spiderlondon  asked:

I'm curious about how it was while working on Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy? Did you have a favorite character?

It was great. The crew was wonderful, Maxwell gave us a ton of freedom, and the show was creatively fulfilling to make. My two favorites to write were Grim and Dracula.

Just a Thought: Since Dracula and Death are technically public-domain characters, Igarashi could totally put them as bosses in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night or its inevitable (If it’s as good as it seems to be coming along) sequel.

Like, not as the main villain mind you, but boy they could make for some amazing Bonus Bosses/Superbosses, maybe implying a direct connection to the Castlevania continuity in the same way that Steve Gerber took his creation back as “Leonard” The Duck*, #FucKonami

*Which I will totally do a post on if y’all are interested…