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AN: I watched the avengers movies this weekend, and may be on a bit of a marvel kick. Have some Hawkeye as a result.

Prompt: Being Clint’s wife, and having to say goodbye

Fandom: Marvel

    You follow him around the room with your eyes. You watch as he stuffs articles of clothing in his bags. When he sighs and straightens up you grimace, with a sad smile he turns to face you, “I have to go.”

    You nod, “I know.”

    “I don’t want to.”

    “I know.”

    He gives you a crooked smile before walking over to you, and wrapping his arms around you, “Well aren’t you just a regular braniac.”

    You give a small smile, “I have to be, to keep up with you.”

    He says nothing else, just kisses you on the lips, before grabbing his bag, and heading towards the stairs. You follow him down, and out the door on to the wrap around porch. You stare at the three boys playing with the family dog in the front yard.

    Clint glances back at you, “A little help?”

    With a smile, you put two fingers to your lips and let out a sharp whistle. A second later your boys are running towards you. You watch as they tackle their dad. He hugs, and kisses each one, making them promise to be good. After he’s done with each one, they come to stand by you. At nine, six, and four your boys are old enough to understand why daddy has to leave, but not grown enough to come to terms with it.

    You pick your youngest up, and hold him at your hip. Clint smiles, “Be good.”

    You blow a kiss and simply say, “Make me Barton.” He laughs and heads to the car. The four of you watch him drive off, and when he’s gone, you plaster a smile on your face and ask, “Who wants ice cream.”

    There’s chorus’ of me, and your youngest wiggles out of your arms to run to the kitchen with his brothers. You simply smile, and follow along; because while you may not be an Avenger, you do have a mug that assures you, that you’re the world’s greatest mom.

You and L Adopt A Kitten

 love with L from Death Note and can’t stop writing one shots with him. I don’t see enough of them, so i’m writing my own. Edgy.


   The kitten purrs as you haul it up the stairs of your and L’s shared home. He had been working non-stop the past few months, giving you enough private time and enough confidence to get the one thing you always wanted; a family kitten.

    You weren’t sure how L would react. If he would react at all. He never seemed like the type of person who enjoyed animals - in fact, he never seemed like the type of person to enjoy much of anything. You want to believe he will like the kitten, though as you approach the door to his ‘office’ - a white room with a computer in the centre - you were beginning to doubt yourself more and more.

    L always wanted to make you happy. He got rid of crime in the world, made you smile, never made you feel obligated to do anything. If you continued to love him in the same way he loved you, he would be fine.

    Perhaps bringing a kitten into the home would be his exception.

    You take a deep breath before knocking on the door to his office. You hear him skitter around, clearly trying to rid his files from your sight - as much as he loved you, you were still a civilian. Top secret had to stay top secret.

    “Y/N?” L calls out. “Is that you?”

    You pet the ginger kittens head. “Yeah, it’s me.”

     “Ah!” L exclaims, opening the door. He very rarely just told somebody to come in. He liked to be in control of his domain, and that meant leading his guests into the room himself.

    He doesn’t seem to see the kitten for a moment. He is simply smiling at you, a shy grin. It is only when the kitten shifts, its tail brushing against your cheek does he finally look down at it. His smile immediately fades, just like you expected.

    “I can explain-” you begin.

    He blinks. “Stray kittens carry diseases, Y/N. You should know this.”

    “She’s not a stray,” you say. He looks up and frowns, folding his arms over his chest in a stance you’ve never seen him take before.

    It makes you uncomfortable.

    You continue on speaking. “Look, I know you’re not much of an animal person, but I thought that we could - you know - expand this little family we’ve got going on.”

    L tilts his head. “I’d much rather just have a child.”

    You narrow your eyes. “So… you don’t like her?”

    L turns on his heel and walks back into the room, allowing you to follow suit. “I don’t like a lot of animals. I thought you knew that.”

    “I mean, I had an idea but you never told me directly.”

    “And your way of finding out was by testing the conspiracy?”

    You smile sheepishly. “I learned from you that that was a good thing to do.”

     “In cases involving murder,” L corrects. “Not a kitten.”

     The kitten purrs in your arms and you see L flinch back, as if the noise shocked him. You narrow your eyes. Has he never been around a pet before?

    You knew L had no parents. He grew up in an orphanage, but surely it was difficult to avoid pets for 24 years straight? How could he manage such a thing?

    Though, how he managed a lot of his things was a mystery to you.

    “Is it okay?” he asks, and you are shocked to find him slowly reaching forward. His fingers graze over the kittens ears, causing them to flick at the contact. Almost instantly he pulls his hand away, cradling it with his other.

    You stare, dumbfounded. “L… You can pet her, you know?”

    He looks at you quizzingly. “I don’t think it likes me.”

    “You’ve barely touched it. Come on. Give it a chance.” You push the kitten into L’s grip, watching him squirm away from it though he eventually had no other choice than to hold it. You step back, watching as he glared down at the creature.

    Luckily, the kitten didn’t seem to mind him. She stirs in his grip, putting and rubbing her head against his arm. The action clearly confused L, as he holds her at arms length to get her to stop.

    You chuckle. “She’s not going to hurt you.”

    “On the contrary,” L mutters. “She has claws.”

    “She’s a kitten. Let her on the floor if you want; just bond with her.”

    L scowls. “I can barely bond with humans. How am I going to socially please a kitten?”

    You shrug loosely, turning towards the door. “I know you, L. You’ll find a way. You always do.”


         The kitchen steamed around you, the smell of dinner floating in the air. You had been cooking dinner for L ever since he took the case of Kira. Usually, he would be perfectly fine with cooking himself, or even getting Watari to cook if things were extra busy. Lately, though, he had been home - meaning you cooked.

     You bent down in front of the oven door and gently pulled it open. Immediately, steam hit you in the face, causing you to gag and flinch back at the heat of it. This is what happens when I try to cook!

    “Son of a bitch,” you mumble, looking for any form of relief that didn’t involve sending your fist through the glass door of the oven.

    “Y/N?” you heard L say from the doorway. You looked up, and instantly it was as if your pain had been removed from your body. The sight before you warmed your heart, made a smile form on your burned face - L stood in the doorway, a towel over his wet head with the kitten draped over his shoulders. “Is everything okay?”

     You nod gently, gazing at him dreamily. “I see you’ve taken a liking to the new kitten.”

    For a minute, it seems like L doesn’t even know what you’re taking about. You nod towards the kitten draped across his shoulders. “Oh! This? She’s called Mishu now, I’ve decided. She and I had quite a bonding moment over the computer a few hours ago.”

     You raise a brow. This was what you least expected. L actually getting along with something? The Kira case really had done something to his brain. “I don’t want Mishu replacing me, you know. You two seem close.”

    “She’s already set up camp on your side of the bed.”

    You shrug. “You don’t sleep anyway. I’ll just take yours.”

    L smiled slightly. In your year and a half of dating this man, you had never seen him smile with teeth. It was out of his character. “You’ve got me there. Perhaps now that it is Mishu I’ll be sleeping beside, I may make the effort of coming to bed at night.”

    You grimace and push yourself up from the kitchen floor. Despite the back and forth teasing, you approached L and placed a kiss to his cheek, making the pale skin go a shade darker. “Can we get a dog now?”

     “Absolutely not.”

    Kind of hate the ending to this. I’ve been working on it all day. Words just don’t seem to be coming to me at the moment, but this is the best I could do. The ending seems kind of abrupt and stupid. Maybe I’ll fix that some day. Probably not.

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Richard Speight Jr imagine - Pros and Cons...

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A/N: Always remember to save your work folks, it took me three hours to write the first draft and it was perfect then my computer crashed and I lost everything. It’s four in the morning I can’t be dealing with this shit. Reminder: (Y/C/N)(Your/Characters/Name), (Y/N)(Your/Name), (Y/F/N)(Your/Full/Name)

This was so good then I had to rewrite it. Now it’s five in the morning. SO enjoy this crappy piece cause I’m Richard Speight trash and Hit me up if you want a second part.

Summary:  A fan brings up yours and Richard’s relationship at a convention, while dwelling on an old scene.

Word count: 2,071

Warnings: Single!Rich, Alive!Gabe, Mentions of domestic abuse(ex boyfriend). Richard Speight Jr x reader

You loved doing conventions. Spending time with the biggest, funniest, kindest idiots you’ve ever met for a good few weekends a year was usually the highlight beside doing the actual show. Your character had been the highest reoccurring face in the supernatural series and was considered a main character beside the Winchesters and Cas. During season 4-9 your character had a thing going with a special archangel known as Gabriel and that’s how you and Richard Speight Jr became best friends. 

One of the main reasons you loved cons so much was because of Rich, Rob and Matt, along with the rest of the cast, of course. But Rich and Rob are the closest friends you’ve nearly ever had. And the whole fandom knew this. 

They loved hearing about your experiences with the boys and the mischief and trouble the three of you have gotten into. They especially loved hearing about you and Rich. Since your relationship bloomed on screen, fans have been dying for something to happen off screen. In which you and Rich were happy to tease and joke about it, but you both thought nothing of it. Supposedly.

“And now welcome the beautiful, the talented, the undeniably irritating (Y/F/N)!” You hear Rich introduce you on stage, giving you your cue to enter through the curtains. 

You smile brightly as the audience screams and applauds, flashing lights off cameras and waving hands flooded the area below the stage. You stick your tongue out at Rich as you skip over to Rob, who was playing your intro song, you hug Rob as he sings and he returns the hug equally as tightly while Rich fakes a look of utter betrayal. 

When Louden Swain finish the small intro song, you head back to the middle of the stage where you pull up a chair. 

“Hey honey.” Rich lips upturn into his usual smirk which is visible even through his bushy facial hair. The audience screams at you both.

“Hey Dick.” You respond through your microphone with a shit-eating smile on your face. The audience all laugh. 

“I see you looked pretty comfortable over there with Robby.” Rich’s comment make the audience erupt again. 

“Oh, don’t worry Sugar, I was.” You chuckle quietly, Rich swaggers towards you and drapes his arm over your shoulders. You willingly lean into his side, subtly breathing in his warm scent which sends goosebumps over your skin. 

You always had an attraction towards Rich, when your character started developing feelings for Gabriel on set, you developed feelings for Richard off set. Yet you chose to hide it. You like to think it’s because you don’t want to ruin your friendship but in reality you were quite often scared of rejection. Even as a full grown woman, your mind wondered ‘What if he doesn’t feel the same and it’s awkward?’

“Why don’t we get started with questions?” Rich suggests, cocking his eyebrow.

“Sounds good to me.” You nod and look towards the audience to where they have a small teenage girl waiting with microphone in hand. 

“Hi (Y/N), just want to say that I am a huge fan and I love your character (Y/C/N) on the show.” The girl beams a toothy smile up at you, she must be about seventeen but the excitement on her face makes her seem younger. 

“Thank you!” You adored your fans, they were your everything (besides the cast). Without them you would have never met some of your life long friends. 

“My question is about (Y/C/N) and Gabriel. We know you and Richard have been best friends for a while now, and a lot of the fandom ship you two in and outside the show so I was just wondering was it hard to film the ending of those two?” The girl asks. You look over at Rich who had made it half way across the stage by now but was also looking over at you. Simultaneously you both grimace jokingly and say “Nah!”

The last scene between (Y/C/N) and Gabriel:

A while after Gabriels supposed death, (Y/C/N) had managed to get over the loss of Gabe. The two weren’t officially together but even Cas could see the two cared for each other and after the angel died, it ruined (Y/C/N) for months.
So when Gabe temporarily came back, things weren’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. 

(Y/C/N) was curled up in her bed inside the bunker, she had just come back from a hunt with the boys and was far from exhausted by this point. However, no matter how tired (Y/C/N) was, one flutter of wings was enough to wake her. 

Her eyes shot open as she reached for her angel blade and the light switch. 

“Gabriel?” (Y/C/N) gasped, her heart stopping at the sight of the dead angel. 

“Hey cupcake.” Gabriel smiled weakly at his favourite hunter, heck, his favourite human. 

(Y/C/N) paused, she didn’t know if she were dreaming; she has had many dreams just like this it. 

After a split second, she threw the angel blade across the room and it hit something solid. Gabriel wrapped his fingers around the blade and pulled it from his chest, being an archangel, he needed an archangel blade to do any actual harm. 

Realisation snapped through (Y/C/N) as she scrambled to her feet and edge closer to the angel, her eyes studied every aspect of the man she once longed to see and touch again.

“Where have you been?! I thought you died!” (Y/C/N) shoved Gabriel with both hands, “this is definitely real…” She whispered to herself. Gabriel could see the pain in her glassy eyes, even when he tried to avoid her gaze.

“I know, I’m sorry. But…” Gabriel was stopped when (Y/C/N) crashed hard against his chest, knocking the wind from them both. If you could even do that to an angel. He engulfed her in the hug and the familiar scent of each other both made one another hurt.

“You’re such an asshole.” (Y/C/N) whispers as tears fell past her delicate eye lashes. Gabriel’s heart squeezed since he knew he couldn’t stay. He didn’t even know why he came, he guessed he just wanted to see you in person one last time.

“(Y/C/N), I..I can’t stay long. I just wanted to see my favourite hunter one last time.” Gabe struggled to admit it aloud. (Y/C/N) pushed away from Gabriel in a blink of an eye, she stared at the man in disbelief. 


Gabe didn’t know or want to say anything. 

She scoffed and shook her head at the angel. The look of hatred that flashed in her eyes made him feel physically sick.

“I can’t believe you would come back here just to leave again! Don’t you realise how many nights I spent crying over your death! Don’t you realise because of you I almost drank myself into a coma!” Tears streamed passed her cheeks, uncontrollably.

“(Y/C/N), I’m so sorry…” Gabriel regretted visiting (Y/C/N), all he had done was hurt her further. He reached out to cup her cheek but she moved back as if his hand were as hot as a branding iron.

“Don’t…Don’t touch me.” She used all her power to turn her back on the angel. “I want you to leave Gabriel.” Her voice was as small as she felt; she wrapped her arms around herself and squeezed her eyes. 

“(Y/C/N)…” Gabriel stepped forward.

“Just leave!” and with that, she heard a flutter of the angels wings. Gabe was gone. Forever.


“I’m just kidding, it was actually pretty hard filming that scene, yes. It took a lot of my emotional energy filming that scene over and over. Near the end I started to really cry, and I believe that’s the take they used in the episode. I guess the thought of losing Dick, here, was a bit overwhelming.” You try to laugh it off as the audience ‘aw’s’. 

You catch Richard staring at you from across the stage, before he speaks up. Agreeing wth you.
“Yeah, well, when this weakling broke, I guess it did get harder to film.” Rich winks over at you, you simply roll your eyes in response but laugh anyway. 

“So did that effect your relationship at all?” The fan asks us both.
I chuckle at the question and shake my head. 

“Sorry to tell you this but Rich’s heart belongs to Robby. We’re just friends.” You tease everyone. The audience laughs as Rich blows a kiss over to Rob who tries to shoo it away.

The next questions throughout the panel ranged from relationships between actors and characters, your characters delevopment, J2M, R2M and much more. Jensen and Jared even joined you near the end. However your mind stayed stuck to the question of your relationship with Rich.

After the panel you retire to the green room before your photo op. You pour yourself some coffee just as Jared and Rob walk in.

So?” Rob smiles over at you as you both take a seat.

“So what?” You furrow your brow at the man. Almost amused at his happy look.

“More questions about you and Rich. You know ever since you left that asshole, these types of questions have been coming at you, left, right and centre.” Rob shifts seats so he is beside you.
“Careful Robert.” You warn the boy as he pokes on a sensitive subject. You recently broke up with your boyfriend, the boys made you as soon as you showed up on Rich’s door one night a couple months ago with one hell of a shiner.

“He just means why haven’t you made a move yet. You two have been chasing each other for years now and even the fans can see you like each other.” Jared adds in, you shoot him a glare for taking Rob’s side.

“It’s not like that. Rich is just a flirty guy.” You deny it, both the men look at each other with the same look.

“Look, perhaps if you just…” Rob is abruptly cut off when the door swings open to reveal Rich entering the room.

“If you just what?” Rich asks, you shake your head yet smile at his constant nosiness.

“Perhaps if I just went to head to my photo op now then I’d be on time. Thanks for reminding me, Robby.” You jump up, and head towards the door. 

As you pass Rich, he touches your forearm. Stopping you.

“Hey. You okay?” Rich asks, his whiskey coloured eyes swimming with concern.

“Fine, why?” You ask, almost too quickly.

“You just seem a little distant since the panel…” Rich starts but you swiftly cut him short by pulling your arm away and throwing on a smile.

“I’m fine, Rich. I promise.” You lie, before heading down an empty hallway.
You still have twenty minutes or so until your photo op so you decide to slow down and sit yourself against the empty hall’s wall. You lean back, closing your tired eyes - sitting there peacefully for a few moments.

“Heya gorgeous.” You hear Rich’s voice as he approaches you, you open your eyes to see he has two cups of coffee in his hands. 

As he plants himself beside you, you gratefully take it. Resting your head on his leather covered shoulder.

“Look, I know when something is wrong and if you don’t want to talk about it. Tough shit. We’ve been through enough shit to hide anything anymore.” Rich tries to be light about it but fails. You take a sip of your coffee and remain silent. “Fine. Be like that but next time…”

You interrupt Rich’s sentence as you act on an urge you’ve been desperate to act on since Gabe was killed off. 

You crash your lips against his, running your hand up the back of his neck and into his hair. 

His lips this time feel even more amazing than any of your on screen kisses with him. It’s a soft kiss, sweet. Unlike most of your on-screen action. Rich’s hand cups your cheek while the other grips his cup tightly. 

Richard is the one to pull away, the kiss lingering between you. 

“Wow.” He chuckles quietly. “Just friends, huh?”

Part 2 (here)

Rohan Art Museum Date

((Like the Jotaro fic, this is based off a trip I took recently (Dallas Museum of Art and Baltimore Museum of Art) and this is dedicated to @brandosimagine. I personally don’t like Rohan but who else would go to a freaking art museum and I had some harsh ideas on some of the more contemporary pieces, much like the fandom’s favorite mangaka. Also under the cut cuz it’s 2.1K words))

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Peggy back in Infinity War ???

So I just read this article … And I don’t know what to think about it.

@renewagentcarter shared it on Instagram a few days ago (or yesterday. Can’t remember). When I saw it, I was just euphoric. Like “OOOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOD PLEASE I WANT THIS TO BE TRUE”. But after some serious thoughts … I am torn.

Ok, that would be great to have some Peggy scenes in a film like Infinity War. After all, Marvel decided to gather all the heroes they could, in order to make a huge badass film, full of epic fights and special effects. So why not ? In my opinion, Peggy has a big impact on the MCU and the fandom. She’s loved by so many people !

Bur after getting back to reality, I finally read the full article. And to be honest, the title made me grimace. “Captain America’s Love”. Seriously. Is it the only thing Peggy is characterized by ? I still ship Steggy, but yo, Peggy is more than the hero’s love interest and certainly not the distressed lady that need some strong man to take care of her. Anyway …

I kept reading the article, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. So the “montage” showed the scene between Peggy and Steve in Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Then, Peggy morphed back into a younger herself. And the icing on the cake : “Time can fix anything”. Fix what ? What needs to be fix ? Steve and Peggy’s relationship ? Didn’t we see an interview of Peggy saying that she married Daniel a man ?

A few lines later, the article mentioned Steve and Sharon’s kiss. Ok. Stop. I don’t need that. I don’t want that. I don’t want some Steggy/Staron drama in Infinity War. I’m glad Steve evolved (he physically changed, so probably mentally too), and I think he deserves more than being stuck on an “easy” love triangle. Peggy and Sharon too. Plus, what would this add in the film’s plot ?

But I found some positive points in an eventual Peggy’s return anyway. Maybe the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will try to bring her back after the mess HYDRA made in season 4. Maybe Peggy is the only one who can put back S.H.I.E.L.D. on its feet. That would be really interesting to see the former Director interact with the new one and the modern agents. (And seriously I want Peggy and Jemma having some British conversations) So yeah, if Peggy’s role in Infinity War deals with S.H.I.E.L.D. only, I’m ok with this.

Last but not least, if it’s true, I’m aware that Peggy will have to meet Steve. I know that there’ll be some talks about their past relationship and everything. But please, Marvel, don’t make this lasts for hours. I don’t want Steve to have a 2 hours long dilemma (or more if Peggy stays during the two films) wondering if he loves Peggy or Sharon. Even if I don’t ship them, Steve seems to be happy with Sharon, and that’s great. Peggy is in love with Daniel her husband, and that’s great. Don’t make mysteries, Marvel, that’s useless and it won’t add anything to the story line.

Bonus : I would like to have a final scene with Peggy, during which she is quite melancholic and nostalgic.

I want to go home. My everything is back there. I have my friends, my family, the one I love … I can’t stay. I’m sorry.

Because why not ? Anyway, I really want to see her back, but not for some love triangle drama.

I needed to say this. That’s my personal opinion, don’t necessarily pay attention to it.

lovedandintroverted  asked:

Is there a "Derek uses his words" tag?

yeah but there’s not much in it so here’s some more

snow day by kellifer_fic (1/1 | 8,316 | PG13)

“It’s not a big deal. It just happens when I’m… cold,” Stiles offers, scratching gingerly at his head with a claw and then grimacing at it like it’s betraying him.

“Are you serious?”

“Hey, who are you to judge, wolfman?”

Extenuating Circumstances by flaming_muse (1/1 | 18,411 | PG13)

Five times Stiles doesn’t believe it when Derek shows him affection (because he’s spent too much time reading stupid things on the internet), and one time he finally listens.

(Or, the one where I laugh my way through fandom tropes.)

set after season 2, no spoilers for season 3

Foes With Benefits by kellifer_fic (1/1 | 4,492 | PG13)

Stiles wants to fist bump Danny but he’s pretty sure he’d just end up punching himself in the eye so he refrains. “It’s not really a relationship anyway. It’s more a foes with benefits type deal.”

“Except that you’re completely in love with him,” Lydia says to her manicure.

“Except that I’m… wait, what?”

Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by MellytheHun (16/16 | 67,907 | NC17)

Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.

Choice by Omni (1/1 | 8,613 | PG13)

Derek knows what it feels like to not really have a choice, what it’s like to be manipulated. He’d never take away someone’s right to choose freely. The fear of even accidentally doing so is enough to hold him back from acting on his own feelings.

Stiles has never had a problem making his own choices, and fuck anyone who would try to tell him he can’t.

(Or: Stiles gets bitten by a different alpha, but of course would prefer to have Derek as his alpha. And also just, you know, have Derek.)

I want you (no, I mean your art) by ElisAttack (3/3 | 8,983 | R)

“Scott, remember that new encaustic painting I sold last week?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Derek Hale’s fucking a twink beside it.”

Or the one where Stiles is an artist whose artworks keep appearing in his favourite porn star’s videos.

mary, mary, quite contrary, how do your murders go? by elspethelf (1/1 | 2,135 | PG13)

When his dad asks how are you, son, Stiles grits his teeth and smiles and says okay, Dad, I’m

– still not sure if this is real –


In which Stiles deals with the aftermath. Spoilers up to and including promo/sneak peek for 3x20, Echo House.

Our Everlasting Love

Summary: Based on a suggestion. Camila and Lauren think it is time to be honest with their fans and decide to come out in a very Fifth Harmony kind of way. The music video to their newest single Everlasting Love is about to be filmed and they want to reassure their fans as well as every other teen that it is okay to be who you are and to love who you love. What better way to do just that than making their relationship public by showing their own everlasting love for each other in the music video?

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not french and probably a mistake (part two)

[part one] [whole fic at a03]

A witch’s curse sends Derek into a parallel universe where his life is a TV show. At first, Derek thinks he’s lucky Stiles got sent into this universe with him. He’s a little confused when Stiles starts kissing him furiously.

Dylan isn’t sure why his boyfriend is acting so shy all of a sudden. It’s kinda cute. And he’s totally down to roleplay Sterek again, that’s always hot.

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O’Brien, also with some Derek Hale/ Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin/ Stiles Stilinski

Rating: Explicit

part two

Stiles is on the ground, eyes wide in shock as he watches the curse hit Derek in the back, in the space where Stiles was moments before.

Derek arches his back, eyes shut, face tight in a grimace of pain, and then he opens his eyes and looks at Stiles.

“Derek? Are you okay?” Stiles asks. He doesn’t quite trust himself to move, just yet with the way Derek is hovering over him, bodies close. “You just–you didn’t have to do that for me,” Stiles says quietly. This isn’t the first time that Derek has saved him, or even risked his life, but it feels frightening real right now, the way Derek’s breath hitched in pain as the spell did whatever it did to him, right there in front of Stiles.

“Of course I did, you’re pack,” Derek says in that familiar gruff tone. “You’re important. To everyone.”

And then Derek rests his hand on Stiles face, gently, as if to make sure Stiles is okay. The air feels charged with tension, and Derek is just looking at Stiles, and Stiles doesn’t know what to make of it, except that his heart is pounding and his whole body is lit from adrenaline, and Derek is leaning closer, impossibly close–

Derek cups Stiles’ chin and pulls him gently forward for a kiss.

Stiles blinks in shock once and then melts into the kiss, pulling Derek’s body closer to him and kissing him back. His whole body feels alight with excitement, and the words finally, finally are triumphantly ringing through his brain as Stiles kisses Derek for all he’s worth, swiping his tongue over those soft lips and exploring, biting. Stiles gets his hands on Derek’s ass too, and is squeezing when Derek grabs his hand, pushing it away and then leans back, laughing.

“Whoa there, save some for later,” Derek says, and then he winks at Stiles. What.

Since when does Derek Hale wink at people?

Derek sits up, smiling, and it’s strange, Stiles thinks, he’s never seen Derek’s face look like this, calm and relaxed and radiating happiness. It’s as if all the tension has been wiped from his body. He looks younger, even. Somehow. What did that spell do?

Derek pulls Stiles’ on hands, helping him to his feet and they stand up. “You know, I’m surprised they let us get that far. We usually have tons of people yelling at us if we start making out in the middle of a scene. I couldn’t really help myself, though, there wasn’t anything else in the script after I say you’re important and we have a bit of soulful gazing, but you just looked so cute lying there in the grass…” Derek trails off here, looking at the woods behind Stiles.

“Scene? Script? What are you talking about?” Stiles asks, mouth dropping open, watching the man stare at the woods in horror. Stiles touches his own lips gently, like he can still feel the phantom touch of Derek’s kiss. He should have known it was too good to be true.  Stiles can see it now, the way the other man is standing, his eyes taking in the trees of the Beacon Hills Preserve like he’s never seen them before.

“You’re not Derek,” Stiles says in a flat, angry tone.

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I'll wait for you no matter how long you take

Word count: 1,735

A sequel to : Stupid  with the link below because tumblr does not work:

With leikrissele as my beta (thank you so much)

For the next two months, Percy made a great effort to avoid Nico at all cost. He no longer had breakfast early with Jason and also asked a girl the Hecate cabin to train the new campers. Chiron agreed and after seeing that girl take down two bulky guys, Percy felt alleviated enough to go help in his father’s realm. Although his stepmother disliked him, Percy did manage not to get on her nerves as he came back to Camp every evening. The son of Poseidon didn’t even talk to his friends as much as before since he left for the sea early in the morning and always sneaked dinner into his cabin. He spent time reading all the books that were written by mortal authors, partly desired to find a way to escape the tedious reality. Honestly, anything would do.

Friends came to visit him at first because they were worried, of course. But then they found out that he was completely fine; so IMs from Annabeth lessened, Leo didn’t stop for his cabin anymore, and Piper must have found it more and more awkward to visit him. Still, she left a blueberry muffin in front of Cabin 3 every supper. Jason was busy as hell (too many shrines to build) and so was Frank with his wedding.

Although they hadn’t seen each other too much to become inseparable before he accidentally word-vomited, Percy found it much more difficult when he actually made the effort to avoid Nico. Every night he made a silent prayer to Aphrodite so that she would bless him with the courage to pretend nothing had happened. He wished to be able to hang out with Nico again, go to the library, and try to defeat Hazel in their sketch contests. Percy sucked at drawing but he had his ways with colors.

Percy wanted to stop hiding.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Nico to be the one to act as if nothing had happened that morning. Yet he did. Nico just showed up at three (freaking) a.m. and yanked the cozy blanket out of Percy.

“What the-“

“Perseus, hear me clear and hear me well. You will not go to your father’s palace anymore! Instead, you’re gonna hang out with me tomorrow.”

 “Nico!? I thought you were mad at me?” Percy asked in disbelief, pulling the sheets up to cover his shirtless top from the cold.

“I don’t know what you’re whining about! Tomorrow we have to finish the last sketches and we can’t waste more time!”

“But I have to help my father!”

“Well, I talked to your father on IM. He told me he wanted you to have a break so I agreed to help fulfilling his wish.”

After that, they hang out like they had before. Percy promised to himself that he would never have any slip-ups with Nico. He would just hide how he felt, like with Annabeth before the Battle of Labyrinth.

Nico seemed to be comfortable around him, which was good and Percy couldn’t be more thankful for the fact that Nico might have forgotten completely about what happened. However, Percy wondered if that made him gradually less careful.

His days of concealment ended one night when they sat next to each other at the Campfire. Percy told himself it would be a perfect setting with the warm light from the fire, them sitting silently next to each other. Other campers had gone back to their cabins for the horror movie marathons and Percy didn’t do horror. When you come back from Tartarus, you don’t do horror.

It was weird, they had been hanging out with each other but that night, Percy couldn’t think of a topic to talk to with Nico. They sat in awkward silence, but Percy actually enjoyed it. He just appreciated how he could just spend time sitting with Nico and had no chance of word-vomiting again.

“So…Hazel saw our sketches today.”

“What did she say?” Percy asked and handed Nico a piece of marshmallow.

“She admitted defeat.” Nico shrugged then hummed when he took the first bite. The son of Poseidon had to stifle a laugh. “How’s she?” Percy asked.

“She’s fine. Worried about you knowing that you’ve been missing for almost two months ago.”


“Yeah, we barely even saw you. What have you been doing other than helping your father?”

“I was busy reading.” Percy shrugged and indulged himself with another piece of marshmallow before replying. He expected Nico to show some mock surprise but the son of Hades raised his eyebrow, interested.

“I thought you were taking a break from college?”

“Yeah, I dig fictions. Want to know what the mortals have in mind.”

“I figure you listen to audio books?” Nico asked.

They talked and talked as if it was the most natural thing ever. Percy laughed when he learned that Nico didn’t have to go to college because he had a zombie butler who was also his tutor. Percy wondered how the zombie could speak and Nico explained to him that he had to self-study much more than listening to lectures. The occasional laughter helped filling the redundant gaps of silence and there was not any order to their subjects. Percy loved it when Nico asked him to explain how “fandoms” worked and recommend some books so he could read in his free time.

“So what did you mean by saying that your night life is not interesting?” Percy asked after having a good laugh at how Nico grimaced at the thought of the not-my-type thing being an Internet meme. Probably because he had said that to Percy once.

“Rather than spending time for hobbies like you do, I waste my time doing nothing in particular.”

“Well, that sounds boring.” Percy commented and Nico rolled his eyes before holding his hands up in defeat.

“True. I have to admit. Missing someone is draining.”

“I’m guessing Will?” Percy’s heart accelerated with the glimpse of hope that the person was him.

“Nah, you know we’re friends now.”

“So this person must be so special that you spend nights thinking of him?” Percy said teasingly in order to squash his hope dead himself. The son of Poseidon should not allow himself to think that way anymore.

“He’s a dork. An adorable one.” Nico smiled, eyes glinting. “Kinda oblivious.”

Percy felt like kicking himself. He then wondered why because Nico falling for oblivious people was so not his business.

“He just can’t understand that I didn’t think much of his mistakes and hiding is so not the way.”

Percy Jackson knew that he had a record for acting impulsively. He was both annoyed and proud about that as the results were not always terrible. That was because the son of Poseidon always took a second to imagine what he would do if it ended up devastating. This time, he didn’t.

Nico yelped in surprise as Percy grabbed his face and pulled him in for a desperate kiss. The green-eyed was too overwhelmed with the feelings he felt, the hope that just couldn’t wait to escape him that he forgot his nervousness and went for it.

He couldn’t pay attention to anything around them, completely drowned in kissing. It was stupid, so stupid, and for a second he had thought about running away to a foreign country to hide for the rest of his life since he failed to keep the self-promise and his selfishness was uncontrollable.

Percy had no idea if the kiss was a good one, at least the only good thing that the obsidian-eyed had to remember about him but he felt the son of Hades kissing back in that most vulnerable moment.

Hands squeezing his shoulders slowly slid down to his chest and before Percy knew what was going on, he was pushed away. Instead of clutching at his cracking heart, the son of the sea suffered an unexpected headache right on the spot. The emptiness he felt in his ribcage is a bonus. Nico breathed out shakily with his eyes shut tight and flopped down on the ground, hands covering his blood-drained face. His head was pounding and Percy felt like vomiting right in front of Nico because he was very, very wrong. Percy couldn’t stand not seeing Nico ever again, not after everything went back to normal. Realization dawned on him that he didn’t think of how Nico felt again, but rather what he felt.

“I’m sorry.” Percy said, he felt the tears but they would not show. He had no right to cry or anything.

Nico stood up, facing him with an unreadable expression. The son of Hades leaned in closer and closer so Percy shut his eyes close, waiting for the punch he deserved.

“Are you even sure of what you feel for me?” was whispered into his ears.

“What?” Percy croaked, his voice so unfamiliar.

“I want to be certain, Percy,” Nico said, dark eyes so close to his green ones. “I don’t want to misplace my feelings again.”

“So you have a thing for me, too?”

“Yes.” Nico said with a firm voice. “That is confirmed.”

The son of Poseidon reluctantly leaned in, expecting Nico to move out of the way.

Although he had braced himself, it actually hurt more when Nico did that.                                                           

“No, Percy. I want you to be sure if you do feel anything for me.” Nico said, this time his voice came out weak. “That was why I couldn’t…” he looked away.

“You’re right, I’m not sure.” The boy tore his gaze away from Nico’s face. “I don’t want to disappoint you again.”

They sat down next to each other in the ponderous silence which Percy had to admit, was killing him. Nico didn’t give him a particular answer; therefore, he had no idea what to do next.

Percy counted and recounted every time he missed a number. 1, 2, 3, 5…

“Percy, I’ll wait for you.” Nico suddenly turned to face him and his hands clasped over Percy’s. The skull ring rubbed at his skin to remind him that this night was real. “I’ll wait for you to figure out your feelings. Tell me when you are no longer in doubt of… us. You will always find me here, waiting.”

“You will?” Percy asked, happiness slowly inundated his whole body.

“I’ll wait for you no matter how long you take.”

Distractions (Bucky x Reader)

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Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 323

Drabble Request: A drabble with Bucky x Reader, and they’re supposed to be cleaning a room but they wind up dancing and singing to the music they’re listening to! (Literally me right now 😂) Welcome Tonii!

A/N - For adriellej, Happy Late Birthday and 100 Followers (You should totally follow her ‘cause she’s lovely)  Tonii said Thanks! The song I used was I Feel Like Dancin’ xD <3

You watched as Bucky picked up some of your clothes you’d left on the floor, “Are they clean or dirty?” he asked, he grimaced as he sniffed one of the tops he held. “Dirty I think” you laughed and then you carried on placing the game on your phone. “You know (Y/N)”, Bucky sighed as he threw the clothes out of the door, “If you helped me clean up it’d be done quicker”.

“UGH! FINE!” you whined, slowly you pushed yourself up off of your shared bed. Then you placed your phone on the desk, which was one of the only clean things in the room, and plugged a speaker into it. Music started to blast out as you walked around the room. “What should I do?” you looked to Bucky, his blue eyes glanced around the room, “Over there, that needs cleaning” he pointed to the corner of the room where you had left a stack of papers.

Five minutes into sorting through the pile, one of your favourite songs came on; I Feel Like Dancin’ by All Time Low.

“Shawty says she wants to run away” you sang, soon enough you became distracted from the cleaning by the catchy beat playing. You dropped the papers, they fluttered around the room as you danced. You heard Bucky groan, “(Y/N) I’ll turn it off if you don’t clean up” he threatened. 

You danced over to him, Bucky ignored you by turning around. A smirk formed on your face as you sang the next line of the lyrics, “I think some dude just  grabbed my junk”, you giggled as you grabbed Bucky’s butt, making him jump.

“(Y/N)!” he scolded jumping around. “What? C’mon Buck dance with meee!” you shouted, grabbing both of his hands you forced him to sway with you. After a while Bucky finally gave in, “Fine, we can always clean up later I suppose” he chuckled as he spun you around.

Preference #13 ➸ AMA’s

Luke: He and the boys walk out the stage between cheers and comments such as can’t believe we just preform at the AMA’s or Michael you’re sweating your hair dye! and sort. An interviewer is waiting for them backstage and as soon they arrive he start asking all kind of question to the boys, from “Tell me about your next album” to “And what about your girlfriend, Luke…?” and it’s there when Luke’s blue eyes acquire some kind of new glow as he plays with his lip ring, smiling. “…What should we expect for, in a future?” “You should known” Luke answers, staring at the camera because he knows so damn well you’ll be watching the interview and he wants you to know he meant the words he’s about to say, “You should know we’ll be together. I want us to be together forever”

Ashton: A soft kiss is placed in your forehead when Kate Beckinsale announced the winner is 5 seconds of summer and the guys stood up to go get the award. And you’re clutching your hands to his hips as you murmur, “I’m so proud of you and the boys” before he’s forced to let you go and walk to the huge scenario to pick up their first AMA. And once the whole lads had spoke his short speech, he asks for the microphone and start thanking fans, saying how great they are for him. And is only when he had compliment the whole fandom that he spots you in between the crowd and can’t help but smile as bright as ever as his eyes look straight at yours and he murmurs, “Thank you. For everything” Then, he mouths a ‘love you’ afore disappear behind the stage.

Calum: “Left!” Ashton yells and as per usual, the rest of the boys move their heads in the ordered direction. Michael and Luke’s gaze looking directly at the camera as they draw some soft yet honest smiles on their faces, or even do some grimaces; but Calum’s eyes are slightly distracted by your figure. You and John Feldman are at the end of the carpet, sharing some kind of chat about Calum’s obsession on getting naked around the bus or the house. And it’s one short comment John’s tells you which steals a laugh from between your lips and makes Calum -whom is still staring at you- curve his lips in a big wide smile that it’s probably lighting up the entire city and Ashton is muttering to his ear for like the ninth time  “God dammit Calum, to the middle”

Michael: Michael would have give everything he has for you to be there, in La and at the AMA’s; but you got responsibilities and you had to stay back at home because you were having some important exams you couldn’t just miss. But of course, instead of studying, you are watching the award show to see how your boyfriend achieves one of his biggest dreams. And you’re actually clapping and cheering when 5sos are announced as the winner of New Artist of the Year, overwhelm by proudness because you know how hard the boys had been working on and how important this is to them. And it’s while you’re still laughing at the last bad joke of their speech that your celphone rings. “It is for you” Michael says form the other side of the line, “This award is for you”

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zayn exec producing for a boyband show? whatthefuck.

Yeah, that was my initial reaction, too. In fairness though, today has also been a fairly rough day, with back to back meetings and stuck in a treacherous bra. 

I mean, let’s be totally real with each other - Dan Wootton breaking the story is always a red flag, and that he’s getting any “exclusives” at all in relation to Zayn is always a confirmation that Zayn is subject to the same fuckery as the other four guys. It also doesn’t fit with the narrative we’ve been sold about Zayn and his Cool Mom image, which I think is why Zayn is currently getting so much (really, really unfair) saltiness from the fandom at the mo. 

Like anything with a Dan Wootton narrative, you have to ask yourself why this and why now? I guess now we know why Zayn was papped at Smashbox Studios yesterday, and also why the sudden push for actor!Zayn.  Everything from Dan Wootton might as well be an Official Simon Cowell press release from his office in hell, so thusly I must give it my patented Dan Wootton Grimace:. 

It wouldn’t be a Dan Wootton “Hoofscluvise” without some fuckery though, so let’s discuss!

1) We don’t know how true it is.  Friends I’ve asked that work in  television have told me they have heard no whisperings about a show of this description at all, unless you count Irving Azoff’s boy band show that got circled around last year. 

I also did some digging on IMDBPro & Deadline Hollywood to be a thorough hoe, and there are no shows currently in development that meet Dan Wootton’s description for the producers of Entourage (This show about a radio show host was the only one that even slightly resembled it). 

Lastly, according to Dan Wootton, “Casting kicks off in LA next month”, and there are at present no casting notices listed either. 

Maybe it is legit, maybe it’ll be a good thing. I’m 100% for and supportive of Zayn branching out and doing things that interest him. He should do ALL THE THINGS if that’s what he wants. I’m just suspish of this.