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#10 for the OC ask list?

:D :D :D Thank you for the ask! 

10:  What is your OCs favorite outfit?

Since which OC wasn’t specified, I’ll answer these asks with the answers for Mania (my fury goddess OC), Nana (basically my self-insert), and Sophie Belle (my grim reaper), if that’s okay :)

Mania’s favorite outfit is a soft, loose light-blue dress - the style doesn’t matter too much, but she does like sleeveless or short-sleeved styles more. She especially likes dresses with big pockets to carry stuff in. She also abhors shoes, and unless she’s in danger of frostbite she doesn’t wear them (later, after things happen, she doesn’t have to worry about frostbite even in her human form). She tolerates socks, for the sole reason that friends give them to her as gifts and they are lots of very pretty colors. She likes to wear her hair either pulled back into a braid and pinned to her head, or to let all the curls free to tangles as they want.

Nana’s favorite outfit is a well-loved pair of short jean shorts, wool socks with leather work boots, and a soft red tank-top over a bikini top (she takes the tank top off pretty often and runs around in just the bikini top). She likes to braid her hair to keep it out of the way, and wears a pair of dorky orange sunglasses to keep the light from hurting her eyes. She likes the hot summertime, where she can traipse around the Oregon woods for fifteen hours in the daylight or splash around in the sea without getting hypothermia. 

Sophie Belle’s favorite outfit is a long grey hoodie pullover, with dark blue skinny jeans (which she’s embellished with tiny golden stars made of thread), a pair of beat-up green and silver sneakers, and a sturdy black T-Shirt that says “Reaper” across the front in swirly hot pink cursive. For a grim reaper she has a surprisingly lighthearted sense of humor :) She has very short, bright blonde hair that she styles up into spikes, and she has a set of silver earrings with matching earcuffs from her sisters, which she wears a lot. 

If anyone has any more questions about any of my characters, please feel free to ask :D

-Nana Graye