grilled ham and cheese sandwich

Imagine catching Sam staring at you when you bend over and his reaction when you confront him about it by teasing him

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 598

Warnings: Swearing (maybe 3-5 words)

A/N: this was surprisingly hard to write


It was just a normal day in the bunker, Sam reading in the library, Dean of somewhere either drinking or eating, and you in the kitchen making lunch for the boys. You decided today for lunch you were going to make some grilled cheese and ham sandwiches, knowing Sam and Dean loved them, so you pulled out a beer popped it open and placed it on the counter and got what you needed.

You pulled the bread, butter, cheese, and some ham and placed it on the counter and placed a cast iron skillet over one of the outlets and turned the outlet on to medium heat. Instead of using butter on Dean’s sandwich you used a small amount of beer on the bread, two slices of cheese and extra ham knowing he prefered it that way. For Sammy’s you used his healthy butter, two slices of cheese, and three slices of ham, and for yourself you used butter, three slices of cheese and extra ham. You placed them on the skillet and grabbed a spatula while waiting for them to cook.

After a decent amount of time to let them get golden on each side you pulled out three placed and place each sandwich on a plate. “Sam, Dean lunch is ready!” You hollered out and you heard the running foot steps of Dean and the strolling sounds of Sam making their way to the kitchen. Dean was the first one to get to the kitchen and he soon started his questions to ask if you made it correctly.

“Beer instead of butter?” he questioned with a very serious scowl

“Yes, Dean”

“Two slices of cheese, and extra ham.” he asked with his eyebrows raised and his head tilted forward a little bit.

“For fucks sake, Dean, yes it’s just how you like it, now go eat you god damned sandwich.” You cussed out playfully causing Dean to smile.

“Thank you Y/N” and with that Dean made his way to the table as Sam made his way around the door frame.

“Hey Y/N, smells delicious. Thanks for making lunch.” Sam said in his sultry voice, you never admitted but you’ve always had a thing for the man they call Sammy, but you wouldn’t show it even if it meant saving your life.

“No problem, here ya go. It’s got your health nut stuff on it.” You teased while turning around to grab his plate, knocking the the spatula on the ground in the process.

You cussed under your breath and bent down to grab it. You looked back to see Sam staring right at your ass. You chuckled a bit and stood up straight. “Might wanna grab your rubber boots Dean, I think there’s a flash flood coming.” you teased causing Dean to look towards you and Sam to see what was going on. He quickly picked up on what you said but Sam still had no clue with a look of confusion plastered on his face.

“Oh really? And why might that be?” Dean chuckled turning towards you and Sam and slinging his arm over the back of the chair with his signature smirk.

“If little Sammy boy here drools anymore we’re gonna be in some trouble.” and with that comment Sam knew what was going on… he was caught. He blushed to a dark crimson and grabbed his plate and quickly took off.

“Shit, I guess I should go talk to him” you asked Dean and he just nodded and stuffed his face full of his sandwich and rolling his eyes in delight.


Part 2 will be up in the near future

i had just slumped into my bed after eating two grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and my friend who is a photographer messages me and is like ‘hey you wanna model naked for an exhibit im doing’ and i’m like ‘…………..’ and he’s like ‘otherwise it’ll just be white twinks’ like godDAMMIT i cant let that happen can i

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New this year was the glazed donut ham and grilled cheese. … The sandwich looks like a hobo ejaculated into a Krispy Kreme garbage bin. Simply picking it up proved to be a challenge. It was piping hot, and our brains were screaming at us not to do it, the same way they once told our distant ancestors not to eat those funny-looking berries.

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