Okay bear with the kid, I was drunk when filming and on clouds when editing the next day. I mean it’s my birthday weekend, hahaa. The point is I shot and edited the whole video myself. I just want to thank everyone who came out from different places man. I appreciate the love and the contributions from everyone… from the food, to the drinks… to the gifts. Life is good and I appreciate the people who care and appreciate us. Thank God the rain didn’t come down on us.. God looked out and we had a great time. It was happy birthday to me and a good pre turn up for my dude Qu. I was so happy. Drinks to enjoy life… not drinks to drown out sorrows… it feels good. Change for the sad boy. You may know some of the people that are in this video… friends of friends. I call most of ‘em fam… they play the part. The grilluminati cookout may happen again very soon…. maybe. Haahaa. Just to name a few… Thank you to.. Qu’ality, Teeburr, Matt, Lu, Yero, Tonaya, Mia, Christina, Viv, Crissy, Darryl, Paskaaayyyyy, Anya, Tee, Mike, Yanira, Jando, Andrew, Tyler, Josh, Milli, Jamila, Carlton, Juan, Hector, Brandi, Ash….. man just everyone and the friends that came along… made a dude happy. Much love. Enjoy. - Ricci


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