A compilation of my tumblr cosplay idols (and Joy) from AXStuck 2014
I’m on my phone so I can’t tag the way I would like to but if you see yourself holler! (Whoever is that Dualscar I want to hug you again for the perf photobomb)
Godtier John and Cronus: faygo-fuckyourself
Grimdark!Rose and Kankri: peppermintcookies
The lovely Jane: herooflife
Shella Boss Meenah: suddenlyverygay

Guys. Guys.

Just, hear me out on this one. Yeah? Thanks.

What if Mituna and Kankri used to be best friends before the game, just like Psiioniic and Signless?
What if Kankri slowly went insane during the game due to the visions he would get? (We know from Aranea that his powers werent fully realised, but that doesnt mean that he couldnt have had random visions that were out of his control)
WHAT IF the Cancer eventually resorted to his last stretch of power to call upon the elder gods?
What if Kankri went Grimdark?
What if it had been just that, the looming threat of a friend who lost his mind to the darkness, that Mituna had to stop?
What if nobody but those two knew about it?
What if not only Mitunas mind god damaged in the process, but Kankris as well?
What if that is the reason that he acts like an even bigger asshole then he had been before?

Just, what if guys. What if.