say nothing of Shipping. i feel like i end every one of these posts this way but whyd you have to do us so dirty andrew