This is hilarious! But it’s really serious. You have to train for every aspect of your life. It takes training and dedication to build and keep relationships going strong and to be successful at your job. And let’s not forget weight loss and exercise. Enough said.

Whoohoo!! Well kinda. I was excited to get into a size 14 until the salesperson said, “yeah the career pants run big!” #happystealers #weightloss #exercise #motivation #fitspo #fitspiration #curvygirls #plussize #fitness #grillednotfried #futurefitgirl #healthylifestyle #lifestylechange #teamweightloss #ashleystewart (Taken with Instagram)

6 Month Weigh- In Summary

Starting Weight- 275lbs. I wanted to lose weight,.. I would start and stop but somehow I managed to get to 264 lbs. just by increasing my daily water intake

May 1, 2012- 264 lbs.

June 3, 2012- 236 lbs.

July 8, 2012- 224 lbs.

August 12, 2012- 212 lbs.

September 8, 2012- 210 lbs

October 22, 2012- 206 lbs

November 1, 2012- 213 lbs — Please don’t judge me :-(

In my first 6th months I’ve lost 62 lbs. And yes, I count my 275 lbs, because it was my heaviest weight that was given to me only a month or so earlier and I didn’t do anything to lose it except worry. (My blood pressure was a serious issue, it really got me motivated to lose weight)