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“You know, you don’t have to do this right now. It can wait, if you’re not ready.”

“It’s ok… Thanks for coming with me.”

Docks: Holding Area - in which many feels were had. These two tho, amirite??

  • bioware after releasing dragon age 2: players want to be able to change their character's appearance mid-game? really?? well I guess we better do something about it
  • bioware after releasing dragon age inquisition: players want to be able to change their character's appearance mid-game? really?? well I guess we better do something about it
  • bioware after releasing mass effect andromeda: players want to be able to change their character's appearance mid-game? really?? well I guess we better do so

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Ah man, I'm sorry to hear that you gotta fend off those 'things' on your own, but hey if ya want I could volunteer to help in kickin asses with ya ( อก° อœส– อก°) or patchin you up or researchin more about these things (•//^//•)

* eh, it’s somethin’ i’ve taken on of my own want. we’ve been like this for a couple years now, and thanks to how my magic works all soaked in Void now, i actually can’t do much in reality… the Void, though? i can see it - but it’s like veil for me. can’t interact fully with it, except for my magic on things made only of Void, and i can still use it to teleport - but i have to see the place first… bein’ a new world and all, i’ve had to walk. a lot.

* but really, i spend a lot of my time in the human city closest to the Void city where my family is - the one at the base of Ebott. the Void gets unsettled whenever one of those things push into an area with reality, because they strain the border between the dimensions. i book it to them anytime they do, and have covered enough ground now to be able to teleport pretty close.

* … most my time i spend either researchin’ for the family or findin’ souls hovering on the edge of death. they’re a mixed crowd, but… most of ‘em don’t make it back to their bodies.

* before the soul shatters, there can be a lotta clarity - but that’s really overwhelmin’ dependin’ on the circumstances of their… fall, so sometimes they cling and stay on in that half-life for a long time - and it’s dangerous, ‘n lonely.

* … i keep ‘em company. keep ‘em safe, as best i can.

* heh, for some of those battles, i’d be glad to take ya up on the patch job - but i’m afraid you probably wouldn’t be able to see me, and i’m really not feelin’ up to gettin’ more literally close to you only to have you forget me and walk around with a missin’ chunk of your day. damn Void magic effects.

* but hey, it’s more ‘n enough to get the cheerin’ up from gettin’ your sweet thoughts ‘n messages here! i’m a lucky guy after all, i think.

  • mass effect trilogy, 5 years on: I remember every single decision I made, every mission and every piece of random background chatter. each night before I sleep, I think of garrus vakarian; all around turian bad boy and dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy. does shepard know I would die for them?
  • mass effect andromeda, 2 months on: haha yeah the combat was neato and the turian lady looked cool

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hhhhi,,, i totally dont know what that anon was talking about,,, i sooo dont have a crush on you whaat?? Who said that,,, *she quickly hugs him then r u n s*

* damn, looks like a case of a brutal hug-and-run. look out for the flashin’ lights, ‘bout time to embrace the consequences… ‘n ya got a friend wantin’ for ya to pucker up for fate.

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He hadn’t said anything to her about nightmares. Was it that obvious–after hundreds of years, did he still wear that cloak for everyone to see–? He must have, though he was sure it wasn’t quite that obvious anymore. He hoped, anyway.

“If I am exhausted, I am more likely to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.” He slept right through most of them–only the truly horrid ones woke him up anymore. He was tired of them–and though, this time he had only been up thirty two hours..he’d survived on worse.

“Was it truly that obvious?” He was curious. And it was obvious he wasn’t going to bed. He had other things to do. Like avoiding his nightmares.

     “You’d be surprised what an overly-weary brain can pull out of its corners,” the medic replies, tone gentle, but not overly-so. The last thing she wants is for him to think she’s patronizing him. “Go too long without rest, and you can start hallucinating.” Of course, she’s not about to admit to having done so herself. There have been times where she’s skipped sleep for her work, relying on meditation in its stead. It can keep her going for several days…but not without side effects.

     A grim smile curls her lips. “Forgive the blatant reply, but…the shadows under your eyes tell a tale enough. I ask only out of concern. You’re free to disregard it.”

     Her head tilts, and she opens her mouth to speak. After a tick of hesitation, she offers, “…I have, in the past, offered a kind of…sleep therapy. I can use chakra to monitor and calm the activity in the brain. It can help give dreamless sleep, as to let one avoid any nightmares. It’s most useful for those with plaguing memories, or recent traumas. Sometimes just one solid night of rest can help bring about a better pattern of sleep.”

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I just started playing NV for the first time, are there any REALLY good mods I should use?

I’m listing off ones I use or have used so enjoy! Just remember there’s a chance some of these might not work with each other. 

New Vegas Script Extender

check whatever mod you might download and see if this is a requirement.

Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas

This mod basically allows you to start a life not as the courier (though you still can). It’s a lot like the Alternate Start mod for Skyrim.

Fallout Character Overhaul

A very good texture replacer so you don’t look like the standard fallout potato. You even get the option to be a ghoul or a half-ghoul (no ghoulish benefits from that though)

Interior Lighting Overhaul

Gives Interiors a very Fallout-y feel. Which means it can get very dark and grim looking.

Nevada Skies - Weather Effects 

This mod adds crazy post-apocalyptic weather and enhances the sky to look realistic and good looking. Sunsets/sunrises, horrifying rad-storms, sand storms, etc. 

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

New Vegas can be a pretty game but this has very pretty lighting that makes the Mojave look pretty much like the Mojave does look in real life. I could be wrong but don’t believe this mod works with Nevada Skies so it’s all a matter of preference. 

New Vegas Uncut - Freeside Open

This mod basically makes Freeside what it was meant to be and re-adds the cut content. Be warned though because there are chances you could get pickpocketed and mugged.  

Wasteland Flora Overhaul

This has the options to have it look more lively/deserty with new plant additions or make it even more desolate and dead. 


A really well done companion mod.

Authentic Burned Man

They did a good job with Joshua Graham in his dlc but he’s known as the Burned Man and he looks, well, not very burned. This gives him the in-game appearance of his concept art and dlc image.

Leather Backpack


If there’s a specific mod you’re looking for that isn’t on this short list I can always give more recommendations.

A “finished” composited scene, minus color correction and such.  Now I just need to do, like, 500 more of these.