grim genji


So, this one time during competitive, I decided to be a doof and sit in the booth as Mercy. And then just about everyone else on my team tried to sit with me. It was hilarious watching my friends (as Hanzo and Genji) fight over who could sit next to me.

And then my other friend as Soldier 76 joined in, and I’m pretty sure the Pharah was trying to nudge herself into the “date with Mercy” pile. It was awesome!

anonymous asked:

hey remember me? yeah you do, after seeing what other people came up with for the halloween banner contest I decided to cancel my entry, fun huh

Hey, you’re that anonymous dude !

It’s ok, I hope you can make me proud of you next time. On my side I had some computers problem and I lost my banner. I was about to give up, but I remembered that I couldn’t let my good friend anonymous down !

I had to improvise a new one in less than 2 days…

I’ll post it soon™.