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I'm going to New York City for my spring break and was wondering what you would recommend I do while I'm there?

That’s so exciting! I hope you have a lot of fun when you come because there’s always a lot to do. Today I’m going to the Frick Collection :)

I highly recommend all the things that everyone says is very “touristy” because it’s really worth it. Since you’re coming in the Spring where the weather will be much warmer and nicer:

• Central Park - you can honestly spend hours here because there’s so much, plays, ponds, a small zoo, lots of trees and flowers, a castle, waterfalls, trail walks, and people watching. And I think in the spring or the summer they have shows I think one year they had Shakespeare.

• Brooklyn Botanic Garden - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone here since elementary school but it’s always so beautiful. In the Spring, the cherry blossoms are absolutely mesmerizing and there’s the pond that I used to try to feed fish and turtles but were technically not allowed to (anymore)

• Bryant Park - they have these small shops and they always sell cute things and it’s right by the New York Library so that’s always a plus :)

• Union Square - The little farmer’s market is awesome. They always sell cool things and there’s always organic/vegan food or something, although it’s a bit pricier some of it is really yummy!

• Museums: The Met, Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Museum, MoMa, The Jewish Museum (though it’s a bit saddening and a mood ruiner, it is so interesting), The Cloisters, The Intrepid (freaken cool lemme tell ya haha) and I’m not sure f that’s connected with the Planetarium/Science museum but definitely check out the Planetarium like I love anything related to space and astronomy so I found it fascinating. I also heard the body exhibit and the Museum of Moving image was cool too so definitely look into that if you enjoy museums.

• Walk the bridges - my favorite is the Brooklyn Bridge. Williamsburg was okay but not my preference. But when you get to Brooklyn on the bridge you can walk to this famous pizzeria called Grimaldis and it is super yummy although the line is really long sometimes. And then there’s this really yummy ice cream shop by there and also a great view.

• New York City is good for walking around so any neighborhood: Soho, TriBeCa, Murray Hill, East/West Village, Financial District (near Seaport so you can see ships and take a tour) and there’s also a museum there too, and Chelsea Piers! And if you come to Brooklyn, definitely check out Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Williamsburg. Oh and Coney Island because there’s a beach there.

• Eat good food!!!!! I love Doughnut Plant, Max Brenners, Cabana, Alice’s Teacup, Pinkberry, Maison Du Macaron, Spice, and there’s a bunch so you can always ask me :) (I eat out a lot haha)

• The Staten Island ferry is always free so you can take it and you can see the Statue of Liberty (that’s what I’ve been told). And idk being on the ocean is just nice.

• Governor’s Island (I heard there’s a lighthouse so I need to go!), Top of The Rock, shop on 5th Ave, Times Square just for the hell of it because I think there are so many other sights that are better, Highline, Grand Central Terminal, Washington Square Park,

• There’s also abandoned train stations and hospitals but idk if you’d want to do that haha but it’s on my bucket list :)

This was quite a long list but I hope you have a lot of exciting adventures here :)

Oh and I really like cemeteries for some reason and there’s a couple here. xo