// *Slides in* I did a thing for Francis and Lotte because I think Francis’s life and existence as a monster is really grim and dark but thERE HE MEETS LOTTE AND SHE IS SO SOFT AND NICE AND HOLY SHIT 

and she just lights up his world.

I really hope that you like it owo

((I haven’t stopped staring at this, because holy shit the colors and the pictures are so beautiful and they fIT SO PERFECTLY 

Like this literally captures their story up until now and I love it, especially your description. It’s spot on ☺️☺️

on draco malfoy's patronus being a thestral

I AM HERE TO ANSWER YOUR CALLS thestral may seem like a badass / very strange choice of a patronus for draco but I am here to explain WHY I think it should be draco’s patronus!!! I’d love to hear your thoughts / have people elaborate on my thoughts so feel free to!

First off, I feel like a lot of people brush off the idea of him having a thestral patronus because heck, why should draco malfoy of all people have a mythical creature? But that’s one of the reasons why i love it. We all know that draco would absolutely LOVE having a mythical patronus ( you know, being special ) but I stand strongly behind the idea that the ONE mythical patronus he would have never wanted is a thestral.

A patronus is suppose to be a representation of yourself, and why the hell would he like it if he had patronus that reminds him of the war? of him being a death eater? of what he had to do and what it ended up causing? it’s an irony i love to indulge in & think about. Rather than being stuck up and proud i personally think draco would have wished for anything else. I’m pretty sure draco would be the type who would pull a disgusted face if he saw a thestral rather than be happy by it. He wouldn’t want to show this patronus off. Like, can you imagine? Pansy pestering him to show her, “wow i bet it’s a fucking ferret, isn’t it”, and when she actually sees it everything goes to shit because of fucking course, draco malfoy out of all people would have a thestral patronus, that even the embodiement of his happiest memory and his soul would link back to the horrors of the war and what he’s done.

Thestrals as you all know are considered to be dangerous, omens of misfortune and only visible to those who have seen death. They are quite literally representative of death. It spells out /evil/ and /bad/ no matter how you look at how the world portrays them.

This is where I’m grateful for Luna Lovegood. We’ve all seen a different side to the thestrals in the films, with Luna stating that “they’re quite gentle, really, but people tend to avoid them because they’re a bit…different.” Thestrals externally look ghostly, grim with them being dark & skeletal all the way through ( this could be another reason why draco = thestral but i’m not making that connection LOL ) if we place in on a canon timeline, the only place where draco would /really/ be trying to conjure a patronus would be after the war, and keeping that in mind it makes a lot of sense. It’s not a big stretch to say that post-war draco became an image of the war, with him being a death eater. His past haunts him, with people only seeing into his image of a death eater without acknowledging him trying his best to redeem himself.

The whole idea of a thestral being a creature that is representive of death & misfortune but also having the ability to be a person’s patronus, basically the opposite of what a thestral is known for, is SUCH a good way of describing draco. The image of post-war draco malfoy is like the image of a thestral in a flowerfield, they stand out too much for their setting of peace despite them not doing anything but being themselves. People fear/hate thestrals and they can’t help it, just as people can’t help but slap “death eater” on draco.

BUT! despite their external appearances thestrals are gentle, extremely loyal…and cutting away at the war and everything else we know draco is loyal. He is so loyal to his family, and even if its /bad/ he wouldn’t hesitate to defend them even if it’s by taunting / mocking the person. He loves them, and this goes both ways - maybe it’s him being prideful of his blood heritage because of how he was raised, or maybe he truly really loves his family ( which i definitely think he goddamn does ). Thestrals can be representative of both, they are attracted to the smell of blood but will also become aggressive if they view someone as a threat to themselves, their friends or even their owner.

It makes sense that draco’s patronus would be a gentle, misunderstood being who sometimes does the wrong thing out of love, or fear, but for a reason that isn’t purely “ because i wanted to”. I just really like the idea of a thestral both symbolising draco’s deeper, hidden parts that he’s too scared to show to the world while also simultaneously being able to represent his life and what he experiences.

I also do think it’ll be a nice way to make draco get over the horrors of war and let go of his past and just live. Draco coming to terms with him having a thestral patronus would practically be him coming to terms with who he is and the mistakes he’s made.

And just to add onto everything above : draco was owner of the elder wand at a point ( thestral hair core ), and thinking about when he was the owner and what was happening at the time, i think everything works out nicely.

All in all i just think thestral is a really clever choice for draco, and clever just so happens to work perfectly for him.


We’re going Grim Dark for Ep. 94.

Nick has requested people send us the darkest, most grim fanficts or novel recommendations you have come across. The best of DarkSwanQueen, DarkOutlawQueen, DarkCaptainSwan, Reader/Jerome, John Constantine/Anyone, Lucifer/Anyone, Mad Love (Joker & Harley), Poison Queen (Ivy & Harley) … Whatever it is, please let it be dark, please let it be twisted. Sends us an ask with your recommendations. If this is a shameless self promotion, let us know and we will give you a shout out in two weeks :D

Also this is Nick’s Birthday Podcast Episode so please… please do this. It would make her such a happy little raptor.

those people saying this new anne is too ‘dark’ and ‘grim’ are fucking missing the point. anne is a trauma survivor, but she’s also a clever, imaginative girl that strives to be better and grow. she never loses her optimism, she never, never stops seeing the beauty in the world and the people that surrounds her. she never loses her softness, she learns and she grows but she still keeps that tenderness. in spite of it all, in spite of her past. so go eat some honey and rethink why you consider the admission of trauma ‘too dark’ for a person so sweet and so kind. 

testyplates [test subject handplates]

name: testypleates

nicknames: freak show,true horror,bloody tears,monster


expariment: using dark magic and determination dr. terminal turned this sans into something to fear and not just his appearance if this sans would ever be killed he would be brought back from pure determination and the shadows to keep fighting and to keep his brother safe

personality: very morbid having fun by playing with organs and blood this sans loves any and all dark humor and only dark humor seeing happiness besides from his brother or dr. terminal disgusts him he will rip anyone apart who dares touch dr. terminal or papyrus besides the other test subjects his favrite thing to eat his ketchup mixed with monster dust