“The sacrifices I make,” Nick mumbled, nuzzling nonetheless into the back of Harry’s neck. It was hardly even an affectionate gesture; Nick’s back was against the wall, literally, so Nick didn’t have a great many options as to where he could rest his nose. It was Harry’s shoulder or his neck, or make Harry shuffle downwards to fit better but then Nick would suffer a face full of curls. He’d thought the popstar life was supposed to be glamorous, and all that. God, the lies he’d been fed.

“So noble,” Harry murmured. He snuggled further back into Nick, even though he’d already left a vast plain of empty bed between himself and the edge of the bunk, at least three decadent inches that Nick could be using for breathing space. Harry covered Nick’s hand with his own where it was pressed to his stomach, dragged it upwards so their entwined hands were right over Harry’s heart, like he wanted Nick to pull him all the way inside, tuck Harry into himself, one beating heart, one set of lungs with which to share breath. 

“I am noble,” said Nick, a beat too late, not feeling very noble at all. Feeling a bit sentimental, truth be told. He was no fool, he’d shared tiny spaces with boys before, twin beds at uni, knew that he couldn’t manage sleep in such a close space without being pass-out drunk or medicated for it. He’d packed a few industrial-strength sleeping pills for the journey, if he was going to be playing the boyfriend along on tour, watching adoringly from sidestage during shows and tucked up in Harry’s bunk on the bus with him at night, not even the excuse of working. He was just here, here for Harry. With Harry. Must have been the pills making him feel all soppy, got him into a woozy state all cuddled up with his boyfriend, all vulnerable like. Industrial strength sentiment pills, damn Big Pharma straight to hell. 

“Glad you’re along,” said Harry, who could fall asleep in a crowded room under fluorescent lights, who could fall asleep wrapped around Nick like a clinging vine without aid of anything but the constant, worrying exhaustion of touring. “It’s better when you’re here.” He pulled their joined hands up, kissed Nick’s knuckles, let their hands settle back on the bed, pressed to his warm bare chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Nick said, as quietly as he could in the dark hush of Harry’s bunk. He kissed the back of Harry’s neck, a soft brush of lips, and Harry made a pleased noise. “So much,” he added when Harry squeezed his hand, feeling the weight of his words, the weight of his bones, the weight of this, how it felt to be with Harry, a sweet heaviness.

And Nick let his eyes fall shut, let himself settle, let himself sleep. 

“Thanks lads, I’ll be back as soon as I can!” Fearne said, and dashed away, leaving Nick literally holding the baby. A tiny baby, too. The littlest, tiniest baby. 

“Yes,” Harry said, hushed, like it had been his plan all along to acquire Fearne’s child. Might have been. Last time they’d been up north Anne had made noises about how fine real estate prices were in Manchester these days and mightn’t they need another place, just a little cottage or something, to be closer to their families? Nick had looked in Harry’s eyes and seen picket fences reflected in them. His whole future flashed before his eyes, and god help him, it looked like a really nice future. “She’s darling, isn’t she?” Harry said, hovering around Nick’s shoulder. He held out his little finger, and the little Fearnelet wrapped her tiny fingers round it. 

“Lovely,” Nick said, his mouth gone a little dry. Harry opened his arms, and Nick passed her over, rather awed at Harry’s absolute comfort with the little creature. Harry didn’t step away once he had the baby in his arms, just hung close to Nick, his elbows bumping Nick’s arms as he gently rocked the baby back and forth. When Harry looked up at him, eyes shining, Nick felt his heart melt a bit. Harry just seemed to keep doing that to him, melting his cold black stone of a heart, giving Nick wild thoughts of - well, a house near his family. A home to share. 

“I want eleven of them,” Harry said decisively. “A whole football team, what d'you think?”

“Good god, Styles,” Nick said, blinking at Harry in horror. “Eleven? Couldn’t we just start off with one, see how it goes?”

Harry grinned at him, a terrible, beautiful indication that Nick had tumbled into a most neatly laid trap. “We can absolutely start with just one,” he said. He jostled in closer to Nick, practically forcing Nick to reach out and touch the baby’s tiny, soft, adorable cheek. “I’d love one,” Harry said. Nick thought helplessly that he liked the way Harry looked holding a baby, all calm and serene-like. Content, Nick supposed. Content looked good on Harry.

“That was a trick,” Nick said weakly. “A reverse psychology thing, you bitch." 

"Don’t swear around the baby,” said Harry, still smiling. He leaned in, the child a warm, fussing bundle between them, and kissed Nick on the corner of his mouth. 

feel it in the morning (harry styles/nick grimshaw)

nina requested nick/harry in the changing room for that three sentence porn meme. i wrote 1902 words instead. this is explicit, obviously. also at AO3.

“What, did you think I just wanted you along for your keen fashion sense?” Harry asks, so quietly that Nick can barely hear him over the pounding of his heart, the pop music blaring over the shop speakers, and thank god too, because Harry’s out of his mind, dragging Nick into the changing room like this and demanding a shag. 

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grimandtonic replied to your post: THE FUCK IS THIS


ugh god best friends best friends (who slowly become such an integral part of each others lives and they never expected this to happen but all of a sudden the first thing they do when they wake up is text a ‘morning :)’ and 10 minutes later there’s a knock on the door and a grin with a paper bag and a hot cup of tea and a 'so what’s the plan?’ and their friends sometimes look at them oddly when they catch each others eyes and burst out laughing because 'remember that time-’ but they get used to it because yeah it’s kinda cute but there’s hushed conversations of 'are they?’ and honestly no one’s 100% sure but one night they’re all out celebrating his new show and he laughingly proposes a 'toast to grimmy’ and there’s a hug and an oddly charged kiss on the cheek that lands slightly too close (or not close enough) and someone yells out STYMSHAW IS REAL and wolfwhistles and instead of the usual bark of laughter that harry lets out he grabs his hand and grins and later that night that same hand grabs the taxi door before it slams shut and oh wHOOPS OK)   

grimandtonic replied to your post: A FANFICTION MEME??? Give me 1.) a character or…

nick/harry student/teach au if you pleeeease :D

This is where I come out and admit I am not usually a huge fan of student/teacher stuff, it creeps me out a little

What I AM okay with though is undergrad/TA (also this is where i reveal i don’t know the UK’s schooling system very well but whatever)

so Harry’s just started uni, he’s got through his first year and now he’s decided he’s just going to take a million music classes. going in, he wasn’t sure, but yeah, that’ll do for a major, that’ll do


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anonymous asked:

have you got any good stymshaw recs lately? just finished the miseducation of harry styles and i am like... in need of moar.

mideducation was so good! here’s what i’ve read lately:

bonus nick/louis: 

grimandtonic replied to your post: “#ok but find a way to explain to me how 14 yr old harry DIDN’T have a massive crush” Dude 14 year old Harry had his omgdoesthismakemegay CRISIS over Nick fucking Grimshaw and nobody can tell me anything differently

EXACTLY. you’re perf *____* forgetting to eat his cereal cause he’s too distracted, keeping pictures of nick tramping around town with lily allen etc ripped from his mum’s gossip magazines for his spank bank, etc

yessss oh god thank you Nina, you queen. I also kind of want to go down a Simon-Amstell-in-Grandma’s-House route with this and say that Harry was just so obsessed with Nick in such a sweet, easily distracted sort of way where he went back around to Nick Grimshaw and how much he loved him all the time, and that certain aspects of his life just really, uhm, reflected that. so the first time that Harry took Nick back to meet his mum, and they’re sitting in the couch petting Harry’s childhood cat, and Nick says, “what’s his name again, then?”

“Oh, uh, just Cat, really, sometimes Kitty–”

“Uncreative,” Nick says, and Harry shrugs, and then later Harry’s mum has the cat food out and starts calling, “Griiii-mmy, dinnertime! Oh, that damn cat–” and Nick starts - slowly, wickedly - to grin.

 #story about #nick having the aus pictures as spank bank material #harry finding them tucked away somewhere in his room and seducing him #i guess harry thinks he’s hot and wants to hit it but thinks nick isn’t interested until he finds the pictures #and when he made his move nick would be hesitant and like woah what’re you doing #and harry would be like oh… do you just wanna watch #i can roll with that #nick’s like what #and harry’s all cute and coy and like umm i found the pictures of me #and nick’s soooo embarrassed!!! #so embarrassed that harry makes it better with blowjobs probably!!!

i just

this is actually perfect


ridiculous feelings about members of boybands (by keyparty)

Okay here’s a video! Yeah seriously I literally just flail about Zayn/Niall/Justin and Nick/Harry. That’s it’s, that’s the video. \o/

grimandtonic replied to your post: Did Nick pay for his banana?

that’s what i’m saying!! nick pays for harry’s banana and feels all chivalrous and gallant and then a couple days later harry presents him with like a vintage rolex or something as thank you and nick wants to kill him

oh my god you’re so right. 

i bet harry is always picking up the tabs when they go out before nick has a chance and like, buying nick dinner and bringing it to radio 1 and shit. 

and nick’s not trying to be a dick, but seriously, harry never lets him buy anything and nick just wants to treat him to things sometimes, you know?

grimandtonic replied to your quote: Harry spent last christmas with Nick. Then Nick…

oh god my face went all hot reading that sara help

Someone else in the thread pointed out that yeah it was NICK that hosted Harry’s 18th birthday party…not his bandmates or his family, but Nick, who he’d known for what five months at this point?

Also: “Harry’s mother invited Nick over for tea in Holmes Chapel when he visited his family in Oldham. When Nick’s parents visited him in London, Harry went out to dinner with the 3 of them.”

Also: “a submissive 18 year old in a relationship with a 28 year old man”

Also: (╯◠‿◠)╯︵ ┻━┻