grim revolution

Curious Symbol of Lictors

Revel ocean’s of a notion

not ion’s an, cat lion’s man

to cran and crawn and fawn on

lawn’s lex lictis lictor’s bash the-

united we stand, divided by heroes

that zero in on long lost kin

removed removed cause causes pause

take… crimson lakes that shake timid late

grim-revolution  asked:

I'M SORRY THIS IS SO LAtE but the new Altean!Pidge fic has been posted! It's called A Face in the Mirror

Hey, everyone!! For those who’ve been following for Altean!Pidge, the same person who wrote A Stranger in a Familiar Land just made a part 2 for the series!! Check it out here!


We are glad to announce that we have moved on to the third and final part of our zine: the creation process. For the past few weeks, we’ve been reviewing everybody’s applications in order to select the participants of this zine. We have selected 21 artists and 21 writers. 

The following artists have been accepted:

  1. @mightbeabitmagic
  2. @googlyeyeseyes123
  3. @yumikat
  4. @seiii–tan
  5. @littleballofspace
  6. @lutinligne
  7. @bibisarts
  8. @leokoat
  9. @athenaowl1
  10. @kayadraws
  11. @pixielation
  12. @doodledoo
  13. @gbellatheartist
  14. @jelly-valley
  15. @missnebulaeyes
  16. @mustang-hawkeye17
  17. @aquasunshine
  18. @2-c00l-4-cows
  19. @aplgreen
  20. @qui4naks
  21. @ariosedreamer

The following writers have been accepted:

  1. @meowing-nora
  2. @salty-angel
  3. @volarfinch
  4. @sitting-in-thee-corner
  5. @themorningdelight
  6. @oops-mistakes-were-made
  7. @oldmythos
  8. @spaceboysatori
  9. @scarednoises
  10. @magical-merlance
  11. @autisticvoltronld
  12. @theclichefortunecookie
  13. @grim-revolution
  14. @probablypartiallyinsane
  15. @allshadesofb1ue 
  16. @oraclespeaker
  17. @vrepit-sals
  18. @therusticate
  19. @greengianturanus
  20. @noir-wing
  21. @diosmiolance

Thank you so much for applying, everybody.  We had so many amazing applicants and it was extremely difficult to narrow down our top 21 of each category. There were a LOT of applicants we wish we would have accepted if we were not limited by creator numbers and page counts. 

If you didn’t make it, don’t feel discouraged; your work may not have been selected for this zine but we hope you keep creating and sharing your work.  We love that Pidge is getting so much love and we hope that you continue to support this zine!

It’s time to open up commissions again! Please email me @ with details. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. People who have been supporting me on Patreon for longer than a month will get U$15 off! ✨

Commissioners will receive a full piece at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.

You can also find me on Twitter and on Instagram.

Please reblog and spread!

Current slots:

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