Black History in Animation:

Irwin from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)

Irwin is a nerdy boy who is a good friend of Billy’s, yo, and has a massive crush on Mandy. Although his mother is revealed to be a mummy, and his paternal grandfather is Dracula, Irwin is shown to be very frightened of the experiences with magic and the underworld, yo. He was born evil, but was taught the meaning of respect, friendship, and love, yo.

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juli4n0liver  asked:

do you like the grim adventures of billy and mandy?

Oh man, I miss that show.  I always thought the premise of the Grim Reaper being forced to be the plaything of two children was always a brilliant concept.  I also liked the characters they added later in the series, like Hoss Delgado (clearly a parody of Snake Plissken), Fred Fredburger, and my personal favorite: