or… harry regrets breaking y/n’s heart

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I miss you.

His mouth is dry as he stares down at his phone, thumb hovering over the arrow that’ll send the text he’s longing to mail. With another deep breath, he studies the message over again, then begins to question himself. Should I write more? She deserves an apology. Maybe the word crave instead of miss. Yearn for? He deletes the text but retypes it in the same moment.

He’s never felt guilt this deeply before, he’s never so desperately wanted to turn back time and change everything– rephrase all of his words differently. Do things differently. The thought of him not being able to go back and change things hits him like a ton of bricks, sending his short nails into the palm of his hand.

A clap on his shoulder wakes him from his thoughts, and he looks up with attentive eyes. “Ready to go?” Jeff laughs, tucking his heel into the back of his shoe. “Reservations don’t hold themselves.”

“No, yeah.” he rushes, tucking the locked phone into the back pocket of his jeans. “Let’s go.”

“It’s my fucking job, y’know that, we’ve been through this a million times before. Get over it, angel.”

She scoffs in disbelief, untying the silk scarf from around her neck. “Get over it? Get over it. Over my boyfriend of nearly a year not telling anyone about our relationship—?“

“The media would go insane I- fuck I told y’this—”

“I’m not asking you to tell the world, Harry! Maybe your mom, your sister? My family? I’ve been lying to them for way too long, keeping an enormous part of my life away from them how’s that supposed to make me feel? Do you know how distressing it is to be introduced as a friend to you? To not tell anyone, not even my best friend how much you mean to me?”

“Y’do know it’s like that for me as well? A relationship is consists of two people—”

“Not that I’d know.”

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Submission #2

You boys asked and here’s another story for u. A long one, but it’s worth it for sure. Well done again cuck @jomothehomo


When I first told my husband that I was into cuckolding, I don’t think he understood it. I had watched him nail the fuck out of the stripper at the Rooster, but he was hesitant to fuck someone else behind my back. He is a devoted husband, after all, and he wanted to make sure that I was also sexually satisfied. I started telling my former fuck buddies and boyfriends about what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to go for it anyway. An ex told me that any top would be turned on by the idea of his partner encouraging cheating, so he told me to pursue it.

When Christmas rolled around, we drove back up home to Pittsburgh to spend it with our respective families. My husband dropped me off in the city, but he drove down to West Virginia to spend the night with his father and stepmother. I was staying at a friend’s house, but she was out of town. I had the entire house to myself.

I was settling into bed that first night, when I started a casual conversation on Facebook Messenger with a friend named Cameron. My husband and I actually met doing theater, and Cameron was a teenage kid in the ensemble in some of the shows.  He was always a sweet kid, but now he was a confident, fit, 19 year old twink. We flirted a little bit, but then we started talking full on about sex. His boyfriend was also out of town for the holidays and Cameron was staying at his parent’s house. We started talking about how Cameron should bring his boyfriend, Lucas, for a visit in Miami…and then we talked about what would happen if we heard each other having sex…and then it evolved into us both into the idea of swapping boyfriends. I would bottom for Lucas and Cameron would bottom for my husband.

(Cameron’s ass)

We were getting each other pretty hot. We had swapped some pictures of our cocks and even sent each other Snapchats of us jerking in bed. I never thought of Cameron in any sort of sexual light before. Then I had an idea. I asked Cameron if he was actually interested in my husband. He said yes. I then probed further and asked if the opportunity arose, would he want to bottom for him. After a few minutes, he replied, “I’ve wanted your husband to fuck me for a long time.”

It was late—around 1:30 in the morning, but my husband was also online. I encouraged Cameron to talk to him the same way he and I did. Get each other horny but then find out if he’d be down for some extracurricular play. After a few minutes, Cameron confirmed that they were chatting, and they were immediately flirting. Cameron told me that he was going to set something up with my husband, and once he had all the details he would tell me what was going to go down. He didn’t talk to me for 2 solid hours, and I frantically kept looking to see if they were both online. At almost 4 am, Cameron sent me a massive amount of screenshots—it was their conversation from beginning to end. They did everything. After a few mindless moments of flirting, they sent each other pictures, videos, and they even admitted to fantasizing about each other. Cameron added that they chatted on the phone for a few minutes. I thought waiting for a response was torture. I had the hardest time not cumming before I read the entire conversation. The hottest part, however, was the very end. Cameron told my husband that tomorrow Lucas was going to be out of town and he wanted him to come over. My husband confirmed a time and they said goodnight to each other. That’s when I blew my massive load. I am a big shooter anyway, but I had never shot that hard in my entire life.

When I woke up the next morning, Cameron told me that he wanted me to come over in the early evening. I had told him about my desire to be cuckolded and he wanted to make my fantasy a reality. My husband was coming over at 7, so he told me to get there at 6:30. Cameron shared a cute little apartment with Lucas, and I was instructed to hide in the living room closet. He would keep it cracked the tiniest bit, but I could also look through the slats to get a good view. He went into the bedroom to change, and he came out in just a tshirt and basketball shorts.

Cameron is about 5’11 with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite having toned arms and legs, he still has a round baby face. When I say Cameron has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen, I am not exaggerating. It’s the type of ass that I have no idea how one gets it that perfect. My ass is definitely nothing to scoff at, and I do squats every day to retain a bubble ass. Cameron’s ass is something else entirely. It has the tiniest amount of blonde fuzz on it, but his hole is furry as fuck. When I grabbed his cheeks, it was firm but had enough give to make anyone want to play with it further. It is seriously perfect.

(more of his ass)

I took my place when the 7:00 rolled around. I took everything off in the closet to avoid making any noise when I was watching. From my view, I could see the back of the couch and the entire living room from the entrance hallway.

From the moment they walked in the door, they were on each other. They each downed a glass of wine quickly, but they were constantly touching each other. The drinks were a formality. They tenderly started kissing each other near the back of the couch. Cameron was obviously trying to get me the best view possible. My husband pawed at Cameron’s ass and they took off each other’s shirts. They stood there making out, bare chested, for 10 solid minutes. Just kissing slowly and sensually. I noticed they were grinding their cocks together through their pants. Cameron’s was more noticeable through his mesh shorts, but since my husband is so hung, you could see his through his jeans.

“You’re bigger than I remember,” Cameron said as he rubbed my husband’s chest and arms.

“I’m a big guy,” my husband said playfully before kissing Cameron harder. At 6’4, my husband towers over almost everyone.

Cameron reached down and started unbuckling my husband’s belt, and my husband replied by reaching into Cameron’s shorts. They both started moaning and kissing harder. My cock was dripping so much precum by this point that I had to stop touching myself and hold my hands behind my back. Within seconds, Cameron and my husband were both naked before me. Cameron broke the kiss to look down at my husband’s cock.

“Holy fuck, that’s big,” he moaned out.

“Bigger than Lucas?” my husband asked with a smile.

“Ohhh yes. Waaaay bigger,” Cameron replied. He immediately got on his knees and my husband into his mouth. He shot me a smile as he licked up and down the shaft. He was much more adept at handling his cock than the stripper was. Cameron was hungrily deepthroating my husband in record time as my husband rubbed both of his hands in Cameron’s hair. When I looked at his face, it was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. I don’t think he expected for Cameron to suck cock that well either.

After a few minutes, my husband pulled Cameron up by his armpits back to a standing position and they kissed hard. He wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist and grabbed his perfect bubble butt. My husband had a hand on each cheek, and Cameron’s ass was more than a handful. My husband moaned as he rubbed Cameron’s ass around, and you could tell he wanted to claim that ass as his own.

Cameron led him over to the couch and forced my husband to sit down. All I could see was the back of my husband’s head as Cameron disappeared on his knees again. Cameron’s head started bobbing up and down into view and he went down on him, and my husband interlaced his fingers behind his head and truly relaxed. Cameron then stood up and started lowering his ass onto my husband’s cock. I couldn’t see anything since the back of the couch was in my way, but the horniness on Cameron’s face was evident. This was no longer about me fulfilling a fantasy for me—he wanted my husband inside him. They struggled for a few minutes, because of his size.

“Fuck that’s the biggest I’ve ever had,” Cameron whimpered out as he gained a rhythm.

“That’s only a couple inches.” I heard my husband say.

Determined to take it, Cameron lowered himself more and really started to moan. My husband reached down to have his hands on his hips to pull him back onto it more. Cameron then, without pulling out, swiveled around to face my husband. “There ya go” he said as Cameron took it deeper. The pleasure on Cameron’s face was insane—his mouth was hanging out, his eyes were shut, and he kept throwing his head back as he jerked his cock. I could see his twink-y biceps flexing as he stroked.

They were sweating. I could see it sliding down between Cameron’s pecs and my husband’s back was slick. Cameron hopped off for a few minutes and told my husband to get behind him and fuck him doggie over the back of the couch. He looked me dead in the eyes as my husband slid back inside him.

“Mmmm it feels bigger,” he whimpered out. He never broke eye contact with me.

“I’m going to fuck you like you always wanted,” my husband grimaced. I love his cocky alpha top smile. “Fuck your ass is perfect” he added.

“Better than Joey’s?” Cameron asked.

“Better than Joey’s. By a fucking mile,” my husband said, throwing his head back. The tuft of chest hair between his big pecs was soaked.

“You’re deeper than Lucas could ever be. I’ve never had a man that deep…mmmm…fuccckkk meeee…” he whimpered.

The sounds of my husband’s hips smacking Cameron’s ass was so loud that I didn’t have to worry about making any sound. My hands was soaking wet with precum. I had to cover my mouth with my free hand to keep my heavy breathing down.

They both had incredible stamina—it was like they didn’t want it to end so they kept slowing down, speeding up, slowing down, speeding up. My husband flipped him onto his back onto the couch and all I could see was my husband’s beefy chest flexing as he spread Cameron’s ankles wider and wider. I was edging in that closet for a solid 45 minutes.

After they slowed down, Cameron unexpectedly got up, grabbed my breathless husband’s hand and led them out of sight. What the fuck was going on? I stood there, cock in hand, for a few minutes in complete silence. Then I heard moaning again. They moved to another room. Cameron and Lucas shared a bedroom off the main hallway, so I assumed that’s where they were. What the fuck was I supposed to do?

“Fuck me harder, baby. Gimme that huge cock!” came from the hall.

Fuck it. I sneaked out of the closet, completely naked and sneaked down the hall. I had to go slow in order to make sure the floorboards didn’t creak. I could hear the smacksmacksmack growing louder and faster, but I needed to stay completely silent so I wouldn’t get caught.

Cameron only had a sheet acting as a bedroom door. If it wasn’t there, you could see straight into the bedroom. It wasn’t fully pulled back. All the motion in the bedroom was making the curtain waft soooo very slowly….back…and forth…baaaack…and forth. One minute, I could see my husband’s ass flexing as he drilled Cameron’s hole, but then the next, I could only hear their incredible sex. I stood there with my dick in my hand as I was only afforded the quickest glimpses into their fucking.

They were getting close. It was passionate, hard, sweaty, long-awaited fucking. Cameron was beating off hard with one hand as he grabbed my husband’s ass with the other. I could see them occasionally kissing, but they were grunting deep. Animalistic fucking, by this point.

My husband grabbed Cameron’s ankles and spread him wide again.

“Where do you want this cum, baby?”

“In me!”

“Ohhh…you want me to fill up that hot hole, baby?”

“Yes…I’ve wanted your cum since I was 16…gimme that cum…”

As soon as those words came out of Cameron’s mouth, my husband thrust into him so hard that Cameron’s eyes almost bugged out. His ass kept convulsing as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into him, pulling him into a sweet embrace as Cameron shot a big load on his own chest. He moaned very softly and gently.

I had to tiptoe back into the closet as they laid there. I thought they would cuddle, but my husband came out after a few minutes. His chest had some of Cameron’s load smeared across it. They must have been making out for a while. He got dressed and they made small talk. As he was ready to go, they kissed a little bit more and he left.

Cameron opened the closet door and said, “That was the best fucking I’ve ever had.”

At the same time, he realized I didn’t cum yet. We started making out as I jerked off. We sat on the couch and he talked dirty to me.

“After he came, he told me that he was going to fuck me again…his cock is so big…I can still feel him…his cum is so deep in me…”

When he said that, he grabbed my free hand and put it between his legs. He guided my fingers to his wet hole and I could feel some of my husband’s load on the hairs on his ass. I started to finger him and I could feel how hot his hole was. It radiated heat and it was so wet.

I stood up, got between his legs and guided my dick inside him. He wasn’t expecting it, and instinctively grabbed his cock. I slide into very slowly.  I wanted to feel just how open and warm his hole was from my husband’s cock. Amazingly, it was still kind of tight, but the wetness got me so hot. As soon as I got balls deep I started getting close. Feeling my husband’s handiwork, I started exploding rope after rope of cum inside him. I couldn’t stop. I grabbed Cameron’s ankles and started thrusting into him deep. His cock was hard again. “Harder, baby” he said as I finished cumming inside him. I collapsed on him and we made out slowly. We laid on the couch cuddling for a few minutes, and I helped him cum a second time. We talked dirty and how we wanted to do this again.

I got dressed, thanked him, and left. When I left Cameron’s apartment building, I had a text from my husband that said, “When you said you’d let me fuck other guys…how serious were you about that…?”


Damn! How did u boys liked it? It got me hard here for sure.

Who’s next? Or what should my little cuck @jomothehomo write about this time?

Don’t be shy cucks, your boys aren’t.

Carried Away

Originally posted by taelephant-s

Note: Reupload of request “Taehyung + Over-stimulation” with added content and edits, as usual.  Just Smut.  A big thank you to @savemxbts for feedback on the first draft.  The gif also has nothing to do with anything in the fic but I just love his hands lol.  

Summary:  Taehyung + Over-stimulation 




Taehyung loves to get carried away with you.  

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Wanted (Jungkook and Hoseok love triangle smut)

Originally posted by bangtansonyeondarnit

Summary: Jungkook likes you, Hoseok’s girlfriend, a little too much and gets a little too excited when he catches you and Hobi having sex.

Pairings: You x Hoseok, You x Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Themes: Jungkook catching you having sex, Jungkook masturbating, Jungkook having feelings for you while you’re in a relationship, sex with Hobi

Word count: 4k (?)

Trigger warnings: Explicit smut, being caught (kind of), masturbating, over-all mature themes, hints at mental illness (like, sort of- not really)

You watched your boyfriend, who sat cross-legged on the floor, folding clothes to put into his suitcase with great care. Sparkles twizzled across your eyes as you observed him with a thudding heart. His back was facing you and as he moved, his muscles flexed gently beneath his grey sweater. Unable to resist the temptation of his touch- you climbed off of his bed to crouch behind him. Your hands rubbed over his shoulder blades tenderly.

“Hey, baby.” He says and laughs. That enchanting laugh that is so soft it comes out as a throaty chuckle.

“Hey, baby.” You say back and sit down so that your knees are on either side of him. You nuzzle your nose into his soft shirt, inhaling his clean and musky scent. You wrap your arms around him- letting your hands fold over his abs, which he soon covers with his own. He leans his head backwards and the smell of his shampooed orange hair tickles at your nose.

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Torn 21

Sorry it took so long. I can’t post the whole story on here so you will have to finish it on FF net. Hope you enjoy.

Torn Masterlist

Eric did not get off from work until well after midnight. He quietly let himself into your apartment, took off his boots at the door and hung up his coat on the coat rack. He found himself in your bedroom standing over your bed watching you sleep. As usual you had kicked off the sheets as he has noticed since having Abbey you were hot natured at night and could not stand the covers to be on you long. His body long to be against yours, he longed to taste your skin, he longed for your legs to be wrapped around him with your tight pussy sucking him in. Eric shook his head to clear it and walked to his daughter’s room. She was fast asleep on her back with the night light giving her a luminous affect. He leaned down and kissed her face before undressing to his boxers and crawling into the bed he found himself in most nights. Even though work kept him from you and his daughter during the day, he found he slept better when you three were under the same roof at night. As he laid down staring at the ceiling his thoughts landed on you and his daughter as they did all day every day.

You were woken by the sounds of Abbey wanting to be fed. You quickly got out of bed and headed to her room. As usual you saw Abbey’s father laying in the bed in her room. You longed for him to be in your bed with his body up against yours.

You cooed at Abbey as you picked her up for her feeding.

“Hey.” Eric said softly.

“Hey back. What are you doing awake?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“You want some company?”

Eric nodded yes as he sat up in bed. Even in the soft light of the night light you could tell he was tired. His eyes were red with prominent bags under them. You sat on the bed beside him and as Abbey nursed you found your other hand caressing Eric’s face. He let out a sigh of pure exhaustion as his eyes closed and his face leaned into your hand. You wanted to hold him and never let him go at that moment. You did not like seeing him like this. You both sat in silence as Abbey nurse for a few minutes.

“You want to tell me what’s going on?” You asked breaking the silence.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself with.” Eric opened his eyes and pulled back from your caress.

“Eric, you are exhausted. I am worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine. The last thing I need is for you to worry about me.”

You frowned at his response.

“Whether you want me to or not I’m worried.” You told him as you looked down at Abbey who was half asleep still latched on your nipple. You gently pulled her from your breast and handed her to Eric to burp like you did most nights if he was up during your feedings. You watched Eric hold his daughter, gently patting her back until a small burp escaped her mouth. Eric got up from the bed and put his sleeping daughter back in her crib. Eric sighed with weariness as he crawled back into the bed. You looked at Eric to find him gazing at you and in the soft light of the night light you could see the desire in his eyes. There was something more in his eyes as you scooted up closer to him in the bed and caressed his face again. Eric looked intently in your eyes as your fingers lightly caressed his face and lips. You wanted so badly to kiss his lips. You shook the desire from your body as best you could and thought this would be a good time to have a long-needed conversation with him.

“I know you are tired but I have something to ask you. I need to do it while I have your undivided attention.”

“Go ahead.” He had a feeling what you were going to ask.

“What are we doing?”

“What do you mean what we are doing?” He asked with a slight frown on his handsome face.

“Us. What are we to each other?”

Eric let out another sigh and rubbed his hand over his face. Yep, here it was the dreadful talk of feelings.

“We are two people who care about each other and both raising our child together.”

“Do you love me Eric?”

Eric’s face gave a slight grimace.

“I love my daughter and you have my heart.”

“I know I have your heart but do you love me?”

“I already told you what you mean to me Y/N. I am not a man to repeat myself just to appease you. I am here for you and my daughter. What more do you want?” You could feel him becoming annoyed with you but you needed to know.

“I want you.”

“Do I have you?”

“What do you mean? You know you do.”

“No more Four?”

“No more Four.” You answered.

“Then you have me.”

“All of you?”

“You have all of me.”

“No more other women?”

Eric looked at you intently thinking how he would answer.

“Eric? No other women right?” Your heart started to pound in your chest every second he did not answer.

“No other women.” He finally said. You sighed with relief hoping he was telling you the truth. “Y/N you do know my needs and what kind of appetite I have.”

“Yes I do.” You looked from his eyes as the pure desire you had for him would reflect in your eyes.

“So you really might want to end your stupid challenge.”

“It’s stupid to you because you know you will lose.”

“No sweetheart. You know me better than that. I don’t lose at anything no matter what.”

“Ok Eric if you say so.” Please God don’t let that be a lie what he just told you about other women.

As you looked at him in the soft light you wondered would he ever feel the same for you as you felt for him?

You didn’t know what you had expected to him to say. It was not like he was going to profess his love for you and get down on one knee to ask your hand in marriage but you were disappointed. You loved this man with every fiber in your body and you just wanted more from him. Yes, he told you that you were his heart but you just needed to hear those three words from him.

“Y/N just trust me ok. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I trust you. Do you want to come lay with me?”

Eric raised his pierced eyebrow. “And do what?”

“Sleep.” You wanted him to hold you.

Eric shook his head no.

“What did I just say.” His voice was hard. “You know that would be the last thing we will be doing if I crawled in that bed with you. Do you want to do more than sleep?”

You got up from the bed. He was right and if you told him yes that would be telling him you wanted him even though you did with every cell in your body. You would not give him the satisfaction of losing the challenge no matter how silly he thought it was.

“You are right we better not. Good night Eric.”

You didn’t hear a response as you watch him lay back down in bed and turn his back to you.

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The Joker x Reader - “See No Evil”

The Joker stole 10 glass vials containing an experimental new substance from The Wayne Industry Laboratories. J was moving the ampules into a new case when one was accidentally dropped and now he can’t see. The doctor said it’s a temporary side effect and it shouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks. You are so taking advantage of the situation even if you’ll pay for it later.

You steal a lot of kisses.

The Joker gets out of the shower with his eyes closed, leaning over to reach the towel.

“Muah,” you peck his lips and back out before he snatches you.

“Stop it, Kitten! It’s really annoying when I can’t see and you just…”

“Muah,” you kiss him again, not intimidated by his complaints.

“Are you serious?! Cut it out!” J steps out dripping wet and you yank the towel from his hand. “Give it back, Y/N! I’m getting mad and I…”

“Muah!” you make him shut up, kissing those soft lips again.

“This is outrageous! I’m the Joker and you just can’t…”


“Dammit, woman, this is stupid!” he takes a few hesitant steps, careful not to bump into anything. He hears you snickering and he knows you’re close. “Give me back my towel or I’ll shoot you, I swear!” J protests, irked.

“Good luck with that; I stashed everything away, you’ll never find your weapons. Hehehehe!” you giggle when he almost touches you but… you elude him.

“Come here, Kitten. NOW! I mean it! If you don’t…”

“Muah!” you steal another kiss and this time you give up, letting him catch you because you feel sorry for him: for once The King of Gotham is pretty helpless.

You start drying his hair with the towel, while he purrs, irritated at your behavior and enjoying being spoiled in the same time. You’re getting groped and pinched as revenge for the repeated offenses against The Clown Prince of Crime. Can’t whine about it since you are the first to admit you deserve it.

“There, done,” you conclude, guiding him towards the bedroom so he can put some clothes on. “What do you wanna wear today?” you ask, leaving him by the bed so you can grab the clothes from the closet.

“My Armani silver suit,” J replies, messing around with his green hair. “You’d better not trick me, I’ll know!” he threatens and you don’t care.

“Sure, whatever you say,” you snort and hear him huff.

“I would! So that better be what I asked for,” he points his finger towards you but he has the wrong direction…Poor Mister J.

“To your left baby,” you give him a hint and now he points in the right direction. The Joker opens his eyes, trying to focus his gaze on something but there is only darkness so he gives up and closes his eyes again.

“Pumpkin, hurry up,” he growls, impatient. A few days passed and he’s till blind as a bat. Yes, this is a pun but can’t share with him; probably would not appreciate it too much for the moment being.

You actually pick the dark purple Armani suit to give to him because you like it better than the silver one. Same fabric and cut, he won’t know it’s a different color.

“J, can you please open your eyes?” you plead.

“I can’t see so there’s no point,” he grouchily mumbles.

“But I like your blue eyes and I wanna see them. Comeeee onnnn, make me happy.”

The Joker mutters something you can’t understand and does as requested.

“There you are!” you cheerfully smile and go towards the balcony so you can get the blanket from the sofa.

“I’ll have you know, Doll…” J clearly has a speech in mind he wants to clear out. Yet…

“Baby, I’m over here, you’re looking in the wrong direction.”

“Huh?” he puffs, antagonized with the interruption.

“To your right…More…More…There, now you’re facing me.”

You don’t know how come he has no sense of orientation. Can’t he hear your voice?!

“I’ll have you know, Doll…What the hell was I talking about?” he stops and debates.

“I have no idea, but I’m taking you to out spot on the hill so we can enjoy the nice weather.”

“I’m not going, I have stuff to do and…”

“Muah!” you kiss him again to shut him up.
“Dammit, cut it out!” and he doesn’t fight it too much as you haul him away. “I remembered what I wanted to tell you: quit bugging me with dumb things and don’t take advantage of my temporary lack of vision!”
“Of course, baby,” you are fast to agree.

I’m the Joker and…”

“Muah, yes, I know,” you smirk, tired on how stubborn and feisty he is.

“Stop kissing me every 5 seconds for God’s sake!” your boyfriend snaps, tugging on your arm.

“A-ha,” you reply and sound unconvincing.


You brought food and grape soda to the little picnic and now J’s sitting on the blanket, fidgeting with his jacket. He takes it off and continues to fuss:

“When are we going back? We have to go on that heist tonight.”

“You’re not going anywhere, are you kidding me? You’re blind,” you move around so you can put the food together.

“I don’t care, I have to go. You’re coming so you can be my eyes.”

“I’m over here,” you cup his face and turn it towards you since apparently he’s addressing the tree you’re both under. “We have to postpone, it’s too dangerous. We’ll have to wait until your eyesight is back, alright?”

“This sucks!” he determines with such pathos it makes you shrivel. You know he’s frustrated; definitely not used to being like this. “It’s so dull, why am I even here?” The Joker sulks, rubbing his eyes. “I can’t even see. How’s the view?” he lets himself go on his back, staring at the sky he can’t discern.

“The view is…breathtaking,” you announce, hovering over him, not even paying attention to the landscape. He’s so handsome in that suit and green shirt.

“Well, I can’t tell so it sucks for me,” he grumbles some more, having no idea you gaze at him.

“I very much enjoy the scenery,” you reply, amused J has no clue you’re talking about him.

“Well, good for you, Princess and I must…”
“Muah!” you lean over to kiss him since he’s sooo grumpy. But this time he kisses you back without commenting on it. “Isn’t this romantic baby?” you moan in his ear, glad you get to spend time together.

“I wouldn’t know, Doll, I can’t see crap,” J pouts.

“I’ll let you know I look very pretty today. I have a rose in my hair,” you take his hand and let him feel it, aiming to cheer him up. “Say something romantic J ,” you suddenly urge your boyfriend.

“Like what?”

“Say you love me,” you bite on your lip, waiting.

“Is it obvious I’m rolling my eyes? Can’t really tell since I’m blind.”

You kick his knee with yours.

“Yeah, it’s obvious! Say it!” you repeat, pulling on his sleeve.

“Uhhhh…I love you.”

“Woowwww, can you put more soul into it?! You sound more enthusiastic when you order your coffee,” you affirm with a displeased grimace.

“I really love coffee, that’s why. You…Mehh,” the Joker admits, being a complete jerk since he’s a bad mood.

“Good, because I don’t love you either,” you push his hand away from your rose and start reading on your book. “I should leave you here and call the cops. Or just signal Batsy,” you bite on your cheek, flustered.

“Pffttt!” he scoffs, confident you won’t.

“Wanna eat now?” you bitterly ask, bugged by his attitude.

“No. What are you munching on?” he wants to know since he hears the repeating crunching noises.

“Pretzels, you want one?” you offer him the choice. You return to your reading and after a few seconds you realize you still hold the pretzel right in front of his face.

Duh, he can’t see.

“Here,” you feed him and he eats it, but still objects.

“You don’t have to feed me, I’m perfectly capable to…”

“Here’s another one,” you shove it in his mouth so he’ll zip it.

I’m the Joker and…”

Even if you’re mad at him, you steal another kiss, hoping he will shut it down.

“Muah,” and before he can retaliate you resume: “Want me to order you business cards that say I’m the Joker?”

“Stop being sassy, woman, and give me another pretzel!” he grumbles in a low voice, scooting over towards you.


“Hey, baby, if you can find me you get a bonus tonight!” you playfully giggle, trying to light up the atmosphere. J’s been moping around and didn’t move from the couch since you came back from the picnic.

“What’s the bonus?” he grins, instantly interested.

“To your right J. More…more. That’s it, now you’re looking my way.”

Why is he so hopeless when it comes to this?!

“Oh, you will love it! Find me first and you’ll have the time of your life.”

“I’m not in the mood for games Y/N. Just com’ere.”

“Nope, you’ll have to find me mister Jaayyyy,” you whine in a high pitch tone.

“Kaayyyy, you’ll see what happens to you. I’m the Joker and…”

“I already ordered the business cards for you, I am sure you can use them,” you snicker, teasing him. You know he’ll take revenge but at least he’s out of that accursed apathy.

“Did you really?!” and he gets up, taking  a few steps ahead and stumbles on the coffee table before you can warn him. “Goddammit!” J furiously kicks the table.

“Are you OK?”

“No, I think I twisted my ankle,” he reaches down and you rush to help.

“Jesus, baby, I’m so sor…”
“Got’cha!!” he fastly snatches you, trapping you in his arms.

“Hey, no cheating!” you try to unsuccessfully escape.

“Says who?” J purrs, fighting to unbutton your shirt with one hand and still holding you captive with the other.

“J…J…J !” you stop his fingers and want to laugh.

“S-stupid buttons!” he angrily stutters, trying harder, violently pulling on your shirt with all his strength. You try to keep his hand in place.

“J…J…stop! These buttons are just sewed to the fabric for decoration, they won’t unbutton.”

“Shit, not seeing anything sucks!” The King of Gotham has an outburst of frustration and it makes you miserable. You wish you could help him but there is nothing you can do.

You look into his blue eyes that just can’t focus on yours and whisper:
“Why can’t you see yet?”

“I don’t know Pumpkin, it irritates me,” and you know The Joker means it.

It’s a blessing he can’t notice how worried you are because it shows all over your face; it would make things worse.

“I’m sure your vision will return shortly…yes?” you encourage him while he continues to struggle with your bra now.

“J…J…J! This bra has a front clasp.”

J stomps his foot, not knowing if it’s funny or the opposite.

“This is stupid!” he grumbles, totally fed up with his current situation. I’m the Joker and…”

“Please hold it together until we get the business cards, ok, baby?” you elbow him, hoping his attitude will change.”  He frowns, then smirks and lifts you up in his arms.

“Actually that’s not a bad idea. Tell me where, Doll.”
“Straight, left… more to your left. Stop! Right…straight…couch! You made it back to your bonus spot! Can you find what you need without seeing?”

You get dropped on the couch while J snarls, licking his lips.
“I know exactly where everything is, I don’t need my eyes for that. I made it until now, hm?”

You smile, refusing to answer the question, pulling him on top of you:

“You definitely deserve the bonus, you got mad skills, I’m telling you.”

“Sure do,” he growls, starting to get irked by your comment so he bites your lip as revenge.

“Auch! Heeey, behave!” you sulk, biting him back.

“Told you I know where everything is,” he triumphantly brags as you take off his Batsy t-shirt.


Two more weeks pass and your boyfriend is still blind. You are starting to get really worried, especially since his mood is worsening. You actually feel sorry for both of you. You stay awake most of the nights, going on the balcony to reflect on what should happen next: should you kidnap more doctors and bring them over to one of the hideouts so they can examine J? Should you take over a clinic and transport him to the location for another eye exam?

You really don’t know how to go about it because no matter what you suggest, The Joker replies with: ”No need to; anytime now.” Why?…Who understands his logic? He’s infuriated about it himself but refuses to act.

*Another morning in Paradise

“What do you want to wear today, baby?” you happily ask, scraping the leftovers of your patience in order to maintain a positive atmosphere.

“One of my white shirts and black pants,” The Joker coldly responds.

You decide you’ll give him a purple shirt since he didn’t wear the color in about 2 days and you miss seeing it on him. You take out the hanger.

“I said white, Pumpkin, are you deaf?”

You want to put it back when it hits. You slowly turn around, dropping the shirt.

“You…you can see??!!”

J has that diabolical twinkle in his eyes and sucks on his cheeks, satisfied with himself.

“Yeah, isn’t it obvious?”

Like, you bore him so much with your inquiry.

“Since…since when?!” you keep on repeating words because you are more than baffled.

“Since yesterday morning, jeez, calm down. Why are you so worked up? I started seeing some shapes and it just got better and better.”

You’re speechless.

“And…and you didn’t bother to tell me?!” you whimper, vexed at the revelation.

“It was fun to see you struggle,” and his crazy laugh fills the room.

“Fun?!” you fight to keep the tears in, full of indignation. “Fun?! Do you know I didn’t sleep in 2 weeks, worried sick, trying to find a solution for your problem?!”

“Well, that’s your fault, Princess, not mine.”

You mouth opens and no sounds come out.

“Wha’?” J stretches, indifferent to your rant, starting to walk towards you. “Aren’t you glad I can see? Com’ere!”

“You…you…are the worst boyfriend ever,” you justly conclude, sniffling, sneaking by the wall towards the elevator.

“Thanks, I’m trying.”

“It’s not funny!” you cross your arms on your chest, outraged at the whole situation.

“Good, because I’m serious.”

“You…you’re horrible!”

You really want to be excited and go kiss him or something but your mind says no.

“Pumpkin, where are you going?” The Joker raises his voice.

“I don’t know!” you flare your hands around, upset as you can be, actually telling the truth. You want to be out of there.

“Y/N!!!” J angrily shouts when you press the button for the elevator. You refuse to give him the satisfaction of paying attention to his tantrum. You hear him slam drawers.

“Baby Doll!!!!” he screams even louder and you finally look his way.

J holds one of the vials with the experimental substance he kept hidden after selling the rest.

“Nobody leaves me!!! I tell you when you can leave, got it?!”

You get startled.

“What is that?!”
“You know what it is!!! You’re not leaving me!!!” he pants, enraged you’re not obeying and backs out on the balcony, locking the glass sliding door on his side.

“Hey, what are you doing?” You stump towards the closed door, having a bad feeling.

“You can’t leave!!!” he punches the glass, placing the ampule under his shoe.

“Wha…What are you doing?! Don’t!!! Hey, I’m not leaving, OK?”

“You’re lying, I can always tell when you lie,” The Joker taps on the glass, staring at you.

“I’m not lying, stop it! Open up!” you beg, agitated, trying to kick the door open.

“No,” he replies, surprisingly calm all of the sudden. He steps on the vial, breaking it to pieces and you watch horrified as the thin vapors crawl up his body.

“Close your eyes!!!“ you shout, imploring and he shakes his head in negation. “This is childish, stop it! Close your eyes!!!”


“Why are you doing this? You won’t see for weeks again!” you start bawling, still pounding on the glass.

“Keeping up with my worst boyfriend ever reputation,” he growls with his eyes opened despite your efforts to change his mind. “You’ll have to be my eyes again, you can’t leave.”

“For God’s sake, I was just going for a drive so I could cool down!!!” you keep on crying and he feels his eyes starting to burn. You feel so sorry for yourself having to deal with him blind again.

“Don’t care, you can’t leave me,” he smiles and slowly blinks. Your image is fading bit by bit and after a few more seconds he’s in complete blackness…again. Courtesy of his awesome boyfriend material expertise.


You got the business cards you ordered for him: one side is green, the other one purple. A laughing mouth on the front, I’m the Joker in bold letters inscribed right under. You have to describe the design to him since he can’t see.

“I can’t believe you actually ordered them,” J tilts his head, apparently displeased, holding a few in his hand.

“You can use them; you always like to say you’re The Joker so they will come in handy.”

“You’re so annoying, Y/N.”

“Muah,” you steal a kiss, stretching your optimism on new levels you didn’t think you can reach.

“Cut it out, Kitten, don’t take advantage of the situation!”

“You did it to yourself, baby, sooo…I don’t know what to tell you,” you begin loading guns because you’re bored to the max since you can’t do anything fun for a while. AGAIN. Courtesy of J’s stubbornness.

“You can’t talk to me like this, I’m the Joker and…”

“Told you those business cards will come in handy!” you are fast to interrupt.

“I swear I’m gonna kill you, Doll!” he points out in the wrong direction, what else. He truly is hopeless.

You sigh:

“To your right…More…More…There, now you are pointing my way.”

“I want a bonus,” he grumbles, still pointing.

“A bonus?! For what?!”

“For being the worst boyfriend ever. I think I’ve earned it.”

Wow, who can understand his logic?!

But you abandon your current project and go sit in his lap on the armchair, glaring in his blue eyes that can’t focus on yours. AGAIN. For a few weeks. Courtesy of J’s great ability to take amazingly selfish decisions.
“I should really call the cops or signal Batsy,” you whisper, brushing his green hair with your fingers. “You’re a terrible boyfriend.”

“I am, here’s my business card,” he takes one out of his pocket, placing it in your cleavage after a bit of a struggle.

You silently laugh and kiss his forehead, debating on that bonus. And you decide he should have it.

Courtesy of your awesome girlfriend material skills.

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Drug Lord in Love // C.H.

Everyone heard of F/N L/N. The woman who made the legendary drug lord, Calum Hood fall madly in love with her. 

The story goes that Y/N busted one of Calum’s drug deals and even stole all of his merchandise. Since then he was obsessed with the mysterious who pulled off a heist on the biggest drug lord in the country.

He found her surrounded by all of his merchandise and instead of killing her, he told her to keep it and join him. From strangers to partners to lovers to spouses and the rest is history.


“Y/N, time to get up babe.” You woke up feeling your husband’s stubble rubbing against your cheek and neck causing you to laugh. “I swear if I didn’t find that damned stubble hot, I would be biting your head off right now.” You grimaced.

“But you love me.” He flashed you a goofy smile, leaning to give you a kiss which you responded by putting your legs on the edge of the bed before slowly jumping down and walking into the bathroom suite.

“Sorry babe, but we have a meeting to attend.”


“Why didn’t you tell me that we had a meeting this morning?” You pouted resting your head on Calum’s shoulder as the driver took you to the designated location.

“If you were listening at the last meeting, you would’ve heard me mention it.” He chuckled before placing a kiss into your wild curls.

“Don’t get sassy with me Cal. Your children don’t know when it’s time to go to sleep.”

He smiled moving down to the floor of the limo placing his hand on your bulging stomach.

“Hello my precious offspring-” You cut him off by slapping his head lightly.

“Hey it’s daddy, and daddy would appreciate it if you didn’t keep your mum up half of the night because when daddy tries to get morning kisses, your mum wants to fight daddy.” You rolled your eyes at your dramatic husband before groaning as they began to kick.

“Nice going.”

“Awe, babe. They’re just trying to communicate…”

“Lets see how well you’ll communicate with my foot up your—” Of course Calum being Calum cut me off.

“Such a dirty mouth for a beautiful woman.” Calum rested his hand against your bare thigh where your dress stopped slowly guiding it upwards towards your chest.

“I can’t believe they’ve grown so big in the past few weeks. I mean you’re only 4 and ½ months.”

He gave your right one a squeeze causing a moan to slip out, “Cal, baby, I’m very sensitive right now…” You barely gasped out.

“How about once this meeting is over, when we make it back home, I’ll give you a nice massage… Wherever you want.” He said trailing kisses down your neck to the valley of your breast.

“That sounds so good, baby.” You groaned pulling on his hair and pulling him up to smash his lips against yours.

“Just wait till we get home darling.”

We were interrupted when a knock sounded on the partition. “We’re here Mr. and Mrs. Hood.”

“Thank you Charlie.” You said loudly trying to push your husband back but he was too busy caught up in your lips. “Calum!”

“They can wait.” He growled attempting to pull you into his lap until you mustered up the strength and pulled away.

“Then so can you and you better be lucky that I’ve decided to wear my natural curls today or it would’ve been your ass.” You frowned at him grabbing Charlie’s hand as he helped guide you out of the limo.

“Thank you.” You smiled at the older man.

“No problem Mrs. Hood.”

“Thank you Charlie.” Your husband’s husky voice sounded behind you as he wrapped a arm around your waist. “We’ll see you in a hour.”

As you and Calum entered the building, the guards bowed their heads and nodded at you both which Calum responded the same whereas you smiled and waved at them which they awkwardly waved back.

As soon as you and Calum walked into the room where the meeting was held, everyone immediately found their seat and focused their eyes on you two.

One of the guards even brought you a neck rest as you began to sit down in your seat beside Calum which you quietly thanked him for before Calum started the meeting.


“What do you think babe?” Calum asked while rubbing your hand well, mostly the finger that rested your 14K rose gold black diamond wedding ring.

You wasn’t one to want normal things but you sure wasn’t spoiled either- until you met Calum.

“I think we should continue if not now be even more cautious because this is the third time this week one of our ally companies have been robbed from and unable to sell us merchandise.”

Everyone seemed to agree before your husband continued to discuss the new exchange routes and plans.

A couple minutes later the meeting was over with and you and Calum was on your way back home.

You didn’t hesitate to change out of your tight dress and into one of your lace maternity gowns.

You walked out to see your husband laying against the headboard reading a book with glasses on.

You smirked as you walked over and crawled into his lap. Calum wasn’t even surprised, he just looked at you with a smile on his face.

“Yes my love.”

You slowly took the glasses off of his face before placing them on yours.

“I was promised a massage.” You giggled.

Suddenly you were on your back and Calum was hovering over you and your bulging stomach.

“God, you’re everything I could ever want in life. I love you so fucking much Y/N.” He growled lifting separating the slit in the middle, “Daddy love you guys too! So much.” He kissed your belly before planting a kiss onto your lips

“Daddy said he would give mommy a massage.” You moaned out frustrated.

“Oh, daddy is gonna give you something alright.”

Torn 21-Unofficial

Ok So I clicked on my word doc for Torn and it told me I had not touched it for 8 days. I was just going through and could not even write any of the story. I am going to go ahead and post a rough draft of some of the story. This is not even half of the story but I want to go ahead and put something out there for my lovelies who have been waiting. I am not tagging this as it is not the finish story. When it’s done I will tag and also put on FF net. Hope you enjoy. 

Torn Masterlist

Eric did not get off from work until well after midnight. He quietly let himself into your apartment, took off his boots at the door and hung up his coat on the coat rack. He found himself in your bedroom standing over your bed watching you sleep. As usual you had kicked off the sheets as he has noticed since having Abbey you were hot natured at night and could not stand the covers to be on you long. His body long to be against yours, he longed to taste your skin, he longed for your legs to be wrapped around him with your tight pussy sucking him in. Eric shook his head to clear it and walked to his daughter’s room. She was fast asleep on her back with the night light giving her an luminous affect. He leaned down and kissed her face before undressing to his boxers and crawling into the bed he found himself in most nights. Even though work kept him from you and his daughter during the day, he found he slept better when you three were under the same roof at night. As he laid down staring at the ceiling his thoughts landed on you and his daughter as they did all day every day.

You were woken by the sounds of Abbey wanting to be fed. You quickly got out of bed and headed to her room. As usual you saw Abbey’s father laying in the bed in her room. You longed for him to be in your bed with his body up against yours.

You cooed at Abbey as you picked her up for her feeding.

“Hey.” Eric said softly.

“Hey back. What are you doing awake?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“You want some company?”

Eric nodded yes as he sat up in bed. Even in the soft light of the night light you could tell he was tired. His eyes were red with prominent bags under them. You sat on the bed beside him and as Abbey nursed you found your other hand caressing Eric’s face. He let out a sigh of pure exhaustion as his eyes closed and his face leaned into your hand. You wanted to hold him and never let him go at that moment. You did not like seeing him like this. You both sat in silence as Abbey nurse for a few minutes.

“You want to tell me what’s going on?” You asked breaking the silence.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself with.” Eric opened his eyes and pulled back from your caress.

“Eric, you are exhausted. I am worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine. The last thing I need is for you to worry about me.”

You frowned at his response.

“Whether you want me to or not I’m worried.” You told him as you looked down at Abbey who was half sleep still latched on your nipple. You gently pulled her from your breast and handed her to Eric to burp like you did most nights if he was up during your feedings. You watched Eric hold his daughter, gently patting her back until a small burp escaped her mouth. Eric got up from the bed and put his sleeping daughter back in her crib. Eric sighed with weariness as he crawled back into the bed. You looked at Eric to find him gazing at you and in the soft light of the night light you could see the desire in his eyes. There was something more in his eyes as you scooted up closer to him in the bed and caressed his face . Eric looked intently in your eyes as your fingers lightly caressed his face and lips. You wanted so badly to kiss his lips. You shook the desire from your body as best you could and thought this would be a good time to have a long-needed conversation with him.

“I know you are tired but I have something to ask you. I need to do it while I have your undivided attention.”

“Go ahead.” He had a feeling what you were going to ask.

“What are we doing?”

“What do you mean what we are doing?” He asked with a slight frown on his handsome face.

“Us. What are we to each other?”

Eric let out another sigh and rubbed his hand over his face. Yep, here it was the dreadful talk of feelings.

“We are two people who care about each other and both raising our child together.”

“Do you love me Eric?”

Eric’s face gave a slight grimace.

“I love my daughter and you have my heart.”

“I know I have your heart but do you love me?”

“I already told you what you mean to me Y/N. I am not a man to repeat myself just to appease you. I am here for you and my daughter. What more do you want?” You could feel him becoming annoyed with you but you needed to know.

“I want you.”

“Do I have you?”

“What do you mean? You know you do.”

“No more Four?”

“No more Four.” You answered.

“Then you have me.”

“All of you?”

“You have all of me.”

“No more other women?”

Eric looked at you intently thinking how he would answer.

“Eric? No other women right?” Your heart started to pound in your chest every second he did not answer.

“No other women.” He finally said. You sighed with relief hoping he was telling you the truth. “Y/N you do know my needs and what kind of appetite I have.”

“Yes I do.” You looked from his eyes as the pure desire you had for him would reflect in your eyes.

“So you really might want to end your stupid challenge.”

“It’s stupid to you because you know you will lose.”

“No sweetheart. You know me better than that. I don’t lose at anything no matter what.”

“Ok Eric if you say so.” Please God don’t let that be a lie what he just told you about other women.

As you looked at him in the soft light you wondered would he ever feel the same for you as you felt for him?

You didn’t know what you had expected to him to say. It was not like he was going to profess his love for you and get down on one knee to ask your hand in marriage but you were disappointed. You loved this man with every fiber in your body and you just wanted more from him. Yes, he told you that you were his heart but you just needed to hear those three words from him.

“Y/N just trust me ok. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I trust you. Do you want to come lay with me?”

Eric raised his pierced eyebrow. “And do what?”

“Sleep.” You wanted him to hold you.

Eric shook his head no.

“What did I just say.” His voice was hard. “You know that would be the last thing we will be doing if I crawled in that bed with you. Do you want to do more than sleep?”

You got up from the bed. He was right and if you told him yes that would be telling him you wanted him even though you did with every cell in your body. You would not give him the satisfaction of losing the challenge no matter how silly he thought it was.

“You are right we better not. Good night Eric.”

You didn’t hear a response as you watch him lay back down in bed and turn his back to you.

 Eric was gone when you went to get Abbey to start the day. The bed was perfectly made as usual. He always made the bed better than you. You smiled at the thought of him tucking the sheets under the mattress making sure you could bounce a quarter off the bed. After feeding Abbey your tablet alerted you that your mom had arrived. You wanted to shout for joy. You missed your mom and could not wait to see her. You were also sad that you will have to leave your baby girl for eight hours a day as you returned to work in a few days. You missed work but you were going to miss Abbey more. Four stopped by and sat with Abbey as you and your mother unpacked and cleaned the apartment she would be staying in right across the hall.

“She is growing like a weed.” Four commented as he kissed Abbey’s fingers.

“Yes she is.”

The tension between you and Four was slowly subsiding with each passing day.

“Are you excited about returning to work? It will be good to have you back.” Four told you as he watched you clean the dust off one of the dressers in your mom’s new room.

“Yes, I am excited. How are the initiates doing?”

“They are doing good.”

You notice a change in Four’s voice so you stopped cleaning and looked over at your former lover.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong?”

You put down the dust brush, walked over to Four and lifted his chin up to face you.

“I know you Four.”

Four tried to look away but you held his chin firmly. You felt the realization as to why he would not look you in your eyes hit you in the gut.

“What’s her name?”

“She is just an initiate.”

“Just an initiate? I was an initiate. I can tell you like her. Does she feel the same?”

“I think so. It won’t be the same as it was with you and me. I will never love anyone the way that I love you.”

You leaned over and kissed Four on his forehead.

“I am so happy you found someone Four. You deserve happiness. What’s the lucky girl’s name?”


“Well that’s a pretty name. I bet she is lovely and I can’t wait to meet her.” A slight twinge of jealously stabbed at your heart but you were happy for Four. If anyone deserved love it was him. You wondered how long their relationship was going on and if he told her about you. You wondered if he would ever tell her if he had not done so already. You hoped not as there was no real need too. He was god father to your child and that was all she really needed to know. Lord knows you did not need another woman in Dauntless not liking you.

 You were finally done cleaning your mom’s apartment and you sighed from exhaustion as you flopped down on your couch.

“Mommy is tired baby girl.” Abbey responded to you with a string of coos and gurgles. You looked down at your tablet sitting on the coffee table when you heard the text alert sound.

You smiled at your tablet when you read Eric’s message telling you he would be home for dinner. Your eyes zoned in on the word ‘home’. You were tired and had not plan on cooking anything. You were just going to eat a sandwich but you quickly jumped up from the couch, pulled Abbey’s baby seat with you, headed to take a shower and then to the kitchen to cook for your baby daddy.

You had just finish cooking when you heard the keypad and the door open. The conversation from last night was still fresh in your mind and as you watch him walk in you hoped one day he would be able to say those three important words to you. Eric hung up his jacket, looked you up and down, clenched his jaw in sexual frustration and took a beeline straight to his daughter. Well hello to you too, you thought as you made his plate.

Eric sat down at the dinner table with Abbey sitting on his knee.

“Here let me take her while you eat.” You told him as you place a plate of hot food in front of him. Nodding Eric let you relieve Abbey from his knee. You grabbed your daughter and found your finger nails grazing the back of his neck and you were rewarded with a light shiver before his blue eyes turned to looked up at you. You smiled sweetly down at him before putting Abbey in her baby seat and setting it on rock motion. You grabbed your plate and sat across from Eric.

“Your mom settled in okay?” He asked before stuffing his mouth with steak.

“Yes, she is. I can tell she will miss dad though but he will be here on the weekends and vice versa.”

Eric nodded as he cut more off the steak you cooked for him.

“Are you ready to start back work in soon?”

“Yes.” You replied trying not to stare at his mouth as he chewed and licked his lips. It was becoming a strain on you having him around. His very presence turned you on and you constantly fought at the desire to jump him. However, you were bound and determine to have him concede.

“Y/N?” Eric put his fork and knife down on his plate and sat back in his seat.

You jumped out of your intimate thoughts of him and looked back up in his piercing blue eyes. A seductive smile played on his lips.

“I’m sick of your little game.” Eric turned around and looked at his daughter who had fallen asleep. “Abbey’s asleep. I can relieve some of that stress you are carrying around. All I need is five minutes and I will have you at release. Just say the word Y/N.”

You nearly moan at his words. You were so tired of fighting.

“Stop it Eric.” You told him as sternly as you could. You popped a piece of steak in your mouth and chewed it a little harder than necessary. Eric’s smile widen as he saw how you were fighting what you and him so desperately needed.

“I think I will need more than five minutes. You’re chewing that steak a little too hard. I will have to make you come several times to even come close to getting some of that edge off.”

“Oh my God.” You whispered under your breath as the image of him inside you popped in your head.

Don’t you lose! Don’t you lose! He was so damn cocky and sure of himself which was one of the many reasons you found him attractive but he needed to be brought down a level or two. Having him beg for you would be a start. You both ate in silence but Eric never took his eyes off you and the way he was looking at you had you squirming in your seat. You quickly finish your meal and got up from the table. You needed to get away from his heated gaze. You started to wash your plate when Eric got up, walked up behind you and wrapped his thick arms around your waist.

“Eric what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer but pushed your hair to the side to expose the back of your neck and gently kissed your exposed skin. His kisses turn into licks, his licks turned into soft bites and then back to kisses. You were becoming delirious at how good he felt and you were mad at yourself for allowing a moan or two to escape your lips. Eric spun you around, lifted you up, wrapped your legs around his waist, planted you on the counter and brought his lips to yours. You greedily accepted him.

“Can I take you here?” He whispered against your lips.

“Tell me you want me.” Even though your body was screaming at you your mind held steadfast.

Eric leaned in and kissed you harder and you felt his hard on between your legs. Your body instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist tighter pulling him even closer to you. As you both fucked each other’s mouth Eric started to grind against you and you found yourself bucking up to his grind.

“Oh….uhhh….Eric!” You moaned. He felt so damn good. You missed him. You needed him. His grind increased and you started to feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm rising as your hood piercing was hitting your clit just right. “Oh God Eric!”

“Come for me baby.” Eric nipped your earlobe.

“Eric you need to stop.” You said barely above a whisper. You didn’t want him to stop.

“I just want to see you come. I want to see your face.”

“Eric stop.” You said a little louder as an orgasm was about to grip your body and you pushed Eric away with all your strength.

“Fuck Y/N!!” Eric shouted at you. “You need to fuckin stop this! Do you want me to go to Mandy?”

Your body jerked at the very mention of her name.

“You told me no more other women Eric!” You yelled. How dare he throw her up in your face.

Eric grabbed your chin and lifted your face close to his.

“If you don’t stop this stupid, fuckin game I will go find someone else who would be happy to have me. Trust me Y/N it would be easy to find someone. All the young, new initiates that look at me with ‘fuck me’ eyes all day, every day.”

“You fuckin asshole! You didn’t mean a thing you said to me last night.” You tried to pull your face away from his grasp only to have him grab your chin tighter.

“I meant every word of what I said last night. This is on you. All on you.” Eric let go of your chin, went and kissed his daughter, grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. You still sat on the kitchen counter flabbergasted. That man never cease to amaze you at how well he could push your buttons.

“Asshole!” You shouted at the closed door.

Around two in the morning Abbey’s whimpers woke you up for a feeding. You quickly went to your daughter and was surprise that you didn’t see Eric asleep in her room. You frowned at the empty bed and wondered if he did indeed make good on his threat to hook up with Mandy or one of the initiates. He wouldn’t dare you thought as you nursed Abbey. You knew this was him fucking with you as usual. After Abbey fell back to sleep you grabbed your tablet off the night stand. You stared at it for a long moment before you dialed Eric’s number.

“What!” he answered with a sharp snap. You rolled your eyes, biting your tongue.

“Are you still at work?” You hoped he was at work or home alone and not balls deep in some bitch. There was a long silence on his end.


“It’s two in the morning why would I be at work?” He sighed frustrated at you.

“Why are you not here? Abbey will miss you tonight.”

“Only Abbey?” Eric inquired.

“You know I miss you.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow. I had things to do tonight.”

“I hope the things you were doing were not another a woman.”

Eric was silent.

“Eric? Are you with someone?” You asked as you started to panic.

“No, Y/N no one is here. I have not been with anyone.” He sighed into his tablet. You sighed with relief. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Without waiting for a reply Eric ended the call. You slammed your tablet back on the nightstand, crawled into bed and became more annoyed at him. To know that he specifically did not come and stay with you and Abbey tonight just to prove some stupid point began to piss you off. He can push your buttons and play silly games with you all he wanted but he will not put Abbey in the middle. Abbey was three months now and knew her father’s face. She was use to him being there when she woke up at night for her feedings. You sat up in bed as your mind started to think of a way you could get back at him. You smiled to yourself as you turned on the lamp on your nightstand. You will send him a pic to remind him just what he was missing out on. You quickly crawled out of bed and at your vanity pulled your hair out of its ponytail, ruffling it a little to add body and applied shimmering lip gloss Jen had brought you.

You pulled your tank top down to show off your ample cleavage. You had pulled it so low it was dangerously close to showing the tips of your areola. Crawling back in bed you put your forearm under your breast, pushed it up and squeezed your breast together. You grabbed your tablet with your free hand and snapped several seductive pictures. Picking the most seductive pic you typed in the text section of the message that you missed him immensely. You grinned as you sent the picture. You saw exactly when he viewed the picture and held your breath waiting for a reply. You saw where he started typing and then he stopped for a long moment and then started typing again.

 Quit fucking around and go to bed.

 His text read. You burst out laughing. That should have him wound up pretty tight tonight. You sat the tablet back on the nightstand, went to your bathroom to wipe the lip gloss off and pull your hair back into a ponytail. You hope Eric has a restless night you thought as you climbed back in bed.

 When Eric opened your message, and saw your selfie he gazed at your picture for a long time as his dick grew harder than a rock.  Your eyes were literally telling him to come fuck you. That little pout you gave with your lips shimmering just begged to be wrapped around his dick. He growled deep in his throat when his eyes landed on your cleavage. You knew exactly what you were doing and it took all of Eric’s strength not to march down to your apartment and give you what you were begging for in this picture.  Eric typed his response to you, threw his tablet on his nightstand and proceeded to his bathroom for a cold shower. He refused to relieve the pressure that was built inside him. The next time he came he would be inside you.  


Eric was so busy the next day at work typing up a report he barely was able to keep up with you through the nanny cam. You were a busy bee with cleaning, feeding, washing, and playing with Abbey. Eric did catch himself smiling whenever he heard Abbey’s little laughs and coos.  When he heard your shriek, he stopped typing and quickly looked over at the tablet. He saw you run out of your bathroom soak and wet. What the fuck?! He thought as he watched you quickly pick up your tablet and call maintenance. Listening in Eric gathered a pipe busted in the bathroom. He could not help but smile as you stood soak and wet in just your shorts looking frustrated. Eric zoomed in on your breast and licked his lips as your nipples were hard as a rock. You heard knocking at your door and quickly found a tank top to throw on to answer the door. Eric frowned when he saw the maintenance man walk in behind you with his eyes trained on your ass. You and those damn shorts, Eric thought. The way your ass looked in them was any man’s kryptonite.  Eric watched you exchange pleasantries with the maintenance man, grabbed Abbey and disappear out the room while he went to fix your pipe. Eric went back to typing his report and was nearly done when you came back into the bedroom. The maintenance man was done fixing your pipe and had called you back into your room. Eric, watch you as you walked in holding Abbey. It did not go unnoticed to Eric that the maintenance man was glaring at your ass as you bend forward to put Abbey in her seat and buckle her in.

Eric frowned as you both held a conversation. You laughed at something the man said and you touched one of his shoulders as you continued laughing. What was so damn funny? Eric thought as he watched you on his tablet. His anger started to build up as he watched you on the screen. Were you flirting? Eric, watch you cock your head to the side and twirl on a loose strand of your hair. Son of a bitch! You were fuckin flirting with the man. Eric jumped up from his desk to head to your apartment when Max walked in without knocking. Eric quickly pressed the home button on his tablet to hide the live image of your bedroom.

“Eric, here is the paperwork I need. Look over them, sign them and bring them to my office.”


Eric needed to get to your apartment before the maintenance man left.

“Sure.” Eric took the paperwork and started to review and sign. When he was done, he turned on his tablet and saw that the man was gone. You were getting undress for the bath you tried to take earlier. He decided he would address you later when he figured out how to bring up the topic without alerting you to his camera. However, the maintenance man was a different story. Everyone at Dauntless knew you were his and off limits. After turning in the papers to Max, Eric headed to the maintenance wing.

Eric stomped into the maintenance office and demanded to see the man who fixed your pipe earlier.

“That’s Ray and he has gone home for the day.” Ray’s boss told him. “Can I help you with something sir?”

“You can tell me his apartment number.”

“May I ask why?”

Eric did not respond but just glared until Ray’s boss reluctantly gave him the answer he wanted.

 Ray had just sat down with a sandwich when he got a text alert from his boss stating Eric Coulter was on his way to his apartment.

“Shit!” Ray muttered. Why did he fuckin take the maintenance call to your apartment earlier? He knew why he wanted to see you up close and personal. Everyone in Dauntless knew of the initiate who had two of Dauntless elites fighting over her and eventually giving birth to Leader Coulter’s daughter. Ray had seen you around from afar but he needed to see what was so special about you. He received his answer as soon as you opened your apartment door to him and smiled up at him. You were beautiful and he could not help check you out as he followed you to your room. Eric was definitely a lucky man and Ray knew just being within a few feet of you he could be risking his life. Ray slammed his sandwich on its plate as he heard a set of loud banging at his door. Ray swung the door open to an irate Eric.

“Can I help you?” Ray asked Eric perturbed.

“I don’t want you ever stepping foot in Y/N’s apartment again.” Eric seethed.

“What the hell are you talking about? I was doing my job and if I get another call I will go and do my job.” Ray snapped not backing down. Eric glared at Ray and Ray saw Eric’s eyes turn deadly. Ray knew right then that he was a fool to try to challenge Eric.

“Do you have any idea what I am capable of? You do not look or speak to her ever again. Do you understand me?!”

“Are you threatening me?”

An evil smile played on Eric’s lips. “Do I look like a man who threatens?” Ray realized Eric was not a man who threatens but does exactly what he says he was going to do. Eric Coulter was capable of anything. “Do I? Eric asked again stepping closer to Ray. Ray took a step back. Wow you must be the Hope Diamond for Eric to threaten a stranger to stay away from you Ray thought. Now his interest was really peaked about you.

“You got it Leader Coulter. I will not step foot in Y/N’s apartment or even look at her.” Ray said to appease the angry dauntless leader.

“Oh, and keep her name out your mouth.” Eric snapped before walking away. Ray smiled to himself as he shut his apartment door. Maybe just maybe he might take the next service request he sees for your apartment.

 You had just put Eric’s plate on the table when he walked in. You knew instantly he was in a pissy mood.

He glanced over at you and headed straight for his daughter. As usual when he is in a pissed off mood he didn’t speak to you. Well you will not speak to him then. You decided you will eat your lunch in your room. You didn’t want to be around him when he was in a foul mood. You were just tired and did not have the energy to deal with him.

“Where are you going?” Eric asked as he sat down at the table and saw you head toward your room with your plate.

“To my room.” You replied as you continued to your room.

“Come sit with me.” It wasn’t a demand but an invite. That was a first. You turned around and sat across from him at your table. You both ate in silence for a few moments as you both listen to Abbey’s string of gurgles and oohs and ahhs. Eric looked down at his daughter caressing her cheek. You liked that Eric had pulled the baby seat next to him at the table. He wanted to be near his daughter. You watched him as his mood from earlier faded away as he leaned over and kissed Abbey.

“I saw that you had a maintenance request today.” He stated looking up from Abbey to you.

“Yes I did.” You told him as you stuffed your mouth with mash potatoes not offering him any more explanation.

“What needed to be fixed?”

You put down your fork and looked over at Eric. The tone of his voice was off. This was not just small talk. He was up to something.

“After I had filled the tub for a bath the sink started to make strange noises in the pipes. When I turned the water on it went everywhere. Ray fixed it in no time.”

You saw Eric’s lips curl with disgust at the name Ray. Was he jealous?

“Oh, you on a first name basis with the maintenance man?” he asked with a slight scowl on his face.

He was jealous.

“Are you upset over Ray being in my apartment? Eric, you can’t get upset over someone coming in my apartment to fix something for me. Hell, you can’t be mad at anyone coming into my apartment period. This is my apartment.”

Eric started to argue and you held your hand up to stop him.

“You know I will pack Abbey’s and my shit up in a heartbeat and move out.” You glared at him. Challenging him. Eric decided not to argue as he knew you would do exactly what you said you would do. Without another word to one another you both went back to eating and finished your meals in silence.  As you wash dishes Eric sat and held his daughter before leaving back for work.

You were so engrossed in cleaning and straightening your kitchen you didn’t hear Eric when he walked up to you. When you turned around to find him standing behind you, you nearly jumped out of your skin. You looked up at him not saying a word.

“I might be home late tonight.”

You nodded and returned to your task.

“Will I get another picture of you if it gets too late.”

You turned back to him and shook your head no. “You know who you have waiting for you.”

Eric’s fingers caressed your cheek.

“Indeed I do.” He said softly before planting a soft kiss on your lips. You were almost derailed and fought the urge to just climb him right where you both stood. The affect he had on you will always amaze you. You stood in the kitchen and watch him leave. You stood staring at the door contemplating conceding when he comes home tonight. You physically and mentally could not take it anymore. You needed him. Plain and simple. Abbey’s whimpers brought you out of your thoughts as you rushed to your baby girl.

You gently laid your angel in her crib for the night and checked around her princess theme room to make sure she would have everything she needed to keep her comfortable. You chuckled to yourself as you thought back on the argument you and Eric had about Abbey’s bedroom theme. Of course, you won. If it was up to Eric her room would be dark colors with the Dauntless symbol decorating her walls.  

You cut on her night light, you checked off the list in your head to make sure she would be comfortable as you did every night when you realized she did not have her monitor. You quickly rushed to your bedside and grabbed one of the pair of baby monitors and turned it on. You looked over at the teddy bear Angelina had gave Abbey and decided to put it in her room. You had become fond of the soft, pink teddy bear but it would look better in Abbey’s room and it really did not go with your décor.  You sat the baby monitor down as you grabbed the teddy bear and you heard a faint whirring sound. What the fuck was that? You sat the teddy bear back on the shelf to see if you heard the faint noise again. You looked around your room and you heard it again. Your head jerked to the teddy bear as you realized it was the source of the sound. What was that noise?

You grabbed the stuff animal and turned it around to look at its back. Maybe it was a talking bear and had batteries. You never did really check the bear once Eric put it on the bookcase in your room.

There was no opening for a set of batteries. You knew that sound came from the bear. You picked up the baby monitor and grabbed the teddy bear you were about to cut it open to see what the hell was that noise when you heard a loud feedback from the baby monitor.

What the…

You moved the monitor to the stuff bear again to hear more feedback. As you stood looking at the bear confused it finally clicked that it was a camera. Eric had nanny cam you! Who the fuck did he think he was to do that?! Did he think you could not take care of your child? You sat the bear back on the shelf and stepped away from the bear to not reveal any further that you knew about the camera. He did say it was a gift from his mom. Was this on her? No. You knew the father of your child. This was all him. You grabbed your tablet along with the baby monitor and texted Jen when you went to the nursery.

 For now on walk around in your underwear or nothing at all whenever Abbey is asleep. He will be begging for you in no time.

 Jen’s text read.  You found what she said amusing but it bothered you that he needed to have a camera in your room. Did he think you were still sleeping with Four? You had to think of something that would drive Eric insane. Wait you needed to back up. Could you handle Eric’s wrath right now? You sat on the bed in Abbey’s room and thought long and hard. You would not dare bring Four into your bedroom because you did not love him in that way anymore and you certainly wanted to live to see your daughter grow up. You looked down at your tablet when you heard the text alert.

 Remember that toy party we and the other girls had right before you found out you were pregnant?

Jen’s text read.


You still have what you brought?


Have your mom keep Abbey tonight. You get naked and use that toy on yourself. You know he will be watching and trust me he will be at your door in seconds. Challenge won!

 Your friend was an evil genius. When your mom arrived you made sure she came into your room holding Abbey and told you that she will bring her back in the morning.

 You walked your mom to the door and as you shut the door behind her you changed the entry code. After a few moments you heard your tablet alert in your room.

What are you doing?

It was Eric. Could he be any more obvious?

About to take a bath. What are you doing?

Working. What else would I be doing? What is Abbey doing?

You turned your back to the camera to hide your smirk.

She is spending the night with mom.

So you let my daughter stay the night with your mom without talking with me first?

You ignored his last text and made sure he saw you put the tablet on the nightstand. Eric mumbled a few curse words under his breath and sat the tablet on a stand next to his computer so he can view your bedroom at all times.

Eric started typing a report for Max when he noticed movement in his peripheral vision on his tablet. You had peeled off your boy shorts, tank top and stood in your underwear while digging for something in one of your drawers. Eric abruptly stopped typing as he watches you pulled out a phallus shaped object. What the fuck? Eric’s mouth fell open as you sat the object on the bed and peeled off your bra and panties. Eric swallowed hard as he looked at your naked body. You were absolutely beautiful. You slowly crawled in the middle of your bed giving Eric a good view of your ample ass. You laid on your back, spread your legs, gently pulled your lips apart and rubbed your clit with your index finger to get your juices flowing for your toy. In a matter of seconds you were wet, you grabbed the toy, pressed the button for vibration, spread your legs wider and slowly eased the toy in your pussy. You moaned as the feeling of being filled felt so good. The toy wasn’t Eric but it would have to do for now. You hoped by the end of the night Eric would be inside you. You started to squirm as you pumped the vibrator inside you. Eric sat frozen staring at the screen. It was intoxicating watching you pleasure yourself as well as pure torture. As Eric cock started to strain against his pants he decided he could not take the need for you anymore. Fuck the gotdamn challenge. Eric at times can be a patient man if he wanted too but he had just run out of patience with you. He did not have an ounce left in him. He was going straight to your apartment and fuck you. Eric quickly shut down his computer, grabbed his tablet and earphones. He did not need anyone hearing your moans as he made his way to your apartment. Eric literally sprinted down the halls as he continued watching you pleasure yourself on his tablet screen. If anyone was in his way they moved quickly out of his way.

Your moans became louder as you pumped the vibrator in and out of your wet pussy. Your climax hit hard and as your eyes rolled in the back of your head and you knew just at that moment what to do to give Eric a taste of his own medicine. As the juices flowed from your body and your walls grabbed onto the vibrator tighter you screeched out Four’s name. Eric stopped dead in his tracks when he heard you call out Four’s name. He watched as you came down from your orgasm, sat up in the bed, looked straight at the teddy bear, lick your lips and smirked. You knew! You fuckin knew about the camera! You bitch! He was going to fuck you up when he gets to your apartment. He was glad Abbey was spending the night with your mom. You were fucking with him and he did not like it.

 You had just put your underwear back on when you heard the sound of the keypad and knew it was Eric. You rushed up to the door as a smile of satisfaction displayed on your face as you heard the loud error beep from him entering the code. You were glad you had changed the code earlier. You heard a string of curse words through the door.

“Y/N!!!” He screamed through the door.

“What?” You yelled back.

“Open this fuckin door!!”

“No!” You stifled a giggle. You frowned when you heard him retreat from your door.

Oh fuck! There was no way Eric would give up that easy.

You went back into your bedroom to throw on some lounge clothes when you heard a loud banging at your door. You threw your clothes on the bed and ran to the front door in your bra and panties.

What in the fuck!

You realized Eric was smashing the code box with something. Before you could type in the code to unlock the door, Eric kicked it in almost hitting you with the door. His eyes were a blazed with fury. You looked down at his right hand and saw a hammer. He literally smashed the code box to get your door open. The door slammed shut behind him as Eric charged to you.

“Eric! What the-” Eric dropped the hammer, grabbed you by your legs and flung you across his shoulder as if you weighed nothing. You kicked and pounded on his back yelling for him to put you down. Eric threw you on the couch. You scrambled in a sitting position as Eric glared down at you.

“You think you’re being fuckin funny?!” Eric leaned over getting in your face.

“What are you talking about?” Trying your best innocence act.

“Oh you want to act dumb now. You know what the fuck I’m talking about.” Eric roared at you.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Eric. Spill it out!” You shouted at him.

“Did you know about the camera when the maintenance man came to fix the pipes? Were you trying to make me jealous or just acting like a whore.”

Your body instinctively jerked at the word ‘whore’ and you hauled back and slapped him across his face.

“You son of a bitch!” You moved to slap him again when he grabbed your wrists. You began kicking him, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards on your coffee table with you on top of him.

The wooden table did not stand a chance under both of your weight and shattered to pieces. You were undeterred by the coffee table and took the opportunity when Eric let go of your wrist to punch him in the mouth.

Eric quickly rolled you over and pinned your hands to the floor. You winced as pieces of shattered wood dug into your back, your butt and the back of your thighs. You both were breathing heavy glaring at each other.  Staring into his beautiful blue eyes and his weight on top of you caused your core to clench and you instinctively licked your lips which caused a primal growl to escape Eric’s lips just before crashing his lips down on yours. Eric’s tongue probed your mouth deeply, exploring your entire mouth. As he kissed you one of his hands dug into the wooden shards to support himself as he used his other hand to unbutton his pants. He pulled from your mouth and pulled his pants and boxers down to reveal his massive hard on.

Eric pulled at your underwear and with one strong jerk ripping them off causing you to yelp. That will leave a sight burn on your waist bone. You squirmed under him in anticipation.

“Don’t you dare fuckin move!”

“Tell me you want me. Tell me you need me!” You moaned as you lifted up to lick and then bite his neck. Eric shook his head no in defiance. You started to push him off you.

“Y/N! Don’t!” Eric’s voice was full of lust as he grabbed your hips to keep you in place. Eric took his time and slowly took in every single curve on your splendid body. As he watched you a simple moan escaped the back of your throat and Eric knew at that moment you had the power to make him beg for your pussy.

“Eric! Tell me you want me!” You grabbed one of his hands and put it on your hot and wet pussy. Eric groaned as he inserted two of his fingers inside you. Your walls gripped his fingers and you let out a loud moan deep in your throat and when he looked into your eyes you saw in his that he had finally conceded.

“If you want this pussy Eric tell me you want me and you need me.” You demanded refusing to back down.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Eric cursed as he buried his face in your neck. “I need you!” He mumbled against your neck before biting down sending shivers up and down your body.

“What I can’t hear you?!” You gasped with a smile playing on your lips. Eric lifted up and looked you deep in your eyes. His eyes were blazed with fire, his skin flushed  as his need and desire for you threaten to spill all over you without him even being inside you. His jaw clenched as his eyes bore deep into yours.

“I need you Y/N. I want you.” Eric finally admitted his voice full of need.

“Challenge won.” You smiled up at him. Eric growled as he pulled back and in one swift motion filled you to the hilt. You let out a small cry of pleasure with slight pain. The sensation of your pussy being stretched so wide almost sent you into an instant orgasm.

You forgot how full he always made you feel. It was a feeling you vowed never to deny yourself again.

“I’m going to fuck that smile off your face!” His voice a deep baritone filled with lust.

“Bring it!” You challenged as you spread your legs wider for your man, your walls tightening and gripping him, pulling him even deeper inside you. Eric beat your walls harder than he had ever before. It had been way to long without you he thought as his thrust quicken and became harder.

“Fuck you are so tight!” Eric groaned. “How can you be so tight just having my baby?” Eric pumped deep into you as you leaned up into his ear and purred. “I will always be tight and right for you Eric.” Your teeth clamped on the barbell in his right earlobe and pulled gently as you nipped it. Hearing you say you would always be ready for him stirred something inside Eric causing him to push in even further inside you and to show just how tight you were your walls grabbed his thick cock. You were awarded with a string of moans and groans of pleasure with a few curse words in between.  Smacking sounds and heavy breathing filled the living room.

“Come for me Y/N.” Eric whispered in your ear as he reached down and pulled on your hood piercing and rubbed your harden nub. The combination of him telling you to come and his fingers on your clit sent you over the edge and you felt the ripples of your orgasm seize you. Your nails dug into Eric’s muscular back and you knew it would leave a mark even though he still had on his black t-shirt.

Eric knew you were coming as your pussy became even wetter and more slippery.

You literally screamed his name as you came. Your eyes began to water as you rode out your orgasm. Lifting one of your legs for deeper access Eric’s frantic thrusts let you know he was on the verge of coming. You watched with excitement and pleasure as Eric’s eyes rolled in the back of his head and his body shuddered. You were thrilled you still had this power over him. As Eric came with each spasm he shot loads of cum deep within you. Tears rolled down the side of your face as he collapsed on you causing your skin to dig deeper into the broken wood. You barley noticed the pain as you silently cried. You were happy and content. Eric lifted up after he caught his breath and looked at you. He knew your tears were not tears of sadness. Without a word he leaned down and kissed and licked them away. Eric’s mouth moved to your lips and he softly pulled on your bottom lip giving it a little nip with his teeth. Neither of you had the need to say anything to one another as Eric kissed your lips and made his way to your collar bone. You moaned as you felt him become hard again inside you. You bucked up toward him ready for round two when he slowly pulled out of you.  Eric pulled his pants and boxers off his body and rose up from on top of you and rid himself of the of his shirt. You laid spent on the shattered coffee table ruins. He really laid it on you. You gazed up at him as he stood looking down at you. He was breathtaking as his cock swung up, vein-covered and hard. He reached his hand out to you and you grabbed it tightly as he lifted you off the floor with ease. As your adrenaline subsided a little, the pain from the coffee table began to stab at your back. Noticing the frown on your face Eric turned you around and brushed off any wood shards from your back. He leaned over and licked and kissed each bruise he saw. You closed you eyes and focused on how good his tongue and lips felt on your back.

“Take off your bra and go to the arm of the couch.” Eric instructed. “I’m not nearly done with you.”

(Trust me there is more smut!)

You woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. You were disoriented for a second as you tried to figure out why your apartment smelled of bacon. You reached over for Eric to find his side of the bed cold and empty. You rolled over and lifted your tablet to see the time. It was pass nine-thirty and you had not slept this late since having Abigail. Eric really wore you out. As you sat the tablet back on your nightstand you noticed a glass of water and two pain pills. You grabbed the pills and chased them down with the cool water. You braced yourself as you slowly crawled out of bed. Your body ached all over especially your center. You hope the meds will work fast.

“Breakfast!” You heard Eric call. How did he know you were up? Wait….Eric made breakfast? You slowly walked to the bathroom to freshen up and throw on some lounge clothes. Slowly shifting into the kitchen, you stopped at a standstill as you watch Eric put a plate of food on each end of the table. What the hell was going on? Eric rarely cooked for you. He did cook for you when you were recuperating from Raven’s wrath and as soon as you were able to stand up and move around he had stopped.

“Are you working today? It’s Saturday?”

“I always work. You know that. Now sit.”

You looked at the hard wood seating that made up your chairs at your table set. There was no way you would be able to sit down without being in uncomfortable pain. Seeing your hesitation and discomfort Eric grabbed a pillow off the couch.

“Did you take the pain pills?” He asked as he put the pillow on the chair for you. You nodded yes as you slowly sat down. You shyly looked up at Eric as you were always slightly embarrassed to physically show just how much he had ravished your body. A slight smile of amusement caressed his lips as he knew you were embarrassed. You had no idea how hard it was for him to get up this morning as well. Eric was used to working his muscles with exercise and sex and expected a little soreness but for the first time in his life someone had fucked him into another stratosphere and his body screamed with every movement. Eric always knew you had a tiger inside you but he had to admit you shocked him last night and he was not easily shocked. You had pulled out your claws and showed exactly what you were made of. It was a complete contrast to the shy woman in front of him now.

As he watched you eat he found it a humorous that you had no idea the deeper imprint you left on his very existence. Yes, you won the challenge and he knew you found joy in that victory but last night became more than some stupid challenge to him. You swallowed him whole last night. Your essence, your soul, your very being and he could not get enough of you. The very thought of him ever losing you caused him pause and frighten him. The feeling was worse than the night you were stabbed and he thought he lost you and his child or the pain he would never outwardly admit he felt when he saw how bad he hurt you when you found Mandy between his legs or when you went back to Four. So as usual he refused to dwell on any type of pain or feelings. He did what he did best, he compartmentalize the feeling and cause his own share of pain on someone. That is exactly what he did to you when he let Mandy play house with him. However all that changed as soon as he pulled his daughter into this world.  You looked up at him and smiled causing his heart to pump harder in his chest. Eric as usual kept his face hard as stone successfully hiding the reaction of something as minute as your smile had on him. Eric knew he would never allow anyone to know they had any type of power over him and you certainly had a power over him. He already told you that you had his heart and he would not give you any hint that you had much more than that. You both ate in a comfortable silence. Eric was done eating before you and got up from the table.

“I’ll have someone come and clean up the coffee table and bring another one.” He told you looking away from your beautiful face to the mess on the living room floor.

“Thank you.” You said barley above a whisper as your mind remembered the pieces of wood stabbing your back as he drove himself deep inside of you. Eric returned his gaze to you just as your body shivered at the memory.

“You cold?” He asked walking up to you.

“No. I’m fine.” You looked up and your eyes wandered to the red bite marks and hickeys on his neck that aligned between his neck tattoo. You also saw your nail indents and scratches along his forearms.

Eric was about to respond when you both heard someone knock on your door.

“It’s mom. Oh my God the table! The smash keypad!” How on earth were you going to explain that? Eric put his plate in the sink completely ignoring your current state of panic. You stood up from the table just as your mom used her backup key and walked in with Abbey.

 (Look who is back.)

You started to sprint to get to work in a timely manner. You would have to cut across the chasm to get to your office faster. You smiled when you saw Tris walking toward you.

“Hey Tris! You heading to training?” You stopped and gave her a quick hug.

“Yeah. I had to escort one of the initiates to the infirmary. I’m glad it wasn’t me this time.” Tris said smiling at you.

“Oh, I remember those days. It seems like yesterday I saw my fair share of the inside of the infirmary due to training.” You frown when you saw the smile leave Tris’s face. Out of your peripheral vision you saw someone running up on you and Tris. You turned around in time to see Mandy throw liquid from a glass bottle at you. You instinctively turned your back to shield Tris and to keep whatever was being thrown at you from hitting your face. As the liquid hit your back burning through your shirt it took a second for your brain to register that she just threw acid at you. A howl came from your mouth as the acid ate at your upper back. You grabbed the chasm railing to keep from falling over.

 “Tris! Run!” You shouted. Tris took off back toward the infirmary to grab someone for help just as Mandy charged at you and knocked you on your back. You screamed in pain as the rough steel of the chasm’s bridge scraped your back. As much pain as you were in you were able to block most of her punches. It didn’t take long for Mandy to get the upper hand as she straddled you and rain down hard punches to your ribs and face.

“He is mine! Not yours!” She screamed at you. You were able to get a punch to Mandy’s face hitting and splitting her bottom lip. You had to get her off you before you both fell off into the chasm. You head butted her head stunning her enough where she fell backwards off you. Mandy quickly grabbed the railing as she rolled off the chasm.

“Oh God! Don’t let me fall! Please don’t let me fall!” Mandy screamed as she held onto the railing. “Help me!”

You got on your knees and reached down and grabbed one of her hands.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Mandy said in relief as she felt you lifting her up. Her other hand let go of the railing and grabbed your wrist as you grabbed her forearm with your other hand for a better grasp to pull her up. You started to pull up with all your strength ignoring the pain you were in. As you pulled her up you looked at her face and for a split second a wicked smile displayed on her face. My God! This woman was certifiable. You knew at that moment she would stop at nothing to hurt or kill you. You thought of Abbey and Eric as you let go of her forearm and your hand began to relax its grip in her hand. It was either going to be her or you that would end up dead. It sure hell was not going to be you. Mandy eyes widen in fear as she saw the stone expression that surfaced on your face and felt your hand letting go of hers.

“No! No! Don’t!” She shrieked as she tried to tighten her grip on your wrist. You could feel her hands slipping from your grip. You started to pull from her grasp. “You bitch! I hate you!” she roared as she realized that you intended to let her fall.

That was the final nail in her coffin. You yanked your hand from her grasp and froze as you heard her screams as she fell into the chasm. Her screams seem to go on forever until you heard her body hit the rocks. You couldn’t move as your body was frozen in place as you stared down at her mangled body. Your mind was trying to comprehend that you just killed someone when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you from the edge of the bridge.

“Y/N?! Y/N?! What happen?” Eric’s voice slowly reached your brain and registered. You looked up at him slightly confused. The adrenaline you had felt started to subside and the pain from your acid burn on your back came back in full force. It hit you so hard that your body and mind could not cope and you started to scream in agony as you grasped at your shirt trying to tear it off your body. Eric quickly turned you around and saw the acid eating through your shirt.

“Shit!” Eric grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head.

“Eric what happened?!” Four jogged up to you and Eric. Four stopped short when he saw you screaming in pain in just a black bra. “What happen to her?!” Four started to panic seeing you in such pain. Eric bent down, lifted you by the back of your legs and swung you over his shoulder. He did not want to aggravate your back as blisters were starting to form.

“Oh my God!” Four gasped as he looked down in the chasm and saw Mandy’s lifeless body. “It’s Mandy.”

“What?!” Eric quickly looked over the chasm as he started for the infirmary. “Fuck!” What did you do? Eric took off as fast as he could to the infirmary. Your cries turned into loud whimpers

“Y/N concentrate on my voice. Don’t focus on the pain. Just concentrate on my voice. We are almost there.” Eric proceeded to talk to you as he rushed to the infirmary and you tried hard to zone out the pain and concentrate on his voice. Just when you thought you could not take it anymore and was going to slip out of consciousness Eric crossed the threshold of the infirmary. Dr. Davis was on duty and saw Eric as soon as he entered.

“What happen?!” He asked as he rushed up to you and Eric.

“Her back. It looks like some type of sulfuric acid.” Eric told him.

“Gurney!” Dr. Davis called out. In seconds, you were lying in a prone position in the gurney. You closed your eyes and grit your teeth as they pushed you into a room with Eric close behind. You screamed as a nurse unclasped your bra and some skin came off with the bra band.

You let out a louder cry of pain as the doctor flushed and irrigated your back with water.

“I know it hurts Y/N but we have to get the acid off your back before it completely eats through your skin.”

“Give her something more for the pain!” Eric yelled in frustration. It pained him to see you in pure agony. Dr. Davis instructed one of the nurses to administer a strong narcotic analgesic. It took instant effect and Eric sighed with relief as your eyes close into unconsciousness. Here you were fighting for your life yet again because of him. He knew that Raven and Mandy were crazy but he was not aware they were at the level of crazy to come after you like they did.

The first face you saw when you came to was Eric’s.

“Don’t move.” He told you as you tried to sit up. You realize you really could not maneuver as you felt the bandaging wrapping around the top part of your torso.

“Abbey?” You asked hoarsely.

“She is fine. She is with your mom. They were here earlier but I sent them home until you wake up. I didn’t want Abbey here. Y/N, I need you to listen to me. I know you are in pain and groggy from the meds but I need you to listen to me carefully.” Eric leaned in closer to you. “Max and a couple of leaders were here earlier to see you and I need you to tell me what happen. They have video of the attack. I watched the video and you can see where she grabbed the railing when she rolled off the chasm. The angle of the camera only shows your back and it shows a quick jerk of your arm as if you snatched your hand away. This leaves the question if you let Mandy go on purpose or if she slipped from your grasp.”

“She was going to kill me.” You told him before a spasm of coughs hit you because of your dry throat. Eric poured you a cup of water from the pitcher that was sitting on a tray at the end of your bed. You gulped it down in two large swallows.

“She fell from your grasp as the pain from your back caused your grip to weaken and you know longer had the strength to pull her up. That is what you will tell them. Do you understand me?” You felt pain in your hand and looking down you realize Eric had it in a death grip. As the fog of the medicine began to wear off more you realize Eric had fear in his eyes. That was one emotion you never thought you would see from him. He was afraid for you.

Bubble Bath

Summary : You’re pregnant, miserable and Bucky wants to do whatever he can to make you feel a little more at ease. 

Characters: Sweet!Romantic!Bucky 

Warnings : Anon requested a fluffy and cute. It is everything fluffy and cute. 

A/N : I had so much fun writing this. Thanks also to my pregnant co-worker who helped give me ideas

Author : Ash

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Bucky internally grimaced at the sound of your voice. Not grimaced because he didn’t love you, but grimaced because at 38 weeks you were no longer glowing in happiness of being pregnant. You were miserable, cranky, swollen and downright ready to do anything to push out your little miracle. 

Bucky knew he needed to do something to try and ease your pain..and aggravation. So he concocted the perfect plan. Bubble bath, massage and just a makeshift spa day in your home. Which in turn, while a sweet gesture, means he left you alone in the house for almost an hour while he picked up everything. 

“Bucky” you whined as he walked through the front door. “Please tell me you brought me corn chips and vanilla ice cream? Oh, and chocolate milk.” You tried your best to get up out of the chair you were sitting in, only to be defeated and huffing in annoyance. Bucky watched you for a minute before walking over. 

“I got you ice cream, corn chips, chocolate milk, more chocolate truffles and some stuff to make sure you have an incredibly relaxing day and night. You need to de-stress and relax. You deserve a mini spa day.” He said as he pecked your cheek.  God bless this man and whatever galaxy he came from. 

“Babe, right now I just want to get out of this chair.” You said with a pouty face which was adorable if Bucky was to be honest. He was pretty sure your puppy dog eyes could win any war. 

He smiled at you and handed you the bag of truffles and the bottle of chocolate milk he’d just purchased. “You don’t move a muscle, I’m going to set everything up and you’re going to relax.” He said pecking your cheek as he winked and walked away. 

You were indulging in your chocolate milk and almost choked on a truffle when Bucky made his way back into the living room. Your eyes roamed his body. He stood before you in only his boxers. Red satin boxers. Damn hormones, you wanted nothing more then to jump him right then and there. His glorious body on display, the boxers hanging low showcasing that glorious v-cut. 

Bucky just smiled at you as he made his way over. He saw you trying to get up and just let out a small chuckle. “Didn’t I tell you not to move?” He said as he hooked his arms around you and under your legs. “Super soldier remember?” He smirked at you as you laid your head on his chest. He carried you to the bathroom and helped you stand as you took in the bath.

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The scene was so beautiful you could cry. In fact you felt yourself tearing up. Bucky looked at you and kissed you softly. “Hormones?” he said as you nodded softly. He kissed you again. You took in the bubble bath and the rose petals laid on top with scented vanilla candles placed in the bathroom. You could only imagine how amazing the bath would feel. You let yourself be enveloped. 

“Let me undress you.” Bucky said as he trailed his hands over your body. You and Bucky had been intimate many times before, but this was different. You felt more exposed, more vulnerable as he undressed. His rough hands caressing your smooth, supple skin. He was so gentle, so loving. He was the epitome of a silent giant. He lifted your gown above your head, slowly running his hand down the cheek of your face. He trailed his finger from the side of your neck, over your collarbone and laid his hand over your heart. You smiled sweetly at each other. 

He ran his hand back over your belly and kissed it softly “I love you.” he softly whispered to both of you. You felt his rough fingers slide in the side of your panties and he slid them down your legs letting his hands trail their way down. He crouched down as you stepped out of your panties and he tossed them away. He stepped back looking at you. “God (Y/N) you are absolutely breathtaking. “ You blushed, when Buck said it you knew he meant it. 

He picked you up and gently placed you in the tub. The warm water, the rose oil, the milk bath (Lush Milky Bath google it! I’m obsessed) You left a small moan on contentment escape your lips. You closed your eyes and leaned back you were expecting to feel the warm chest of your love, but instead were met with a nice, warm back pillow. You frowned. 

“You’re not joining me?” You said kind of sad. Bucky smiled at you as he sat beside the tub just running his fingers along the water. “Not this time doll, this is about you.” He grasped your chin and smiled. “You need to relax and just enjoy this moment. I’m going to bathe you and watch you enjoy this. You deserve this.” his hand found your protruding stomach and you grinned. 

You couldn’t remember another time that you and Bucky spent like this. You both sat there talking, sharing stories. You shared more stories of your childhood, heard more stories about the trouble Bucky and Steve used to get into. You took times to even have a small fight about who the baby would favor more. 

He would wash your back. Softly run the water over your body and run rose oil over your shoulders and lightly massage them. He’d even sneak you a truffle every time you begged, which so far was twelve times. As much as you were loving the moment, your little ray of joy was getting antsy. 

Bucky noticed how you were starting to get uncomfortable and just smiled. “I have a second part planned.” he said smiling as he ran the water from the tub and picked up a nice cotton fluffy towel and pulled you from the tub. He stood you up and dried you off. Taking his time, exploring, as if he was trying to learn your body for the first time. 

Bucky wrapped the towel around you and picked you up bridal style carrying you to your shared bedroom. You smelt more vanilla candles and noticed more rose petals on your bed. You weren’t sure how Bucky could out do himself until you noticed the matching red satin sheets covering your bed. 

“I really don’t deserve you” you mumbled hoping Bucky wouldn’t hear. He looked down at you “(Y/N), you deserve so much more then I could give you.” he said kissing your forehead as he laid down on your side. You were so tempted to fall asleep then and there until you felt Bucky warm hands and a heating lotion against your shoulders. 

You closed your eyes and just laid there while Bucky sang your praises. “You have no idea how amazing you are doll, how strong.” You felt him squeeze your shoulders, hitting that ball of tension right there in your neck. You hummed quietly. 

You felt Bucky’s lips against your neck and you just let out a small sigh. “You are incredibly beautiful, and smart. You have this way of making me laugh and I didn’t think I’d be capable of that anymore.” He said as he placed another kiss to your neck. He slid his hands down your thighs. Every touch was driving you needed him.

Bucky rolled you on your back. You almost let out a moan of protest when you looked up at him. He was on top of you. His brunette locks falling in your face, the stubble softly grazing your cheek and jaws. This man was going to be the death of you. “James Buchanan Barnes, you are so beautiful”. You said as you leaned up kissing him deeply as you moved to kiss where his arm and flesh fuse together. 

He smiled at you leaning back on his legs as he grabbed one of your legs, taking more of the heating lotion and working his way from your feet to your thighs. To say you were in heaven was a complete understatement. You felt his fingers working their way up your calves and thighs. They were pressing, kneading, smoothing out all the friction. Releasing all that tension. 

Bucky started to repeat the motion on the other side. “You’re giving me something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have. You’re giving me a family, (Y/N). I could never tell you what you mean to me.” He softly spoke as you closed your eyes. You were biting your lip. 

Bucky laid your leg down as he hovered back over beside you, smiling down at you. He leant down to kiss you deeply. You tangled your fingers in his hair, pulling softly. You felt him moan against your lips and you returned the moan. 

You felt his hands slide down over your breasts, over your belly and down to where you needed him most…until. 

“Bucky, I think my water just broke.”

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I Didn’t Know You Read Porn

Title: I Didn’t Know You Read Porn
Pairing: Chanbaek/Baekyeol
Rating: pg-13? i guess?
Genre: fluff, literally them being dorks

Summary: Baekhyun absolutely does NOT read porn. He reads beautiful love stories that make him cry. (loosely based on Anterograde Tomorrow because I love it so much and I cried over thought about it earlier and this is what happened)

Originally posted by flawlessohsehun

It had been a long day. An incredibly long day. One of those days where all you want is to get home, take your pants off and lay on your stomach on the couch. And that’s exactly what Baekhyun planned to do. He slips his key into the lock and slowly pushes the door open, one hand already on the button of his jeans, ready to step out of them and relax. Maybe he’d take a bubble bath. He just wants to read his book; it’s such a good book, a beautiful love story that he can tell is going to go full angst and rip his heart out, leaving him to quietly cry to himself, but he’s so sucked in and hasn’t been able to put it down. He stayed up much too late last night reading, the reason for his current exhaustion after a fairly easy day of work.

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Beauty and The Beasts Part II

Part I :

Originally posted by camille-angelique

Summary: No clue how to summarize this one. 

Warnings: None

A/N: So this one is waaay shorter than the 1st part, and I don’t think it’s quite as good, but I promise part three is longer and much, much better. Thank you everyone who read part one and anyone who reads this part. I love you all. 


Lady Y/N sat in a small, spare bedchamber on the top floor of the castle. It was late, almost ten at night, and she knew that Loki would be sleeping soon. She had slipped a bit of nightshade into his tea to make him drowsy. Soon enough, she heard Loki’s door slam shut down the hall. Quickly she jumped off the bed and went to the wardrobe and opened it’s double doors. Lady Y/N pulled out all of the clothes inside and went back to the bed. She pulled off the sheets from the mattress as well as the curtains that hung around it. She took the sheets, curtains, clothes, and began tying knots.

She had everything tied together in less than 10 minutes, she had fashioned a rope. Happy with her work, Lady Y/N tied one end of the rope to the four-poster bed and threw the other end out the window. Carefully, she climbed onto the ledge and began lowering herself down, down, down the castle wall. She was nearly halfway down when a knot came undone and she started to fall. She didn’t even have time to scream as she was surrounded by a cloud of blue smoke. With a thud and a strangled noise, she opened her eyes to see she was back on the bare mattress in her bedchamber.

“You know,” Loki’s voice came from the doorway, “your escape plans just get more and more amusing.” He cackled and snapped his fingers. The room was restored to its original state, but now there was a set of bars on the window. “That should do the trick! Next time please try to hide the smell of nightshade, it’s rather potent, especially when mixed with tea leaves.” He gave an evil smirk and left the room, locking the door behind him. With nothing else to do, she fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

The next morning Loki came and unlocked her door and told her to get up. She said nothing back to him, only closed the door and began to dress herself for the day. Once she was ready, Lady Y/N made her way down to the grand hall, it was filled with magical items that she had the joy of cleaning. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use any of the items. They were enchanted so that only Loki could use them. He was an extremely possessive person, so she took extra care not to break anything. Loki was also in the grand hall, he was sitting at a spinning wheel. He was spinning straw into gold. Lady Y/N grabbed her feather duster and went over to an oddly decorated chalice that Loki said held all the power in the universe. It was silent for a long moment, but Loki’s voice broke the silence.

“Why do you keep trying to run?” He asked. “Am I really that unpleasant to you?” By the tone of his voice, he almost sounded hurt. She turned to face him, frowning, he was staring at the spinning wheel, deep in thought.

“No.” Was all she could think to say. He looked up.

‘Then why? Why do you keep running?” He asked standing up and walking around the long table to the side opposite Lady Y/N.

“Because I wish to go back.” She declared. “I want to go home, to my Father, to the ones I love.” Loki grimaced.

“Back to Sir Stark?” He questioned. “Back to your betrothed, your lover?” Lady Y/N’s eyes became full of anger, but she spoke very calmly.

“I never said I loved him.” She stated, her voice carried the calm rage of a single burning flame ready to destroy anything in it’s path. “He is only my betrothed, if I had my choice I would never marry him. Our courtship is not of love, but of law. As the only child of King Rogers, I must marry a nobleman worthy of being KIng. My father believes that is Sir Stark.” She said, the fire in her eyes slowly fading away. “He treats me as though I am a toy that he may play with anytime he wishes, but it is not love.”

“And what do you believe love is?” He asked, almost mockingly, her eyes softened.

“Love…” she began. “It’s having you lover in your mind  no matter how far away they are. It’s wanting to be with them, and only them. Love is… the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

“And you’ve felt this wonderous feeling before?” Loki seemed to actually be interested in what she had said. She looked down at her feather duster, suddenly embarrassed.

“Um… No. No I haven’t.” She stammered.

“Then how do you know such things?” He asked, she looked back up at him.

“Because it’s how my father described his love for my mother.” Loki nodded thoughtfully and looked away for a moment, but then turned back to her.

“Would you please make some tea? I’m parched.” He said. Lady Y/N nodded and moved toward the tray on the table, but when she went to set down her feather duster she knocked a cup off of the table. She gasped and quickly picked it up.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “I sorry, I knocked it off the table…. Now it’s chipped. I’m sorry.” Loki looked at her with soft eyes.

“It’s alright…. It’s only a cup.” He gave her the smallest of smiles and she picked up the tray to go make his tea.

In the kitchen, while the water boiled, she had time to think. Why could she describe love so well? When she asked her father about love he had said some of those things, but most of what she had told Loki were things she imagined love being like. It was odd, perhaps those were things that Lady Y/N wanted for herself and future love.








Javid Titanic AU - Part 12

Sarah nudged Davey back into the gym and shut the door behind them. Whatever this was, he definitely didn’t need an audience of rich people judging him.

“Hey, hey, what happened?” she asked, guiding Davey into a chair as he tried to get himself under control. “Do I need to go kill that boy of yours for making you cry?”

She forced a laugh, trying to lighten the situation, but she couldn’t help but be concerned. Not even after what happened with Albert had she seen her brother quite this low.

Davey winced. Jack wasn’t his; Jack was never going to be his.

“Don’t. Please. Don’t talk about him,” he mumbled, squeezing words out past the lump in his throat.

“You seemed plenty happy to talk about him before…” Sarah blinked, confused. Where was the blushing boy who smiled whenever Jack’s name was mentioned, and why had he left so suddenly?

Pulling his feet up onto the chair so he could hug his knees, not caring about how childish he looked, Davey hid his face. The tears had mostly stopped but he felt like he could fall apart again at any second. He was physically holding himself together because doing it mentally was just too hard. It wasn’t only Jack he’d given up, it was being happy.
“Just… Never mention him again. Ever. Please,” he begged, his words muffled by the fabric of his trousers. He’d decided not to give in to his temptation, but that didn’t mean it was ever going to go away. It would be so much easier if he wasn’t reminded of it day after day. That boy I could have kissed. That boy who held me whilst we danced. That boy with the smile.

Sarah still didn’t get it. “David, what’s the problem?” she asked, needing him to be clear. She couldn’t fix it if she didn’t know what was wrong.
“I want him,” Davey said, in a voice awfully close to a wail. He was acknowledging it – that was a good thing, right? Unfortunately that didn’t just make it go away.
“I think he’s made it perfectly clear that that isn’t a problem,” Sarah teased, ruffling her younger brother’s hair.

Davey batted her hand away and scowled.
“It’s wrong, Sarah. I shouldn’t… It’s a sin and I have to stop,” he recited. At this rate he was going to have to sit there night after night and repeat the words to himself until he started to believe them, really believe them, instead of just knowing he should.

Taking a shocked step back, Sarah stared. There was something in Davey’s voice that made her realise he was serious this time. The part of him that had been thrilled to be spending time with Jack had been locked away somewhere.

‘What did Mama say to you?” she asked, horrified. She’d been hoping he would be stronger, more able to resist the nonsense their parents were trying to fill his head with.

“She was right,” Davey sighed.
“No,” Sarah insisted. “Not if it makes you feel like this.”

Davey shuffled awkwardly, aware that he looked pathetic. He was curled up like a child with tear tracks down his face and shaking hands.

“I need to move on,” he said, in spite of it all. Even if he was certain Jack would be able to still his hands, tease his limbs to un-tense and uncurl, and kiss away the tear stains, that didn’t mean he was allowed to let him.

Sarah rolled her eyes. Davey had not thought this through. She dragged over another chair and sat opposite him, facing him on his level. If nothing else was going to work, reason usually got through to him.

“Okay, so you move on from Jack – who has made you smile like I’ve never seen before, by the way,” she added, ignoring the scowl she got for her troubles, “but what then? You’re going to marry a woman?”
“Yes,” Davey agreed, swallowing back a grimace. He’d never love a woman, he knew that, but he could still marry one if he had to. And he did have to.
“I’d believe you far more easily if you weren’t gritting your teeth,” Sarah smiled, leaning back and folding her arms.
“I could marry a woman,” Davey argued. “I should. You know I have to if I become a rabbi.” He was supposed to set an example, go forth and multiply and all. He shuddered. Sex was going to come into it as well, wasn’t it? He didn’t want that. Girls were fine, nice even, but the last thing he wanted to do was sleep with one.

“And be miserable?” Sarah asked, catching the horror in Davey’s eyes when he realised exactly what life he was resigning himself to.
“I won’t be miserable,” he lied.
Sarah just scoffed. “You’re miserable now. That’s not going to change.”

The truth hurt. Davey couldn’t listen to it anymore. Climbing shakily to his feet, he took a step towards the door. He was already fighting his desire to go and find Jack and just kiss him already, he didn’t need his sister to help try to convince him.
“Sarah, I can’t do this. This whole thing never happened, okay?” he pleaded, before heading out the door. He just needed to be somewhere else.


Davey couldn’t face a room of smoke and testosterone and talking about how much money everyone had, so he endured the jibes from his father about staying with the women and refused to move from his seat after dinner that evening. He’d take Sarah giving him sympathetic glances every two minutes over cigars in the smoking room.

It wasn’t easy to endure his mother making pointed comments about how much progress Davey has made just on the journey and how religion has really saved him. It only got worse when she started talking about starting to find him a good Jewish wife once they were settled in America. She was saying it like a good thing, as opposed to a waking nightmare that was going to last the rest of his life. He glanced around the room in an attempt to find somewhere to direct his attention so he could better zone out as Esther planned his future. His gaze settled on a couple, sat over by the window. He’d never been introduced to them before so they probably weren’t insane levels of rich, but they looked happy. She was smiling and leaning in like she wanted to hear more of whatever story he was telling her, and he was holding her hand, twining their fingers together. They seemed to glow, like they were actually in love, and Davey wanted that. When the man leaned in and kissed the woman’s cheek, he smiled sadly.

“You could have that,” Sarah whispered, having noticed where Davey had been looking. He knew she didn’t mean with a woman.

Davey was trying not to sob. His leg was bouncing up and down fast, a tic he’d never had before, and he was desperate to leave. Suddenly nothing mattered anymore – not his mother, not his religion. He wanted to be as happy as the couple across the room and the only person who had ever made him feel like he could glow like that was on the ship, just a few decks away. He couldn’t stay put anymore.

“Excuse me,” he said abruptly, climbing to his feet and interrupting whatever conversation had been going on.

“David?” Esther asked, shocked at his audacity.

Every woman around the table was blinking in surprise, except two. Medda and Sarah shared a smile. He got a wink from Medda and an encouraging smile from his sister, and that was all the support he needed.

“I have to go,” he said, giving no further explanation.


Getting out of the dining room had been the biggest task as far as emotional strength went, but finding Jack in the biggest ship even built rated higher for statistical impossibility. The only time he’d been out of the first class levels had been when Jack was holding his hand and showing him the right way round every corner. It was far more convoluted when he was trying to retrace the steps alone, and he’d been too distracted by the whole hand holding thing the first time around to remember the route well. There were hardly signs saying steerage this way from the upper decks.

It took him about an hour to wind his way through the ship until he was in the right place. When he walked into the dining room he’d danced in only the night before, he’d been hoping to find Jack sat there ready to take him to that somewhere quieter that had been offered. His heart felt like it was in his throat and his stomach and his fingertips all at the same time, the pulses echoing round his head in a nervous, exhilarated mess.

Only Jack wasn’t there.

“You lost?” a voice asked, and Davey turned to find the Irish man he recognised from the party.
“I… I’m looking for-” Davey stammered, not realising how discombobulated he was until he had to try and connect his tongue to his brain. Thankfully the man clicked his fingers in recognition as soon as he realised who the smartly dressed man from first class was.

“You’re Jack’s friend, right? From last night,” he asked.

“Yes,” Davey said, relieved. “Can you tell me where I can find him?”

The Irish man narrowed his eyes. “Are you going to hurt him again?”

Davey froze. Evidently realising where they’d met before also linked Davey to some things Jack had said about him. Averting the man’s eyes, Davey shook his head. He didn’t want to hurt Jack ever again.

After appraising him for a couple of seconds, Davey seemed to have passed some kind of test.
“He’s moping up on the front deck,” the man allowed.
“And how do I-?” Davey began.

Rolling his eyes, the man started pointing out the directions and pitying the poor little rich boy who knew nothing about the real world. Davey pitied himself a little too.


Jack’s Irish friend had been telling the truth. Davey walked out onto the deck and found Jack staring out into the sunset, resting his forearms on the railings. He was alone. Davey wanted to be at a stage where he could walk up and wrap his arms around him, but that wasn’t how it worked. Not yet, anyway.

“Jack?” he said, tentatively, unsure if he was welcome. When Jack turned around with wide eyes, he just shrugged awkwardly. “They told me I’d find you here.”

“What do you want?” Jack asked. He had no idea what he was meant to be feeling. He was hurt but he knew Davey wasn’t exactly without his own demons, mother-shaped demons, so he was torn between ignoring him and pulling him into a hug.
“I changed my mind,” Davey explained, but he knew that wasn’t enough. “I’m sorry. For what I said.” Once he started talking, he found he couldn’t stop. Soon he was pacing the deck and talking aimlessly. “I’m… This is new for me and I’m rejecting everything I’ve ever known. I reacted badly. It’s difficult to want you but… I want to want you. I want to be comfortable wanting you. Can we… Do you want to try? I know it’s asking a lot because I’m a mess really and maybe that’s not fair on you, exactly, but I really, really want to kiss you right now. I want to kiss you a lot and I don’t care what my family has to say about it – well maybe Sarah but she likes you so that’s fine – and I don’t care what god says about it because I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life doing anything else, so I just really need-”

Jack had heard enough.

“Dave?” he said, a grin on his face.

“Yes?” Davey asked, hopeful. The new nickname was a good sign, right? It had to be.

“Shut up,” Jack requested kindly.

He crossed the deck and took both of Davey’s hands, squeezing them gently.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered, grinning.

Davey did as he was asked, trying to stop his heart from beating out of its chest. It felt like too long until he’d been kissed, and he desperately wanted it. But the last time he’d been kissed it hadn’t exactly gone well. This was going to be different, he could tell. This time he was going to be happy.

Except Jack didn’t kiss him. Instead Davey found himself being led across the deck. Confused but intrigued, he kept his eyes closed and carefully moved his feet forward. Then Jack stopped and moved behind him, bringing their hands up to rest them on the railing. It was like being in Jack’s arms again and Davey relaxed. It wasn’t quite dancing, but in a way it was better. This was touching for the sake of touching, just because they both wanted it.

“Climb up on the railing,” Jack mumbled in his ear. When Davey paused for a moment, he chuckled. “Do you trust me?”

“Yeah,” Davey breathed, because he really did. So he did as Jack had asked and slowly climbed up, thankful when Jack’s hands went to his waist to keep him steady.

“Okay, one more step,” Jack encouraged, and Davey climbed up even higher. Then he took Davey’s hands again and guided them until his arms were outstretched. “Now open your eyes.”

Davey did and he couldn’t help a gasp. All that was in front of him was ocean and it was easy to forget that he was grounded on a ship. The wind was rushing over his face and Jack’s hands were back at his waist, holding him tight and keeping him safe.

“Jack,” Davey whispered. “I’m flying, Jack.”

“You’re free,” he smiled.

He slowly let go of Davey’s waist, making sure he was okay with it, and traced down his arms to take Davey’s hands. He couldn’t help but play with Davey’s fingers and from the soft smile on his face, Davey didn’t mind. He brushed his fingertips over Davey’s palm and drew random shapes against over the back of his hand.  Eventually Jack just wanted to hold him again, bringing both of their hands down to wrap them around Davey’s waist and finally tracing the tailoring of his suit there. He wanted to follow the seams down, but this wasn’t the place.

Davey couldn’t not kiss him anymore. He turned his head, finding Jack’s lips with his and not caring that they were technically in a public place and anyone could see them. It was worth it. Jack kissed him back, smiling through it all and brushing the back of his knuckles against Davey’s jaw. Davey wanted to reciprocate but they really weren’t at the best angle for kissing. Compromising with himself, he buried his fingers in Jack’s hair and pulled him even closer. And he never wanted to let him go.

Part 13
Part 14

MONSTA X Bodyguard Jooheon 'Salt and Iron'

anon asked: bodyguard drabble expansion for my baby joohoney pls? 😍 thank you!

A/N: Hi honey! I hope you like it. ^^ WARNING: Brief descriptions of violence.

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I did here.

On the surface, Jooheon seemed like a great guard. He possessed the stony exterior, the cold hard look in his eyes. But it wasn’t long before you recognized it was all posturing, that the tough front hid a tender heart. Although he knew all the tricks of the trade and was impressively proficient, there was a huge difference between being protective and aggressive. And in that gap lie the opportunity to get him killed. 

So you figured maybe bodyguard work wasn’t for him. There was no reason to lose someone as talented as he was, so you made him an aide. Your right hand man so to speak. When you explained the change in position he looked dismayed, like he’d failed. 

Not unkindly, you explained yourself. “Jooheon. You’re not cut out for that kind of work. I mean, even bugs scare you. Why did you want to be a guard anyway?”

Embarrassed he ducked his head. “My dad. He thought it would toughen me up.”

“Toughness doesn’t have anything to do with violence. C’mon, I’ll show you what I need and you’ll be too busy to feel bad.”

And he was. Over the next year the two of you were together day and night. He pretty much became indispensable. All the energy he’d poured into being a guard now went toward helping you. Long hours led to meals shared and stories told. Sometimes it felt like the only one you could really be yourself with was him. It just felt good to be around him.

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Somebody to Love

Title : Somebody to Love

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 3,164

Prompt : submitted by  cherray-blawsm When you and the boys go to a karaoke bar, you didn’t expect to have fun. Not because you are lame or anti-social or anything, but just because Dean tends to be a bit of a jerk in public settings. But when he starts messing with you, you have no choice but to prove just how fun you can be.

“Alright, now this is what I’m talking about!”

You shot Sam a quick look as Dean rubbed his hands together excitedly before he waved down the nearest waitress at  the karaoke bar that you and the boys had stopped at on the drive home. At Dean’s excited expression, Sam rolled his eyes, pressing a hand to his forehead exasperatedly.

“Nothing like spending an entire evening with stupid people, good drinks and even better music.”

You stifled a laugh at how happy Dean looked. Honestly, he had a right to be, he gutted that vamp in record time and he barely even got a speck of gore on him all week. This may have been his best week in hunting record, and his pleasant nature was almost blinding. As the waitress came up, boredly blowing a bubble in her chewing gum, Dean waved his hand around the table widely, shooting you a cocky look. “Come on, guys. This place is awesome!”

“You keep using that word.” You mumbled, and Dean shot you a look, his eyebrow quirked in playful wit. You saw him look at you and you felt a faint blush work onto your cheeks and you looked away as you sheepishly finished the movie quote. “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

“Cute, Y/N. Nothing quite as sexy as a girl who isn’t afraid to quote some Princess Bride in public.” Dean chuckled at his own joke as you threw a packet of sugar at him as hard as you could, which he easily blocked.

“I literally can’t take you two anywhere.” Sam mumbled, his face buried in his hands. You could see him struggling to stifle a laugh and you quickly rammed your shoulder into his.

“That does put a damper on our relationship.”

At your words, Dean broke out into a fit of laughter as you smiled at Sam smugly. From across the table next to Dean, Cas narrowed his eyes with a frown, puzzlement written all over his innocent face. “I don’t understand that reference.”

You laughed and turned away from the boys so Cas wouldn’t see.

God, you loved those boys…

“What do you want?” The waitress droned on, not looking up from her notepad. You shook your head with a smirk, hiding down behind the menu that had been thrown at you when you all entered the establishment. If that chick knew that the three best-looking men in the universe were sitting in her booth she probably would stand up just a little straighter.  

“Tell you what, sweetheart,” Dean smiled up at the waitress with a suave quirk of his perfect lips. “I’ll make it easy for you; four Millers to start and four cheeseburgers, with the works.”

“Dean—” Sam started to object, but Dean held up a hand.

“Shut your cake hole, Sammy. This is a fun place, and you aren’t going to go vegetarian on me tonight, so suck it up.”

Sam let out a sigh and rolled his eyes with a hopeless smile as the waitress turned and walked away with your orders.

“Hey, Y/N.”

You looked up at Castiel’s voice. “Hmm?”

Cas frowned and pointed to his nose. “You’ve got a little blood on your nose.”

You blinked and rubbed your sleeve across the bridge of your nose frustratedly. You hadn’t exactly had the cleanest kill of your life at the hunt that day, but that wasn’t unusual. You were used to the boys ridiculing your skills. But the way you saw it, a kill was a kill, and you were already pushing at Dean’s personal record yourself.

Dean laughed as you smiled at Cas. “Better?”

Dean shook his head and shot you a look. “You’re such a dork.”

You frowned. “I am not!”

“Please, Y/N.” Dean leaned back in his seat with a cocky grin on his face. “Out of everyone in this bar, you are clearly the most socially awkward.”

“Says the guy who made us stop at a karaoke bar,” you retorted with a snort as the waitress came back to toss four beers on the table. You thanked her and took the closest one with a grin before taking a swift chug.

“Um, excuse you.” Dean snapped, feigning faux injury at your words as he pressed a palm to his chest. “Karaoke bars are the best.”

“No.” Sam and you both spoke up at the same time, and you let out a laugh to match the younger Winchesters at the humor of the moment.

“I do not see the appeal.” Cas murmured, looking over a table as a woman laughed loudly and spit out her drink across her friend’s shirt.

“Cas.” Dean rolled his eyes and took a beer and handed the angel another. “Do not make me retract my previous statement. For once, Y/N’s the lame one, not you.”

Castiel narrowed his eyes but took the drink as you glared at Dean as Sam chuckled under his breath at your annoyed expression. “Oh, come on, guys!” You tried to pout but your smile was growing. The loud bar was full of laughter and it was purely contagious. “I’m cool!”

“You came downstairs yesterday in a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt.” Sam interjected softly.

You shot Sam a sharp look and he shrugged innocently at you. You let out a scoff as the music grew a tiny bit louder. “I am the best hunter on the East Coast. Are you seriously going to pick a fight with me, Winchester?”

Dean cocked his eyebrows nonchalantly. “I never said you weren’t a good hunter. I said you were lame.” You folded your arms and glared at him from across the table until Dean leaned back smugly. “Face it, if you hadn’t come here with us, you probably wouldn’t have gone out tonight.”

“I know how to have fun!”

“Not to pick sides here,” Sam added suddenly, “but he has a point.”


“You did have a panic attack when that guy we saved last month asked you out. Practically ran out the door and drove away without us.”

“Exactly!” Dean raised a hand to his brother acknowledging his help. “All I am saying is you wouldn’t know how to have a good time if it wasn’t for us.”

You let out a scoff of contempt but Dean only shot you a charming smile. “So you’re welcome.”  

You glared at Dean for a long time before you took another drink. “I had a life before you, just so you know.”

“Prove it.”

You looked up at Dean’s rough voice, unsure if you heard him right. “What?”

Dean pursed his lips cockily. “I said, prove it.” You blinked at him and he gestured to the stage. “Next song.”

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He takes care of you when you’re sick

In honor of me feeling like absolute death :( Enjoy!


It was one of those times when you’d been feeling slightly off the past couple of days, so you’d been trying to eat extra healthy and get plenty of sleep, but it was still unavoidable. So when you woke up that morning completely congested, throat burning and head aching, you couldn’t say you were surprised, but it was never a pleasant feeling to wake up to. You groaned, turning towards Harry’s side of the bed only to groan again when you saw he wasn’t there, remembering how he’d had to go to early meetings today and probably wouldn’t be back for a few hours. 

You lay there, sulking in your misery and feeling absolutely awful, before finally deciding to get up after a few minutes. Fortunately for you, it was Saturday, so you didn’t have to go in to work today; you just wished Harry was home. 

As soon as you were finally stood up, you regretted it. Head now pounding and feeling worse than before, you cleared your throat before walking towards the closet. Throwing on some sweatpants and one of Harry’s sweatshirts that hit about mid-thigh on you, you trudged out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Not having much of an appetite, you decided to make some tea and go watch some tv in the living room, not having the energy to do about anything else. You quickly took some medicine before setting your tea on the small table next to the couch, wrapped in a blanket and soon dozing off because of the medicine you’d taken and feeling exhausted despite just having slept for ten hours.

You were awoken what seemed only minutes later by the sound of the front door opening and closing as Harry walked in. As soon as he saw you, curled up in a ball and pale as ever, a pout formed on his face and his eyebrows slightly furrowed as he came over to where you were lying on the couch. 

“Hi baby, what’s wrong, little one?” He asked you softly, sitting down on the foot stand in front of you so he could place his large hand on your forehead.

“Don’t feel good,” you told him, surprising the both of you when your voice came out crackly and much lower than usual. 

“Aw I’m sorry baby. Mmm, your forehead’s warm. I’m gonna get you a cool cloth to put on it,” he told you before pressing a light kiss to your head and standing up to go to the kitchen.

You looked over at the clock and were surprised to see that you’d been asleep for a few hours on the couch when he’d woken you up. You were suddenly so disoriented and just felt terrible.

“Here you go, love,” Harry told you sweetly as he laid the cloth on your forehead. “Can I run out to the store and get you anything, cough drops or soup or something?” he offered with a comforting smile on his face.

“Mmm, just lay with me please,” you pleaded with him, sniffling and feeling pathetic. 

“Sure baby, come here,” he told you as he took off his jacket and moved you gently so that he was lying on his back with you cuddled next to him, your head laying on his chest. He stroked your hair and your back with each of his hands, and you could already tell that sleep was once again calling you.

“Harry,” you mumbled, only to turn away and let out a series of painful coughs that made Harry grimace with concern. 

“Okay love?” He asked you once you finally turned back to lay your head on him, rubbing your back soothingly.

“Harry I feel like crap,” you finally managed to whisper, causing him to let out a breathy laugh. 

“I can see that, little one, I’m really sorry. Maybe try to sleep if you can,” he offered, not knowing that you were already dozing off.

“Harry,” you murmured again, trying to stay awake just a little bit longer.

“Yes, love?”

“I love you so much, Harry,” you managed to get out before slipping into unconsciousness, feeling safe and protected with his arms wrapped around you so tightly. 

“I love you,” he whispered, a smile on his face, kissing your hair as you dozed off once again. “I love you so much.” 

Ficlet: Beanies and Nail Polish

I don’t know what this is. I watched a live show, and then this happened.

Phil teasingly tousled Dan’s unruly curls, which were damp with sweat. “Why do you always decide to go for a jog right before your live shows?”

“I don’t know,” Dan groaned. “But there’s no way I can make this mop presentable in time.” He tugged at his hair in frustration, then pressed down on it as if to flatten it through sheer force of will. The stubborn curls sprang up again as soon as he removed his hand.

“I’ve got an idea!” Phil grinned and ran out of the lounge toward his bedroom. He came back clutching something behind his back, a mischievous smile on his face.

Dan backed away slowly. “I don’t know what you’re planning, but I don’t think I’m going to like it.”

Phil’s face was angelic with innocence as he replied, “It’s just something to hide your hair while you do your live show. Isn’t that what you want?”

Dan watched Phil as if he were a snake about to strike. And then suddenly he felt a soft hat pulled onto his head and Phil sprang away in triumph. “It looks so cute on you!” he exclaimed joyfully.

Dan pulled the hat off his head and looked at it. A mint green hipster beanie. Could he think of an article of clothing less expressive of his personality? He was pretty sure as an infant he’d had a blanket in his crib this exact same color. He scowled.

“There is no way in hell I’m wearing this. Especially not in front of thousands of people in a live show! I mean … maybe if it were black…”

Phil looked up toward the ceiling, rocking back and forth on his feet like a child with a secret. “It’s left over from the pastel edit video. You know what else is left over? Nail polish.”

Dan looked suspicious. “So?”

“Remember how much I liked it when you painted your nails, and you said you wanted to paint mine pink, but I wouldn’t let you?”

Dan nodded reluctantly, but couldn’t help a slight smile at the memory.

“Well, I’ve got some pink nail polish in my bedroom. If you wear the beanie during your live show, I’ll let you paint my nails afterward.” Phil grinned as if sure he’d already won.

Dan paused as if thinking, then raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Only if you promise to keep it on until your live show on Thursday.”

Phil hesitated, then held out his hand to shake. Dan took it and shook firmly, sealing their deal, then glanced down at the pastel beanie in his other hand with a grimace.

“Come here, love,” Phil cooed, and stepped close to rumple Dan’s hair even more, fluffing it and shaping it. “You know how much I love your curls. It’s a shame to cover them up. But you know beanies like that only cover the back of your head.”

Dan rolled his eyes and plopped the hat on his head ungraciously. Phil adjusted it a bit, then smiled in approval. “There you go. All ready for the live show.”

“And we have a date with some pink nail polish when I’m done,” Dan said, trying to maintain a grumpy face but finding it a tough job.

Phil leaned in for a kiss full of promises and pulled back to say, “Can’t wait,” with a twinkle in his eye.

Game On

Summary- Dean, tired of playing dolls, brings a new kind of toy to Clara’s house.

A/N- Another part of my Dating with Children series. It should make sense if you haven’t read the others.

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*Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future works.*

Dean had barely made it in through the door when Maddie came flying at him, excited to see him. “DEAN!!!”

“Hi Mads,” He smiled down at the little girl. “How are you?”

“I’m so excited you’re here! I’ve been waiting for you all day. I have my toys all set up and ready to play.”

Dean grimaced, he loved spending time with Maddie, but he had grown tired of playing dollies. “Hey Maddie, I have a different idea. I was thinking, we always play dolls, why don’t we play something else today.”

“We could play tea party or dress up.” Maddie lead him into the living room where Clara was waiting for the two of them. She gave Dean a smiled when he entered the room.

“Is she driving you crazy about playing with her already? Maddie, he just came in, leave him alone honey. Maybe he came to play with Mommy and not you today.”

“He plays with you when you go out on dates. We totally wants to play with me today.” Maddie sassed her mother and Dean tried not to laugh. Clara raised her eyebrows at her daughter. “At least let him take his coat off before you attack him with Barbies.”

Dean placed the bag he was carrying down and took his coat off. “Maddie, I thought maybe I could pick what we play today. I brought a toy I think you might like.”

Maddie looked at the bag curiously, obviously weary of whatever Dean thought might be better than her toys. “What is it?”

Dean drew two nerf guns out of his bag. Dean excitedly showed his new toys off to the girls, “Nerf Guns!”

Maddie wrinkled her nose, “Guns? Really Dean? That doesn’t sound as fun as my games.”

Dean chuckled and lifted his gun, shooting Maddie with bullets. The young girl squealed and darted away from him. “No fair, I can’t shoot you back!”

“Here.” Dean handed her the other gun which she quickly took and backed away again from the large hunter. She shot at him a couple times before running from the room. Dean stood up laughing, chasing after her. “I’m going to get you.”

Dean heard her little feet pounding up the stairs. Dean followed all the noise she was making to Clara’s room. He quietly crept farther into the room. Hearing Maddie trying to stifle her laughter from the other side of the bed. He moved across the room, to the end of the bed. He peaked over the side and saw her crouched down, with her back turned to him.

He lifted the toy gun and started pelting her with bullets. Maddie whipped around, laughing even harder now. She raised her own gun and started shooting at him. After a while they both ran out of bullets and stopped to reload their guns.

“You know,” Dean whispered, checking over his shoulder to make sure Clara wasn’t there. “We should form an alliance.”

“A what?” Maddie looked up at him confused.

“We should be a team. Get someone together, instead of shooting each other.”


Dean smirked, “Your mom.”

Maddie’s face lite up and she excitedly nodded her head. Dean smiled and motioned for her to follow him. The pair crept down the stairs and Dean raised a finger to his lips, signaling for her to be quiet. The two stealthy moved down the hall, heading for the kitchen where Clara was making lunch. Dean peaked his head around the corner and noticed that Clara was looking down, reading a recipe. Dean looked over his shoulder and nodded at Maddie.

The two burst into the room, rapidly firing the foam bullets at her. She yelped and threw her hands up in front of her face, trying to back away from the approaching attack. Clara edged around the counter and tried to make a run for cover in the other room. Dean reached out and wrapped his arms around her middle; trapping her and pulling her close. Clara laughed and tried to break free, but his grip was too strong.

“Come on Maddie; finish her off!” Maddie ran at her mom, laughing and emptying her gun at her. When all the bullets had been fired, they stood gasping for breath, still laughing at all the fun.

Maddie smiled up at Dean, “I take it back Dean; your games are fun. You should bring them more often.”

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Mike used to be scared of bugs of all shapes and sizes; anything with more than four legs would send a shiver down his spine and make his skin crawl.

And while he still can’t bring himself to swat a fly and although he still tenses up at the sight of a spider, Mike finds a new love for butterflies in the summer of ‘85 while laying in the tall grass just outside Hopper’s trailer, El by his side, her fingers brushing softly against his open palm.

As they hum songs to one another, each guessing the tune the other is trying to carry, a brightly-coloured butterfly, orange and blue and velvety black, flutters past him to land on El’s wrist. With a smile she glances at the butterfly and the contented happiness on her face relaxes Mike’s worried grimace into a loving grin. Maybe butterflies weren’t so bad…