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Jack’s had been minding his business for the entire day, it was calming.. no one to bother him and all he could do right now was think. He thought deeply… about Gabe, about everyone. Well. Morrison was doing all of this before he was knocked unconscious, hit in the back of his head. Anything could have happened to him by now, so that’s the question, what happened.

It took hours for the man to wake up again.. his mask, it was gone. He couldn’t see after he let his eyes flicker open. He looked back and forth to see where he was, the room was quite dark, at least for him. Jack felt his wrists burn, chains wrapped tightly around them and his ankles as well. His arms were above his head and that’s mainly what he was hanging from, his throat burned and so did his eyes. Jack shivered, it was freezing, maybe do to the fact he didn’t have any tops on. He heard a creaky door slide open and he looked up, squinting, he was practically blind and half mute.

“What do you want with me…”

He grumbled out, his voice heavy and husky, gritty.. he coughed out and glared at the person before him who he could not see. The man that hung from the bonds had scars littered over him, he didn’t need anymore so he wanted to get this over with.