grima morstua

Akherra Phasmatanás.
¨Triune Dragon¨, March 2014

Digital painting, after an image from the Zoroaster Clavis Artis, MS. Verginelli-Rota, Biblioteca dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma, vol. 2, pag. 44
Client: GRIMA MORSTUA (Argentina)
Originally created as an element of a much larger drawing, to be featured on the LP version of ¨Finis Coronat Opus¨. This is a rough unfinished version which appears on the tape re-release of ¨Essence of Demon´s Fire¨ originally released by Drakkar Productions (France) in 2004.
Label: Shabatu Producciones, Escafismo Records & Kuntur ´Zine (Arg).