10 are some newly handmade, Homestuck *inspired* Zodiac / Character Bracelets that are now for sale on Ebay! Check them out if you’re a fan <3

Rainbow Hemospectrum Zodiac Sign Bracelet:

Highblood Bracelet:

Lowblood Bracelet:

Midblood Bracelet:

The Sufferer Necklace:

Karkat Vantas / Zodiac Cancer Bracelet:

Rainbow Charm Bracelet (All Zodiac Signs)

Black and Silver Charm Bracelet (All Zodiac Signs)

Muelin Leijon / Zodiac Leo Bracelet:

Sollux Captor / Zodiac Gemini Bracelet:

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30 day cosplay challenge - day 2: how many costumes have you done?

13… maybe??

the funny thing about being complete homestuck trash is that i spend most of my time making and makeup-testing variation upon variation of a lot of similar characters. my cosplay folders are full of casual cosplays i wore to meets and canon cosplays that have never left my bathroom, and i’m not really sure where to draw the line at what constitutes a single cosplay.

that being said, i eliminated a lot of closet cosplays and the more simple makeup tests, as well as humanstuck versions that were basically build-ups to the eventual troll version. other cosplays i’ve done include female grimdark rose, jane crocker, human!kanaya, human!karkat, human!sollux, human beachstuck eridan, john egbert, winterstuck jake english & mituna captor, combeferre, dirk strider, and other-casual-versions-of-so-many-characters-but-mostly-dave.