To elaborate on what was pissing me off yesterday, Ive been noticing lately that I cant express my interest in any women without being met with some kind of disgust (even from other lesbians) like…whenever I find a feminine girl pretty ppl are like “of course ugh what a creep yikes” and if I find a masculine girl attractive they’re like ‘wtf ur a weirdo lol yikes" obviously not in these exact words but that’s what they mean and like whatever I guess I’ll die
like honestly just say u hate butch lesbians n go. And if ur a lesbian too maybe work on ur internalized shit instead of throwing it at me. Lol

i got mad at the zeldos game bc i wanted the great fairy in the desert to be DARK SKINNED but she’s REALLY REALLY PALE and it annoyed me bc like i got there during the day and she’s just so fucking white.. and like… it was too bright……….. couldn’t see her…………………………………. shoulda been a big fat beautiful black woman

con season at any of the areas i frequent are so stressful and i feel so bad for employees all the time because weeb con-goers are consistently some of the most obliviously disrespectful people i have ever seen to those in the service and retail industry, and also they are usually very dirty, i cant stress how goddamn SWEATY mitsuwa was when i tried going there yesterday, i told ali this but it felt like a human meatball sandwich. the fleshy musk was REAL and there were so many men in trench coats eyeing normal casual e asian women shopping for groceries. acen is like half an hour away from mitsuwa im sorry if you wanted a full authentic japanese experience but literally just go grab a coffee from starbucks and leave