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dishonored 2 is 5000% scarier than the original like this is a straight-up first person horror survival game i was sneakin thru a bloodfly-infested house and i didnt realize there were nest-keepers there and one of them crept up directly behind me and whispered ‘now im going to have to hurt you’ in my ear and anyway thats why i havent been active much lately its because dh2 scared all the remaining years off my life and i died

Get to Know me

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a / age: 18
b / biggest fear: Being forced to do something against my will 
c / current time: 21:49
d / drink you had last: Peach juice
e / everyday starts with: checking the time
f / favorite song: MizBiz
g / ghosts are real? Fuck yeah
h / hometown: The capital city 
i / in love with: Our one true lord and saviour, Shaundi
j / jealous of: people that get recognition over me for less fucking work 
k / killed someone: I wish TBH…
l / last time you cried: I forgot
n / number of siblings: 3
p / person you last called/texted: @kitkatpurrpurr, she is interested in shipping our old ship again.
q / questions you’re always asked: That’s a good question. 
s / song last sang: Exile Vilify, aka that song by The National that was made for Portal 2
u / underwear color: stripes, but all going around blue and grey.
v / vacation destination: Dude thanks to @thetwobosses I would really like to visit Estonia
w / worst habit: Smashing car doors close, I broke my friend’s side mirror like that.
x / xrays you have had: None
y / your favourite food: Ice cream, Lasagna
z / zodiac sign: Gemini

Tagging @kitkatpurrpurr just because I tag her up there too

RttE season 3: A Hiccstrid Summary

Enemy of my Enemy: Concerned!Astrid = Platonic hiccstrid

Crash course: None, zippo, zilch, ningueno, goose egg

Follow the Leader: Promising Mom!strid and Dad!cup = Team!hiccstrid
BONUS! Hiccstrid out “exploring” yeah right!!

Turn and Burn: we got nothing

Buffalord soldier: Ahem… No, it’s The Hiccstrid Episode

A grim Retreat: Guilttripping!Astrid and soft!cup = Very to sorta subtle hiccstrid on this one

To Heather or not to Heather: Heather shipping hiccstrid, Astrid avoiding it with a smile and a hidden blush = Implicit subtle hiccstrid

Strike Out:; Worried!Astrid all the way through. Hug, peeps. Just… Hug = Subtle to modest hiccstrid
BONUS! Astrid being a badass leader through the entire episode to save Hiccups butt

Tone Death: Hiccup accepting Snotlout’s “offer” with a lopsided grin = Implicit subtle hiccstrid

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: no hiccstrid. Only a few exchanged sentences

Family on the Edge: the Touch revealed. Turned out to be a non-hiccstrid moment, a tiny bit of concerned/angry!Astrid, conversation featuring sensitive!Hiccup = Barely existing hiccstrid

Last Auction Heroes: shoulder touch in the cellars, supportive!Astrid, worried!Hiccup= Good ol’ subtle hiccstrid
BONUS! Astrid saving Hiccups butt again

Defender of the Wing part 1: Minor Astrid saving Hiccup, Astrid freaking out about Hiccup being eaten alive = slight to subtle caring!Hiccstrid
BONUS! pre-fight!hiccstrid on cliffhanger!!!

This is Dreamworks’ way of saying:

Stupid cliffhanger…