grim & evil


This is all I can think of when I watch Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

the signs as cartoon cartoons

aries - powerpuff girls
taurus - the grim adventures of billy and mandy
gemini - hi hi puffy ami yumi show
cancer - sheep in the big city
leo - i am weasel
virgo - dexter’s laboratory
libra - cow and chicken
scorpio - johnny bravo
sagittarius - courage, the cowardly dog
capricorn - codename: kids next door
aquarius - evil con carne
pisces - foster home for imaginary friends


I’ve been cleaning out the Dead Meat Room this week. It’s taken a week. It was that insane in there. In addition to freeing up a ton of space, I ran across some ancient relics.

There’s a tank, which is the first prop I designed for Cow & Chicken when I started at Hanna-Barbera.

A few character designs for the ill fated Blues Bros. cartoon. That was the first production I worked on after my internship at Film Roman.

Then there’s “Bosko”, the purple gorilla that Hector Con Carne rode around on until standards and legal killed the animal and the name. Something about a honey bear from the ‘30’s and a Mike Mignola comic. These things happen.

The original– er, third draft outline for the Billy & Mandy pilot.

The original bible designs for Billy & Mandy. They grow up so fast…