or… harry regrets breaking y/n’s heart

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I miss you.

His mouth is dry as he stares down at his phone, thumb hovering over the arrow that’ll send the text he’s longing to mail. With another deep breath, he studies the message over again, then begins to question himself. Should I write more? She deserves an apology. Maybe the word crave instead of miss. Yearn for? He deletes the text but retypes it in the same moment.

He’s never felt guilt this deeply before, he’s never so desperately wanted to turn back time and change everything– rephrase all of his words differently. Do things differently. The thought of him not being able to go back and change things hits him like a ton of bricks, sending his short nails into the palm of his hand.

A clap on his shoulder wakes him from his thoughts, and he looks up with attentive eyes. “Ready to go?” Jeff laughs, tucking his heel into the back of his shoe. “Reservations don’t hold themselves.”

“No, yeah.” he rushes, tucking the locked phone into the back pocket of his jeans. “Let’s go.”

“It’s my fucking job, y’know that, we’ve been through this a million times before. Get over it, angel.”

She scoffs in disbelief, untying the silk scarf from around her neck. “Get over it? Get over it. Over my boyfriend of nearly a year not telling anyone about our relationship—?“

“The media would go insane I- fuck I told y’this—”

“I’m not asking you to tell the world, Harry! Maybe your mom, your sister? My family? I’ve been lying to them for way too long, keeping an enormous part of my life away from them how’s that supposed to make me feel? Do you know how distressing it is to be introduced as a friend to you? To not tell anyone, not even my best friend how much you mean to me?”

“Y’do know it’s like that for me as well? A relationship is consists of two people—”

“Not that I’d know.”

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Wanted (Jungkook and Hoseok love triangle smut)

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Summary: Jungkook likes you, Hoseok’s girlfriend, a little too much and gets a little too excited when he catches you and Hobi having sex.

Pairings: You x Hoseok, You x Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Themes: Jungkook catching you having sex, Jungkook masturbating, Jungkook having feelings for you while you’re in a relationship, sex with Hobi

Word count: 4k (?)

Trigger warnings: Explicit smut, being caught (kind of), masturbating, over-all mature themes, hints at mental illness (like, sort of- not really)

You watched your boyfriend, who sat cross-legged on the floor, folding clothes to put into his suitcase with great care. Sparkles twizzled across your eyes as you observed him with a thudding heart. His back was facing you and as he moved, his muscles flexed gently beneath his grey sweater. Unable to resist the temptation of his touch- you climbed off of his bed to crouch behind him. Your hands rubbed over his shoulder blades tenderly.

“Hey, baby.” He says and laughs. That enchanting laugh that is so soft it comes out as a throaty chuckle.

“Hey, baby.” You say back and sit down so that your knees are on either side of him. You nuzzle your nose into his soft shirt, inhaling his clean and musky scent. You wrap your arms around him- letting your hands fold over his abs, which he soon covers with his own. He leans his head backwards and the smell of his shampooed orange hair tickles at your nose.

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My brother can watch wrestling where guys are getting cut open and bleeding everywhere, but I skype my mother to ask about getting period blood off a couch cushion and suddenly it’s “ew gross, I am in the room!”

  • *the underground morgue*
  • Holmes: *impatient* You'll consider it?
  • Hooper: *sighs* I am working, Mr. Holmes.
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* It's a perfectly simple question.
  • Hooper: *slams the scalpel down* Do you know what you're asking of me?
  • Holmes: *through gritted teeth* I am asking be my *glances at Anderson; lowers his voice* partner in life.
  • -Anderson drops loud things-
  • Hooper: *fierce* Get out.
  • Anderson: *hurries out of the morgue*
  • Hooper: *shakes her head* I have too much to lose. I am sorry.
  • Holmes: I have no desire to interfere with your ambitions *smiles* We're already a formidable team.
  • Hooper: *swallows; avoiding looking at him* You haven't even seen me.
  • Holmes: *casually* I always see you, Molly *smiles softly*
  • Hooper: *bites her lip* I shall...consider it.
  • Holmes: *smirks*
  • Hooper: It's not a yes.
  • Holmes: *still smirking*
  • Hooper: *blushing* Shut up, Holmes.
Bubble Bath

Summary : You’re pregnant, miserable and Bucky wants to do whatever he can to make you feel a little more at ease. 

Characters: Sweet!Romantic!Bucky 

Warnings : Anon requested a fluffy and cute. It is everything fluffy and cute. 

A/N : I had so much fun writing this. Thanks also to my pregnant co-worker who helped give me ideas

Author : Ash

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Bucky internally grimaced at the sound of your voice. Not grimaced because he didn’t love you, but grimaced because at 38 weeks you were no longer glowing in happiness of being pregnant. You were miserable, cranky, swollen and downright ready to do anything to push out your little miracle. 

Bucky knew he needed to do something to try and ease your pain..and aggravation. So he concocted the perfect plan. Bubble bath, massage and just a makeshift spa day in your home. Which in turn, while a sweet gesture, means he left you alone in the house for almost an hour while he picked up everything. 

“Bucky” you whined as he walked through the front door. “Please tell me you brought me corn chips and vanilla ice cream? Oh, and chocolate milk.” You tried your best to get up out of the chair you were sitting in, only to be defeated and huffing in annoyance. Bucky watched you for a minute before walking over. 

“I got you ice cream, corn chips, chocolate milk, more chocolate truffles and some stuff to make sure you have an incredibly relaxing day and night. You need to de-stress and relax. You deserve a mini spa day.” He said as he pecked your cheek.  God bless this man and whatever galaxy he came from. 

“Babe, right now I just want to get out of this chair.” You said with a pouty face which was adorable if Bucky was to be honest. He was pretty sure your puppy dog eyes could win any war. 

He smiled at you and handed you the bag of truffles and the bottle of chocolate milk he’d just purchased. “You don’t move a muscle, I’m going to set everything up and you’re going to relax.” He said pecking your cheek as he winked and walked away. 

You were indulging in your chocolate milk and almost choked on a truffle when Bucky made his way back into the living room. Your eyes roamed his body. He stood before you in only his boxers. Red satin boxers. Damn hormones, you wanted nothing more then to jump him right then and there. His glorious body on display, the boxers hanging low showcasing that glorious v-cut. 

Bucky just smiled at you as he made his way over. He saw you trying to get up and just let out a small chuckle. “Didn’t I tell you not to move?” He said as he hooked his arms around you and under your legs. “Super soldier remember?” He smirked at you as you laid your head on his chest. He carried you to the bathroom and helped you stand as you took in the bath.

Originally posted by thepinkcrystal

The scene was so beautiful you could cry. In fact you felt yourself tearing up. Bucky looked at you and kissed you softly. “Hormones?” he said as you nodded softly. He kissed you again. You took in the bubble bath and the rose petals laid on top with scented vanilla candles placed in the bathroom. You could only imagine how amazing the bath would feel. You let yourself be enveloped. 

“Let me undress you.” Bucky said as he trailed his hands over your body. You and Bucky had been intimate many times before, but this was different. You felt more exposed, more vulnerable as he undressed. His rough hands caressing your smooth, supple skin. He was so gentle, so loving. He was the epitome of a silent giant. He lifted your gown above your head, slowly running his hand down the cheek of your face. He trailed his finger from the side of your neck, over your collarbone and laid his hand over your heart. You smiled sweetly at each other. 

He ran his hand back over your belly and kissed it softly “I love you.” he softly whispered to both of you. You felt his rough fingers slide in the side of your panties and he slid them down your legs letting his hands trail their way down. He crouched down as you stepped out of your panties and he tossed them away. He stepped back looking at you. “God (Y/N) you are absolutely breathtaking. “ You blushed, when Buck said it you knew he meant it. 

He picked you up and gently placed you in the tub. The warm water, the rose oil, the milk bath (Lush Milky Bath google it! I’m obsessed) You left a small moan on contentment escape your lips. You closed your eyes and leaned back you were expecting to feel the warm chest of your love, but instead were met with a nice, warm back pillow. You frowned. 

“You’re not joining me?” You said kind of sad. Bucky smiled at you as he sat beside the tub just running his fingers along the water. “Not this time doll, this is about you.” He grasped your chin and smiled. “You need to relax and just enjoy this moment. I’m going to bathe you and watch you enjoy this. You deserve this.” his hand found your protruding stomach and you grinned. 

You couldn’t remember another time that you and Bucky spent like this. You both sat there talking, sharing stories. You shared more stories of your childhood, heard more stories about the trouble Bucky and Steve used to get into. You took times to even have a small fight about who the baby would favor more. 

He would wash your back. Softly run the water over your body and run rose oil over your shoulders and lightly massage them. He’d even sneak you a truffle every time you begged, which so far was twelve times. As much as you were loving the moment, your little ray of joy was getting antsy. 

Bucky noticed how you were starting to get uncomfortable and just smiled. “I have a second part planned.” he said smiling as he ran the water from the tub and picked up a nice cotton fluffy towel and pulled you from the tub. He stood you up and dried you off. Taking his time, exploring, as if he was trying to learn your body for the first time. 

Bucky wrapped the towel around you and picked you up bridal style carrying you to your shared bedroom. You smelt more vanilla candles and noticed more rose petals on your bed. You weren’t sure how Bucky could out do himself until you noticed the matching red satin sheets covering your bed. 

“I really don’t deserve you” you mumbled hoping Bucky wouldn’t hear. He looked down at you “(Y/N), you deserve so much more then I could give you.” he said kissing your forehead as he laid down on your side. You were so tempted to fall asleep then and there until you felt Bucky warm hands and a heating lotion against your shoulders. 

You closed your eyes and just laid there while Bucky sang your praises. “You have no idea how amazing you are doll, how strong.” You felt him squeeze your shoulders, hitting that ball of tension right there in your neck. You hummed quietly. 

You felt Bucky’s lips against your neck and you just let out a small sigh. “You are incredibly beautiful, and smart. You have this way of making me laugh and I didn’t think I’d be capable of that anymore.” He said as he placed another kiss to your neck. He slid his hands down your thighs. Every touch was driving you needed him.

Bucky rolled you on your back. You almost let out a moan of protest when you looked up at him. He was on top of you. His brunette locks falling in your face, the stubble softly grazing your cheek and jaws. This man was going to be the death of you. “James Buchanan Barnes, you are so beautiful”. You said as you leaned up kissing him deeply as you moved to kiss where his arm and flesh fuse together. 

He smiled at you leaning back on his legs as he grabbed one of your legs, taking more of the heating lotion and working his way from your feet to your thighs. To say you were in heaven was a complete understatement. You felt his fingers working their way up your calves and thighs. They were pressing, kneading, smoothing out all the friction. Releasing all that tension. 

Bucky started to repeat the motion on the other side. “You’re giving me something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have. You’re giving me a family, (Y/N). I could never tell you what you mean to me.” He softly spoke as you closed your eyes. You were biting your lip. 

Bucky laid your leg down as he hovered back over beside you, smiling down at you. He leant down to kiss you deeply. You tangled your fingers in his hair, pulling softly. You felt him moan against your lips and you returned the moan. 

You felt his hands slide down over your breasts, over your belly and down to where you needed him most…until. 

“Bucky, I think my water just broke.”

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Another Torn 21 Tiny Snippet

This is just another tiny snippet. It is a rough draft and most likely be slightly changed as I continue writing. I wanted Eric and the reader to have a conversation as to where they are at in their ‘relationship’ but we know how Eric is about expressing feelings. To not confuse anyone this takes place before the smashing into her apartment snippet. 

Eric did not get done with work until well after midnight. He quietly let himself into your apartment, took off his shoes at the door and hung up his coat on the coat rack. He found himself in your bedroom standing over your bed watching you sleep. As usual you had kicked off the sheets as he has noticed since having Abbey you were hot natured at night and could not stand the covers to be on you long. His body long to be against yours, he longed to taste your skin, he longed for your legs to be wrapped around him with your tight pussy sucking him in. Eric shook his head to clear it and walked to his daughter’s room. She was fast asleep on her back with the night light giving her an luminous affect. He leaned down and kissed her face before undressing to his boxers and crawling into the bed he found himself in most nights. Even though work kept him from you and his daughter during the day, he found he slept better when you three were under the same roof at night. As he laid down staring at the ceiling his thoughts landed on you and his daughter as they did all day every day.

You were woken by the sounds of Abbey wanting to be fed. You quickly got out of bed and headed to her room. As usual you saw Abbey’s father laying in the bed in her room. You longed for him to be in your bed with his body up against yours.

You cooed at Abbey as you picked her up for her feeding.

“Hey.” Eric said softly.

“Hey back. What are you doing awake?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“You want some company?”

Eric nodded yes as he sat up in bed. Even in the soft light of the night light you could tell he was tired. His eyes were red with prominent bags under them. You sat on the bed beside him and as Abbey nursed you found your other hand caressing Eric’s face. He let out a sigh of pure exhaustion as his eyes closed and his face leaned into your hand. You wanted to hold him and never let him go at that moment. You did not like seeing him like this. You both sat in silence as Abbey nurse for a few minutes.

“You want to tell me what’s going on?” You asked breaking the silence.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself with.” Eric opened his eyes and pulled back from your caress.

“Eric, you are exhausted. I am worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine. The last thing I need is for you to worry about me.”

You frowned at his response.

“Whether you want me to or not I’m worried.” You told him as you looked down at Abbey who fell back asleep still latched on your nipple. You softly pulled her from your breast and pulled your bra and shirt down. You looked up to find Eric gazing at you and in the soft light of the night light you could see the desire in his eyes. There was something more in his eyes as they never left you as you placed Abbey back in her crib. You sat back beside him in the bed and caressed his face again. Eric looked intently in your eyes as your fingers lightly caressed his face and lips. You wanted so badly to kiss his lips. You shook the desire from your body as best you could and thought this would be a good time to have a long-needed conversation with him.

“I know you are tired but I have something to ask you. I need to do it while I have your undivided attention.”

“Go ahead.” He had a feeling what you were going to ask.

“What are we doing?”

“What do you mean what we are doing?”

“Us. What are we to each other?”

Eric let out another sigh and rubbed his hand over his face. Yep here it was the dreadful talk of feelings.

“We are two people who care about each other and both are raising our child together.”

“Do you love me Eric.”

Eric’s face gave a slight grimace.

“I love my daughter and you have my heart.”

“I know I have your heart but do you love me?”

“I already told you what you mean to me Y/N. I am not a man to repeat myself just to appease you. I am here for you and my daughter. What more do you want?” You could feel him becoming annoyed with you but you needed to know.

“I want you.”

“You have me.”

“I want all of you.”

“You have all of me.”

You were getting frustrated. Would he ever feel the same for you as you felt for him?

You didn’t know what you had expected to him to say. It was not like he was going to profess his love for you and get down on one knee to ask your hand in marriage but you were disappointed. You loved this man with every fiber in your body and you just wanted more from him. Yes, he told you that you were his heart but you just needed to hear those three words from him.

“Ok Eric if you say so.”

“Y/N just trust me ok. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I trust you. Do you want to come lay with me?”

Eric raised his pierced eyebrow. “And do what?”


Eric shook his head no.

“You know that would be the last thing we will be doing if I crawled in that bed with you. Do you want to do more then sleep?”

You got up from the bed. He was right and if you told him yes that would be telling him you wanted him even though you did with every cell in your body.

“We better not. Good night Eric.”

You didn’t hear a response as you watch him lay back down in bed and turn his back to you.

Beauty and The Beasts Part II

Part I :

Originally posted by camille-angelique

Summary: No clue how to summarize this one. 

Warnings: None

A/N: So this one is waaay shorter than the 1st part, and I don’t think it’s quite as good, but I promise part three is longer and much, much better. Thank you everyone who read part one and anyone who reads this part. I love you all. 


Lady Y/N sat in a small, spare bedchamber on the top floor of the castle. It was late, almost ten at night, and she knew that Loki would be sleeping soon. She had slipped a bit of nightshade into his tea to make him drowsy. Soon enough, she heard Loki’s door slam shut down the hall. Quickly she jumped off the bed and went to the wardrobe and opened it’s double doors. Lady Y/N pulled out all of the clothes inside and went back to the bed. She pulled off the sheets from the mattress as well as the curtains that hung around it. She took the sheets, curtains, clothes, and began tying knots.

She had everything tied together in less than 10 minutes, she had fashioned a rope. Happy with her work, Lady Y/N tied one end of the rope to the four-poster bed and threw the other end out the window. Carefully, she climbed onto the ledge and began lowering herself down, down, down the castle wall. She was nearly halfway down when a knot came undone and she started to fall. She didn’t even have time to scream as she was surrounded by a cloud of blue smoke. With a thud and a strangled noise, she opened her eyes to see she was back on the bare mattress in her bedchamber.

“You know,” Loki’s voice came from the doorway, “your escape plans just get more and more amusing.” He cackled and snapped his fingers. The room was restored to its original state, but now there was a set of bars on the window. “That should do the trick! Next time please try to hide the smell of nightshade, it’s rather potent, especially when mixed with tea leaves.” He gave an evil smirk and left the room, locking the door behind him. With nothing else to do, she fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

The next morning Loki came and unlocked her door and told her to get up. She said nothing back to him, only closed the door and began to dress herself for the day. Once she was ready, Lady Y/N made her way down to the grand hall, it was filled with magical items that she had the joy of cleaning. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use any of the items. They were enchanted so that only Loki could use them. He was an extremely possessive person, so she took extra care not to break anything. Loki was also in the grand hall, he was sitting at a spinning wheel. He was spinning straw into gold. Lady Y/N grabbed her feather duster and went over to an oddly decorated chalice that Loki said held all the power in the universe. It was silent for a long moment, but Loki’s voice broke the silence.

“Why do you keep trying to run?” He asked. “Am I really that unpleasant to you?” By the tone of his voice, he almost sounded hurt. She turned to face him, frowning, he was staring at the spinning wheel, deep in thought.

“No.” Was all she could think to say. He looked up.

‘Then why? Why do you keep running?” He asked standing up and walking around the long table to the side opposite Lady Y/N.

“Because I wish to go back.” She declared. “I want to go home, to my Father, to the ones I love.” Loki grimaced.

“Back to Sir Stark?” He questioned. “Back to your betrothed, your lover?” Lady Y/N’s eyes became full of anger, but she spoke very calmly.

“I never said I loved him.” She stated, her voice carried the calm rage of a single burning flame ready to destroy anything in it’s path. “He is only my betrothed, if I had my choice I would never marry him. Our courtship is not of love, but of law. As the only child of King Rogers, I must marry a nobleman worthy of being KIng. My father believes that is Sir Stark.” She said, the fire in her eyes slowly fading away. “He treats me as though I am a toy that he may play with anytime he wishes, but it is not love.”

“And what do you believe love is?” He asked, almost mockingly, her eyes softened.

“Love…” she began. “It’s having you lover in your mind  no matter how far away they are. It’s wanting to be with them, and only them. Love is… the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

“And you’ve felt this wonderous feeling before?” Loki seemed to actually be interested in what she had said. She looked down at her feather duster, suddenly embarrassed.

“Um… No. No I haven’t.” She stammered.

“Then how do you know such things?” He asked, she looked back up at him.

“Because it’s how my father described his love for my mother.” Loki nodded thoughtfully and looked away for a moment, but then turned back to her.

“Would you please make some tea? I’m parched.” He said. Lady Y/N nodded and moved toward the tray on the table, but when she went to set down her feather duster she knocked a cup off of the table. She gasped and quickly picked it up.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “I sorry, I knocked it off the table…. Now it’s chipped. I’m sorry.” Loki looked at her with soft eyes.

“It’s alright…. It’s only a cup.” He gave her the smallest of smiles and she picked up the tray to go make his tea.

In the kitchen, while the water boiled, she had time to think. Why could she describe love so well? When she asked her father about love he had said some of those things, but most of what she had told Loki were things she imagined love being like. It was odd, perhaps those were things that Lady Y/N wanted for herself and future love.








I Didn’t Know You Read Porn

Title: I Didn’t Know You Read Porn
Pairing: Chanbaek/Baekyeol
Rating: pg-13? i guess?
Genre: fluff, literally them being dorks

Summary: Baekhyun absolutely does NOT read porn. He reads beautiful love stories that make him cry. (loosely based on Anterograde Tomorrow because I love it so much and I cried over thought about it earlier and this is what happened)

Originally posted by flawlessohsehun

It had been a long day. An incredibly long day. One of those days where all you want is to get home, take your pants off and lay on your stomach on the couch. And that’s exactly what Baekhyun planned to do. He slips his key into the lock and slowly pushes the door open, one hand already on the button of his jeans, ready to step out of them and relax. Maybe he’d take a bubble bath. He just wants to read his book; it’s such a good book, a beautiful love story that he can tell is going to go full angst and rip his heart out, leaving him to quietly cry to himself, but he’s so sucked in and hasn’t been able to put it down. He stayed up much too late last night reading, the reason for his current exhaustion after a fairly easy day of work.

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Carried Away

Originally posted by taelephant-s

Note: Reupload of request “Taehyung + Over-stimulation” with added content and edits, as usual.  Just Smut.  A big thank you to @savemxbts for feedback on the first draft.  The gif also has nothing to do with anything in the fic but I just love his hands lol.  

Summary:  Taehyung + Over-stimulation 




Taehyung loves to get carried away with you.  

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Somebody to Love

Title : Somebody to Love

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 3,164

Prompt : submitted by  cherray-blawsm When you and the boys go to a karaoke bar, you didn’t expect to have fun. Not because you are lame or anti-social or anything, but just because Dean tends to be a bit of a jerk in public settings. But when he starts messing with you, you have no choice but to prove just how fun you can be.

“Alright, now this is what I’m talking about!”

You shot Sam a quick look as Dean rubbed his hands together excitedly before he waved down the nearest waitress at  the karaoke bar that you and the boys had stopped at on the drive home. At Dean’s excited expression, Sam rolled his eyes, pressing a hand to his forehead exasperatedly.

“Nothing like spending an entire evening with stupid people, good drinks and even better music.”

You stifled a laugh at how happy Dean looked. Honestly, he had a right to be, he gutted that vamp in record time and he barely even got a speck of gore on him all week. This may have been his best week in hunting record, and his pleasant nature was almost blinding. As the waitress came up, boredly blowing a bubble in her chewing gum, Dean waved his hand around the table widely, shooting you a cocky look. “Come on, guys. This place is awesome!”

“You keep using that word.” You mumbled, and Dean shot you a look, his eyebrow quirked in playful wit. You saw him look at you and you felt a faint blush work onto your cheeks and you looked away as you sheepishly finished the movie quote. “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

“Cute, Y/N. Nothing quite as sexy as a girl who isn’t afraid to quote some Princess Bride in public.” Dean chuckled at his own joke as you threw a packet of sugar at him as hard as you could, which he easily blocked.

“I literally can’t take you two anywhere.” Sam mumbled, his face buried in his hands. You could see him struggling to stifle a laugh and you quickly rammed your shoulder into his.

“That does put a damper on our relationship.”

At your words, Dean broke out into a fit of laughter as you smiled at Sam smugly. From across the table next to Dean, Cas narrowed his eyes with a frown, puzzlement written all over his innocent face. “I don’t understand that reference.”

You laughed and turned away from the boys so Cas wouldn’t see.

God, you loved those boys…

“What do you want?” The waitress droned on, not looking up from her notepad. You shook your head with a smirk, hiding down behind the menu that had been thrown at you when you all entered the establishment. If that chick knew that the three best-looking men in the universe were sitting in her booth she probably would stand up just a little straighter.  

“Tell you what, sweetheart,” Dean smiled up at the waitress with a suave quirk of his perfect lips. “I’ll make it easy for you; four Millers to start and four cheeseburgers, with the works.”

“Dean—” Sam started to object, but Dean held up a hand.

“Shut your cake hole, Sammy. This is a fun place, and you aren’t going to go vegetarian on me tonight, so suck it up.”

Sam let out a sigh and rolled his eyes with a hopeless smile as the waitress turned and walked away with your orders.

“Hey, Y/N.”

You looked up at Castiel’s voice. “Hmm?”

Cas frowned and pointed to his nose. “You’ve got a little blood on your nose.”

You blinked and rubbed your sleeve across the bridge of your nose frustratedly. You hadn’t exactly had the cleanest kill of your life at the hunt that day, but that wasn’t unusual. You were used to the boys ridiculing your skills. But the way you saw it, a kill was a kill, and you were already pushing at Dean’s personal record yourself.

Dean laughed as you smiled at Cas. “Better?”

Dean shook his head and shot you a look. “You’re such a dork.”

You frowned. “I am not!”

“Please, Y/N.” Dean leaned back in his seat with a cocky grin on his face. “Out of everyone in this bar, you are clearly the most socially awkward.”

“Says the guy who made us stop at a karaoke bar,” you retorted with a snort as the waitress came back to toss four beers on the table. You thanked her and took the closest one with a grin before taking a swift chug.

“Um, excuse you.” Dean snapped, feigning faux injury at your words as he pressed a palm to his chest. “Karaoke bars are the best.”

“No.” Sam and you both spoke up at the same time, and you let out a laugh to match the younger Winchesters at the humor of the moment.

“I do not see the appeal.” Cas murmured, looking over a table as a woman laughed loudly and spit out her drink across her friend’s shirt.

“Cas.” Dean rolled his eyes and took a beer and handed the angel another. “Do not make me retract my previous statement. For once, Y/N’s the lame one, not you.”

Castiel narrowed his eyes but took the drink as you glared at Dean as Sam chuckled under his breath at your annoyed expression. “Oh, come on, guys!” You tried to pout but your smile was growing. The loud bar was full of laughter and it was purely contagious. “I’m cool!”

“You came downstairs yesterday in a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt.” Sam interjected softly.

You shot Sam a sharp look and he shrugged innocently at you. You let out a scoff as the music grew a tiny bit louder. “I am the best hunter on the East Coast. Are you seriously going to pick a fight with me, Winchester?”

Dean cocked his eyebrows nonchalantly. “I never said you weren’t a good hunter. I said you were lame.” You folded your arms and glared at him from across the table until Dean leaned back smugly. “Face it, if you hadn’t come here with us, you probably wouldn’t have gone out tonight.”

“I know how to have fun!”

“Not to pick sides here,” Sam added suddenly, “but he has a point.”


“You did have a panic attack when that guy we saved last month asked you out. Practically ran out the door and drove away without us.”

“Exactly!” Dean raised a hand to his brother acknowledging his help. “All I am saying is you wouldn’t know how to have a good time if it wasn’t for us.”

You let out a scoff of contempt but Dean only shot you a charming smile. “So you’re welcome.”  

You glared at Dean for a long time before you took another drink. “I had a life before you, just so you know.”

“Prove it.”

You looked up at Dean’s rough voice, unsure if you heard him right. “What?”

Dean pursed his lips cockily. “I said, prove it.” You blinked at him and he gestured to the stage. “Next song.”

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Mike used to be scared of bugs of all shapes and sizes; anything with more than four legs would send a shiver down his spine and make his skin crawl.

And while he still can’t bring himself to swat a fly and although he still tenses up at the sight of a spider, Mike finds a new love for butterflies in the summer of ‘85 while laying in the tall grass just outside Hopper’s trailer, El by his side, her fingers brushing softly against his open palm.

As they hum songs to one another, each guessing the tune the other is trying to carry, a brightly-coloured butterfly, orange and blue and velvety black, flutters past him to land on El’s wrist. With a smile she glances at the butterfly and the contented happiness on her face relaxes Mike’s worried grimace into a loving grin. Maybe butterflies weren’t so bad…

Ficlet: Beanies and Nail Polish

I don’t know what this is. I watched a live show, and then this happened.

Phil teasingly tousled Dan’s unruly curls, which were damp with sweat. “Why do you always decide to go for a jog right before your live shows?”

“I don’t know,” Dan groaned. “But there’s no way I can make this mop presentable in time.” He tugged at his hair in frustration, then pressed down on it as if to flatten it through sheer force of will. The stubborn curls sprang up again as soon as he removed his hand.

“I’ve got an idea!” Phil grinned and ran out of the lounge toward his bedroom. He came back clutching something behind his back, a mischievous smile on his face.

Dan backed away slowly. “I don’t know what you’re planning, but I don’t think I’m going to like it.”

Phil’s face was angelic with innocence as he replied, “It’s just something to hide your hair while you do your live show. Isn’t that what you want?”

Dan watched Phil as if he were a snake about to strike. And then suddenly he felt a soft hat pulled onto his head and Phil sprang away in triumph. “It looks so cute on you!” he exclaimed joyfully.

Dan pulled the hat off his head and looked at it. A mint green hipster beanie. Could he think of an article of clothing less expressive of his personality? He was pretty sure as an infant he’d had a blanket in his crib this exact same color. He scowled.

“There is no way in hell I’m wearing this. Especially not in front of thousands of people in a live show! I mean … maybe if it were black…”

Phil looked up toward the ceiling, rocking back and forth on his feet like a child with a secret. “It’s left over from the pastel edit video. You know what else is left over? Nail polish.”

Dan looked suspicious. “So?”

“Remember how much I liked it when you painted your nails, and you said you wanted to paint mine pink, but I wouldn’t let you?”

Dan nodded reluctantly, but couldn’t help a slight smile at the memory.

“Well, I’ve got some pink nail polish in my bedroom. If you wear the beanie during your live show, I’ll let you paint my nails afterward.” Phil grinned as if sure he’d already won.

Dan paused as if thinking, then raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Only if you promise to keep it on until your live show on Thursday.”

Phil hesitated, then held out his hand to shake. Dan took it and shook firmly, sealing their deal, then glanced down at the pastel beanie in his other hand with a grimace.

“Come here, love,” Phil cooed, and stepped close to rumple Dan’s hair even more, fluffing it and shaping it. “You know how much I love your curls. It’s a shame to cover them up. But you know beanies like that only cover the back of your head.”

Dan rolled his eyes and plopped the hat on his head ungraciously. Phil adjusted it a bit, then smiled in approval. “There you go. All ready for the live show.”

“And we have a date with some pink nail polish when I’m done,” Dan said, trying to maintain a grumpy face but finding it a tough job.

Phil leaned in for a kiss full of promises and pulled back to say, “Can’t wait,” with a twinkle in his eye.

He takes care of you when you’re sick

In honor of me feeling like absolute death :( Enjoy!


It was one of those times when you’d been feeling slightly off the past couple of days, so you’d been trying to eat extra healthy and get plenty of sleep, but it was still unavoidable. So when you woke up that morning completely congested, throat burning and head aching, you couldn’t say you were surprised, but it was never a pleasant feeling to wake up to. You groaned, turning towards Harry’s side of the bed only to groan again when you saw he wasn’t there, remembering how he’d had to go to early meetings today and probably wouldn’t be back for a few hours. 

You lay there, sulking in your misery and feeling absolutely awful, before finally deciding to get up after a few minutes. Fortunately for you, it was Saturday, so you didn’t have to go in to work today; you just wished Harry was home. 

As soon as you were finally stood up, you regretted it. Head now pounding and feeling worse than before, you cleared your throat before walking towards the closet. Throwing on some sweatpants and one of Harry’s sweatshirts that hit about mid-thigh on you, you trudged out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Not having much of an appetite, you decided to make some tea and go watch some tv in the living room, not having the energy to do about anything else. You quickly took some medicine before setting your tea on the small table next to the couch, wrapped in a blanket and soon dozing off because of the medicine you’d taken and feeling exhausted despite just having slept for ten hours.

You were awoken what seemed only minutes later by the sound of the front door opening and closing as Harry walked in. As soon as he saw you, curled up in a ball and pale as ever, a pout formed on his face and his eyebrows slightly furrowed as he came over to where you were lying on the couch. 

“Hi baby, what’s wrong, little one?” He asked you softly, sitting down on the foot stand in front of you so he could place his large hand on your forehead.

“Don’t feel good,” you told him, surprising the both of you when your voice came out crackly and much lower than usual. 

“Aw I’m sorry baby. Mmm, your forehead’s warm. I’m gonna get you a cool cloth to put on it,” he told you before pressing a light kiss to your head and standing up to go to the kitchen.

You looked over at the clock and were surprised to see that you’d been asleep for a few hours on the couch when he’d woken you up. You were suddenly so disoriented and just felt terrible.

“Here you go, love,” Harry told you sweetly as he laid the cloth on your forehead. “Can I run out to the store and get you anything, cough drops or soup or something?” he offered with a comforting smile on his face.

“Mmm, just lay with me please,” you pleaded with him, sniffling and feeling pathetic. 

“Sure baby, come here,” he told you as he took off his jacket and moved you gently so that he was lying on his back with you cuddled next to him, your head laying on his chest. He stroked your hair and your back with each of his hands, and you could already tell that sleep was once again calling you.

“Harry,” you mumbled, only to turn away and let out a series of painful coughs that made Harry grimace with concern. 

“Okay love?” He asked you once you finally turned back to lay your head on him, rubbing your back soothingly.

“Harry I feel like crap,” you finally managed to whisper, causing him to let out a breathy laugh. 

“I can see that, little one, I’m really sorry. Maybe try to sleep if you can,” he offered, not knowing that you were already dozing off.

“Harry,” you murmured again, trying to stay awake just a little bit longer.

“Yes, love?”

“I love you so much, Harry,” you managed to get out before slipping into unconsciousness, feeling safe and protected with his arms wrapped around you so tightly. 

“I love you,” he whispered, a smile on his face, kissing your hair as you dozed off once again. “I love you so much.” 

MONSTA X Bodyguard Jooheon 'Salt and Iron'

anon asked: bodyguard drabble expansion for my baby joohoney pls? 😍 thank you!

A/N: Hi honey! I hope you like it. ^^ WARNING: Brief descriptions of violence.

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I did here.

On the surface, Jooheon seemed like a great guard. He possessed the stony exterior, the cold hard look in his eyes. But it wasn’t long before you recognized it was all posturing, that the tough front hid a tender heart. Although he knew all the tricks of the trade and was impressively proficient, there was a huge difference between being protective and aggressive. And in that gap lie the opportunity to get him killed. 

So you figured maybe bodyguard work wasn’t for him. There was no reason to lose someone as talented as he was, so you made him an aide. Your right hand man so to speak. When you explained the change in position he looked dismayed, like he’d failed. 

Not unkindly, you explained yourself. “Jooheon. You’re not cut out for that kind of work. I mean, even bugs scare you. Why did you want to be a guard anyway?”

Embarrassed he ducked his head. “My dad. He thought it would toughen me up.”

“Toughness doesn’t have anything to do with violence. C’mon, I’ll show you what I need and you’ll be too busy to feel bad.”

And he was. Over the next year the two of you were together day and night. He pretty much became indispensable. All the energy he’d poured into being a guard now went toward helping you. Long hours led to meals shared and stories told. Sometimes it felt like the only one you could really be yourself with was him. It just felt good to be around him.

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A Blizzard at Midnight

Original Imagine: Imagine Sam or Dean eating ice cream off your body while you’re shivering under their tongues and a request for a Sam version of Just Desserts.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2352

Warnings:  As I said before, I do NOT recommend getting sugary, sweet substances near your lady parts. Ever. Dom!Sam, Language, nsfw, smut, light spanking, oral sex (both receiving).

Author’s Notes: Overwhelming demand for a Sam version of the above imagine. I borrowed the chocolate covered cherry blizzard idea from @oriona75, as well as a line directly from a message she sent me. Thanks Ori!

Tagging a few people: @climbthatmooselikeatree@winchestersinthedrift, @anotherwinchesterfangirl, @withoutaplease, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @spnfanficpond, @sammit-janet

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Mikleo to the rescue  ᕙ( •̀ ‸ •́ )ᕗ


“Ow ow ow ow ow.” You mumble to yourself, wincing as your ankle silently screamed in pain each time if touched the ground. 

Your brothers had been letting you go on simple solo hunts for a while now and everything had been easy enough to deal with. But this. It was’t exactly excruciating, just impractical, uncomfortable, and looked a lot worse than it felt.

You reached the bunker and saw that Sam and Dean were back a day earlier than they said- great, you could have called them to pick you up. 

Sam’s eyes left the laptop momentarily to greet you. You smiled back through gritted teeth and slipped your walking boots off your feet. Peeling the sock past your ankle a bloody mess greeted you and you grimaced.”Lovely.”You murmured to no one in particular.

“Huh?” Dean asked, halfway through a mouthful of pie.
“Nothing.” You stated, not wanting your brothers to worry.

To your utter surprise, Sam noticed.

“Y/N?!” He jolted up from his chair and knelt down to examine your ankle. “What happened?” He asked, his eyes filled with worry.
Dean had followed the commotion and now too was worried.

“I just tripped up in a fight okay? Nothing major. I’m fine.” You insisted, swatting their hands away like an unwanted fly.

Regardless, Sam had grabbed a sponge and warm water and was cleaning up your wound before you could even attempt to resist. “Um…” You managed between their overprotective outbursts.

Eventually, you gave up trying to stop them and settled with a roll of the eyes.
You couldn’t help but giggle. 
On cue, both of them shared a look of confusion before handing it over to you.
You shook your head with disbelief and smirked at them.

Requested by anon
I do not own these gifs



You all gathered round after hearing the buzzer go off, ready to great the new Greenie. Your boyfriend Gally and Minho opened the doors to reveal a handsome new Glader, who was looking up at you with piercing green eyes.
“Y/N?!” He called up to you.
All the Gladers gave you a questioning look. You stepped back, scared.
“Is that you?!” He said.
“Y/N? Do you know this guy?” Gally stood up.
“I-I don’t remember him,” you managed to get out.
“How can you not remember your boyfriend?!” He said offended.
“Ooooohhhh!” All the Gladers chimed.
“Boyfriend?!?!” Gally yelled.
“Gally, I don’t even know his name!”
“Don’t know? Or don’t remember sweet heart?” He smiled cockily, “It’s Walter.”
He got out of the box, “And what are you?” He poked Gally in the chest.
“I’m y/n’s boyfriend,” he took a step forward.
Walter laughed, “you’re funny mate, I’m her boyfriend, don’t kid yourself. She wouldn’t date the low worth that is you,” He pushed Gally.
“Oh, you want to fight?!” Gally shoved him into Thomas causing him to stagger back trying to catch Walter, “let’s go!!!” He helped up his fists and Charles rebounded.
“This should be easy!!” He roared with laughter, “you push like a girl!”
“No! Stop!” You rushed in between them, and pushed them apart.
“It’s ok sweetheart,” Walter eased up trying to make a move on you, “I won’t let him come in between us.”
“Ugh, Newt give him the tour,” you stood by Gally’s side, but he stormed off, “Gally wait!” You ran after him.
“Y/N, who the heck is that jerk?!” He stopped.
“I don’t know, I don’t remember!”
“Then how come he remembers you?”
“I don’t know, the creators have a way with screwing with us, out of all people you should know that,” you rubbed his arm and pulled him into a hug, “and it doesn’t matter any way.”
“Ya it does,” he mumbled resting his chin on your head.
“No, you’re the one I want, you big dope,” you smiled.
“Of course Gally, how could I love a guy named Walter?” You grimaced jokingly.
“You love me?”
“How couldn’t I?” You kissed his noise making him blush.
“I love you too, babe.”

alemanriq  asked:

*jumps in here djjddk* Your ask about kuchel and levi got me curious...would you feel like sharing also some thoughts on kenny and kuchel's possible relationship as siblings? ´ //v`)

Ale, as far as I’m concerned your ackersibling art is 100% gospel canon and Kenny shared a (sometimes) happy childhood in the underground with pesky Kuchel and her pet chicken. Kenny loved and cared for his kid sister as best as he could – with grimaces and love and much eye rolling <3

I think we can allow all of that without betraying the canon story. I do think they were close as children. He looked out for her. They relied on each other. The fact that Kenny’s grandfather showed basically no feeling or reaction to the news of Kuchel makes me believe the adults were not an active part of their life.

At some point Kenny and Kuchel became estranged. She may have distanced herself from him because of his reputation. It’s possible she wanted a traditional life – a family, a child. If so, having a notorious serial killer as a brother would not be ideal.

Despite their estrangement, Kenny spent a significant amount of time looking for her. He still cared about her well-being. He was still protective of her.

He found her in a brothel. Kenny doesn’t seem horrified at the thought. Maybe in the underground being a sex worker, while not ideal, wasn’t such a stigma. As I mentioned in the Kuchel/Levi post, her apartment was clean. She was allowed to keep Levi. She had some autonomy.

After securing safety for the Ackerman clan, Kenny’s first order of business was to find Kuchel to let her know. She was a priority to him. He wanted to personally let her know that she would no longer be troubled for being an Ackerman. 

When he finds her dead, his legs give out and he falls to the ground. It’s grief. Plain and simple. Kenny was a sick, dangerous and misguided person but loved Kuchel and wanted to protect her. Since he could no longer protect her, he did the best he could with her child.

In his final moments, as he lay dying, Kuchel was among those he thought about. He specifically recalled her love for Levi. 

(And now I’m sad again… I think I’ll go look at you art to help me cheer up)