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Rules: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions, then tag 10 people you want to know better

Three fandoms:

  • Portal
  • Coco
  • Grim Fandango

The first character you loved:

  • Wheatley!! While I played Portal first (and played it at least like, twice before moving on), the first character I truly fell in love with (platonically) was Wheatley. He embodies several traits I love in fictional characters, he’s a cute robot, he struggles with a lot of problems and has a lot of depth to him… and he’s hilarious. What’s not to love about him?
  • I think Miguel? I like how one of the first things we see him doing in the movie is kissing is great grandmother, sharing food with her, talking with her and playing with her, etc, even when she can’t remember who he is and doesn’t talk much–it immediately cements him as being a good kid, even if he can be selfish and does stupid, impulsive stuff, as kids do. (Also I can deeply empathize with characters that are shown to be grossed out by romance, so that helped too. XD) He’s not my favorite, but he’s the first character in the movie I really liked and I still love him a lot.
  • Glottis! Another character that embodies a lot of stuff I like in a fictional character. He is a lorge friend and a cinnamon roll that smells like diesel. He is sweet and hilarious and how on earth can you possibly not love him.

The character you never expected to love so much:

  • ghhhh ALL OF THEM??? (except Henry) All of the characters in the Portal games are so wonderful oh my gosh, and they all have way more depth than you would expect, even ones we never even see, or ones who don’t talk. I mean, heck, the PANELS have personalities. All of these characters are Very Good A++++ and while I do have a preference to all of the robots (GLaDOS, Space Core, Rick, Adventure Core, etc), of course, I still love Chell, Cave, Caroline, Rattmann… SO MANY GOOD CHARACTERS AAAA
  • Héctor oh my gosh. I have to admit I did not trust him at first! Which I think was Pixar’s intention–he’s portrayed as a scrappy trickster goofy sidekick in the promotional material, and in the movie he’s introduced with shady music and doing shady stuff for reasons we don’t understand yet. I enjoyed his character though, even if I didn’t fully trust him–when he first confronted Ernesto (”Those were MY songs you took!”) my initial reaction was “what? no way, no way this scrappy skeleton wrote these songs.” And then like, minutes later, you find out who he truly is… and then like after the movie I was slowly getting hit by all the fridge horror of realizing why he was acting the way he did earlier on in the movie before we realized his motivations, and oh gosh my poor tol dead son. So yeah, Pixar successfully fooled me into thinking that he was gonna be the silly sidekick and then proceeded to punch me in the gut with all of the feelings for this sad skeleton dad.
  • Manny! I kinda thought he was gonna be a dull, cynical protagonist at first, but nah he’s an absolute dork who wants so badly to be cool and I love him. my smol dead son who is actually older than me.

The character you relate to the most:

  • Wheatley. %| hi yes I am a dumb screwup whose vocal processor runs faster than her main processor, who has been a massive jerk at times without initially realizing it, who dealt with a lot of bullying that led to a lot of pent up anger, and … yeah.
  • Oof… Kindof a mix between Héctor and Miguel here. I can relate to Miguel’s being stuck in a situation where he really wants to follow his dream, but his family wants him to stay in the family business. I also heard a lot of that “stupid fantasy” talk from my dad when I expressed my desire to get an art degree. I can relate to both Miguel and Héctor as artists–getting lost in creating things, experiencing the joy of sharing what you make with others, etc. With Héctor though I can relate… a lot to his situation with Ernesto, minus the murder part (and minus stuff getting stolen to that degree, though my situation did involve some of my art getting stolen, but that was the least of the problems honestly). Please do not ask me to elaborate on this.
  • Probably Glottis. XD; I am also a dumb idiot who obsesses over the things I like and talks about them too much. Though I can also relate a bit to Manny having a crappy desk job.

The character you’d slap:

  • Wheatley.
  • Ernesto.
  • Nick Virago.

Three favorite characters (in order of preference):

  • Wheatley, GLaDOS, Space Core.
  • Héctor, Imelda, Miguel.
  • Glottis, Manny, Meche.

A character you liked at first but don’t anymore:

  • N-none… that I can think of???
  • …No-one?
  • Yeah I got nothin’.

Three OTPs:

  • Wheatley + Space Core friendship gives me life.
  • Héctor/Imelda is one of the few ships I actually, genuinely like. I’m not a romance person but I really love this couple.
  • Manny/Meche. I don’t like it as much as I like my real OTPs, but they’re a canon couple and they’re happy together.

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